north devon hospice newsletter - spring 2012

news For supporters and friends of North Devon Hospice Spring/Summer 2012 Issue 37 look inside for being there for all the family ??????????????????????????????? ???????????? Joan, supporting children ‘In the Making’ Find a bargain Nightwalk 2012 Floating Bye

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Latest news from North Devon Hospice, including patient stories and inspiring fundraising tales


Page 1: North Devon Hospice newsletter - Spring 2012

newsFor supporters and friends of North Devon Hospice

Spring/Summer 2012 Issue 37

look inside for

being there for all the family

???????????????????????????????????????????Joan, supporting children

‘In the Making’

Find a bargain

Nightwalk 2012

Floating Bye

Page 2: North Devon Hospice newsletter - Spring 2012

Doreen is currently running monthly creative workshops for patients and their families (with another volunteer).

“During Jack’s time in the Bedded Unit, we received unconditional love and support. But it was something as simple as a china cup and a doily that made me realise that, eventually, I would want to give something back.” Doreen Woodrow has been a volunteer on North Devon Hospice’s Bedded Unit for over a year, and it was her own personal experience that opened her eyes to the value of hospice care, and the important role that volunteers have to play.

“My husband, Jack, was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, and we both received support at home from the hospice’s nurses, which was wonderful. When Jack became particularly poorly in 2009, he needed to be admitted in to the Bedded Unit where he sadly died some three weeks later. Despite this sadness, I was touched by the incredible compassion shown to us both and it was something as innocuous as tea and cake that stuck with me most. When people came to visit Jack and myself at home, I could make a fuss by bringing out the nice china, baking a cake and making them feel welcome.

I am now strong enough to support others through their difficult timesDoreen

Page 3: North Devon Hospice newsletter - Spring 2012 . being there for all the family

When he had to leave home and go to the hospice I was afraid we would lose that sense of control but the incredible atmosphere on the Bedded Unit actually gave me back my dignity. Nothing was too much trouble, and when our tea and cake arrived on a beautiful tray, with doilies, china cups and flowers it made the world of difference to me. Now, as a volunteer, I do the same thing for patients and their visitors, and every time I bring in a meal or afternoon tea, I know exactly how the families are feeling about it. With the considerable emotional support I have received from the hospice, I am now strong enough to support others through their difficult times, which is so rewarding.”

Doreen has also lent her craft skills to help patients make meaningful mementos at recent workshops. “Along with another volunteer, I run craft classes at the hospice, and it is such a joy to see patients creating their own works. It is a great release for them, and something that many have carried

on with. What they have produced is simply beautiful, and very meaningful to them and their families.”

Doreen said that a letter she wrote to the hospice staff shortly after Jack had died still summed up her feelings. The last sentence read, “Thanks to this unconditional support

given by North Devon Hospice, my life is now bright and manageable. Without it, it would be unthinkable.” is such a joy to see the patients creating their own works

“ “

Page 4: North Devon Hospice newsletter - Spring 2012

....on water woven willow holds a whisper of goodbyes

When someone chooses to support North Devon Hospice, they know they are helping local people with life-limiting illnesses. What they might not know is that there are many children who also benefit from the hospice’s care and support. The death of someone close has a profound effect on a child, and Joan Dixon is part of a supportive network that makes sure they are coping with what is happening around them.

“I become a child’s ‘special person,’ someone who they can talk to, for as long as it takes,” said Joan. “It is a privilege to become friends with the children I see and help them on their journey.”

In Joan’s varied life, she has been a nurse, health visitor, social worker and teacher. She has also trained as a counsellor and provided

bereavement support for many years, both locally and to orphans of the HIV epidemic in Kenya, where she recently spent 3 months supporting children. Joan brings this wealth of experience to her role as a bereavement volunteer for North Devon Hospice, where she has been helping local children for the last three years.

“The wonderful thing about the hospice is that the support is all-encompassing. The

whole family is looked after,” said Joan. “My role within this is to help children through a very difficult time. I can give them the time and space they need to talk through their feelings, fears and emotions. We will draw

pictures, read stories or make worry dolls, but everything we do helps them to cope with what is happening.

It’s a privilege to become friends with the children I see and help them on their journey

Bereaved children share their feelings

Page 5: North Devon Hospice newsletter - Spring 2012

....on water woven willow holds a whisper of goodbyes

a memory, a summer evening, an outgoing tide

floating bye {17th june}Floating Bye is a moving and supportive evening in remembrance of our loved ones. An orange gerbera flower carries your message in memory, with each flower being placed on a specially made wicker and bamboo raft.

