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<p>Northern Liberties</p> <p>Northern LibertiesTransportation</p> <p>I-95Established in Philadelphia in 1967</p> <p>Runs through Northern Liberties</p> <p>Cuts off some of Northern Liberties</p> <p>Area cut off know as Forgotten Triangle</p> <p>Separates from rest of Philadelphia </p> <p>Spring Garden StationCreated in 1977</p> <p>Replaced Fairmount Station</p> <p>Was created to integrate with I-95</p> <p>Rises in the median of I-95 Other Forms of TransportationMany Bus Routes run through</p> <p>Also several Trolley Lines</p> <p>Other Forms (Contd)Bikes Cars (using new parking sys)</p> <p>Important PlacesNorth BowlOpened in July 2006</p> <p>Very popular area in Northern Liberties</p> <p>Very Overpriced</p> <p>Besides bowling there is an arcade</p> <p>North Bowl Pictures</p> <p>North Bowl Pictures (Contd)</p> <p>Rustica</p> <p>Rustica is a local pizza place</p> <p>Is another expensive aspect of Northern Liberties</p> <p>The Pizza is very good thoughSchmidts PiazzaBart Blatstein ProjectBegan with purchase of Schmidts BrewerySupposed to be a public spaceHas gotten mostly positive reviewsHas apartments and small storesAlso has a large television</p> <p>The FireBegan as part of Philadelphia Bar and Grill</p> <p>Is described as original music venue</p> <p>Has shows and weekly open mike night</p> <p>Is another important hang out spot</p> <p>Ramonita G. De Rodriguez LibraryMain Library in Northern Liberties</p> <p>Opened in 1968 as Girard Ave Library</p> <p>Renamed in 1977 to honor Ramonita Rodriguez</p> <p>Mid Atlantic Social Security CenterProvides monthly retirement and disability benefits</p> <p>Not allowed to take pictures on their property</p> <p>Will be chased off and have camera taken </p> <p>OTHER FACTSMurals and ArtThey are a large part of Northern Liberties</p> <p>They were in every part of the neighborhood</p> <p>Adds color to areas that are run down</p> <p>Blight vs. Urban Revitalization</p> <p>Blight vs Urban Revitalization (Contd)There are many new houses/apartments</p> <p>There are also abandoned houses &amp; lots</p> <p>Northern Liberties is a work in progress</p> <p>Needs more progress in many areas</p>


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