We would like to invite you, with your family and friends to join

us this year at Instow beach on Sunday 17th June at 4.30pm.

If you are not able to join us, but would like to add your gerbera and message to the raft, please contact Rebecca on 01271 347204 or email [email protected]

...and to remember someone you love

There are lots of resources at hand to help with this process. When possible I like to work with children in school, this enables me to reach out to teaching staff to share knowledge of childhood bereavement and the care of the children. I feel like a small cog in a big wheel, but I do get a great amount of satisfaction from volunteering my skills for the hospice. The lovely cards and letters I get from children, sometimes long after I have finished seeing them, are very touching and remind me how important the whole hospice team is to local people.”

Joan Dixon, support ing bereaved chi ldren and young people.

Page 6: North Devon Hospice newsletter - Spring 2012

To support patients who choose to be at home for the last stages of their illness, the hospice’s Community Palliative Care team provide care and support mainly during the night time, for patients and their carers.

Lesley Calcutt, who manages the service said; “Caring for a loved one

at that point of their illness can be difficult, and families and carers often tell us how they feel much safer and more relaxed when we are there. We are there to provide care when people’s symptoms are often more pronounced. It’s a time

for loved ones to be together and is a time when our type of care and support is needed the most, for both our patients and their loved ones.”

With a small team of five support workers covering North Devon, Lesley said “We work to ensure that people can continue receiving their care in the place of their choice, and in most cases, this is at home with their loved ones. Our team continue to support families to ensure that their time together is as meaningful as possible.”

…When she died, you showed such tenderness and sensitivity, for which we will never forget you for.

You talked us through so many things, made us laugh sometimes and also were there when we cried… . being there for all the family

Nightime Care

Page 7: North Devon Hospice newsletter - Spring 2012

register today!at

or call 01271 347224 or 01271 347204

k i n d l y s p o n s o r e d b y :

Saturday 19th May - 7pm til late


2012 . being there for all the family

Page 8: North Devon Hospice newsletter - Spring 2012

Ilfracombe41 High StreetMon-Sat 9.00-4.00

Holsworthy Furniture Centre & Shop 21a/b The SquareMon-Fri 10.00-4.00& Sat 9.00-1.00








Great Torrington



South Molton


High Bickington

Braunton Heanton Chelfham





Combe Martin Lynton


BarnstapleFurniture Centre 21 St George’s RoadMon-Sat 9.00-4.30

Joy St, Barnstaple10 Joy StreetMon-Sat 9.30-4.30

High St, BarnstapleTemporary Shop at the top of Holland WalkMon-Sat 10.00-4.00

Great Torrington5 Well StreetMon-Sat 9.30-4.00

Bideford 14 Chingswell StreetMon-Fri 9.30-4.30 & Sat 9.30-4.00 Queen St, Barnstaple

10/11 Queen StreetMon-Sat 9.00-4.30

Page 9: North Devon Hospice newsletter - Spring 2012 . being there for all the family

Ilfracombe41 High StreetMon-Sat 9.00-4.00

Donations Our shops help the hospice to continue providing care across North Devon thanks to the generous donation of goods that we receive from local people. Your quality donations are very welcome and can be dropped into any of the shops. We are now also able to claim Gift Aid on donated goods, so they could be worth up to 25% more to us, at no cost to you or the person who buys them. Please join our Gift Aid movement and ask us about Gift Aiding your quality donated goods. If you have clothing that you feel is not good enough for us to sell, please don’t bin it! Put it in a bag marked ‘rags’ as we receive money for recycling our clothes.

Collections We are able to collect your donations from your home or place of work, please call us to organise a convenient time. For furniture collections call 01271 327827 For bric a brac & clothing collections call 01271 342792

VolunteersLending your time in one of our 13 shops is an incredibly rewarding experience, and our volunteers help out for a number of reasons. Some have spare time to give, some have had a personal experience of the hospice and want to help support the charity in a practical way, while others use the opportunity to learn new skills and experiences that will help them succeed in their careers. Either way, volunteering in our shops is a fun, sociable and satisfying way to support the hospice. The money raised in this way helps us to care for those affected by cancer and other life-limiting illnesses; both the patient and their loved ones. Please call Bridget for an informal chat about volunteering at your nearest hospice shop on 01271 342792. Thank you.

Find your closest hospice shops and bargains!

Lynton1a Queen StreetOpening hours variable

South Molton6 East Street9.30-4.00 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri9.30-1.00 Weds, Sat

Joy St, Barnstaple10 Joy StreetMon-Sat 9.30-4.30

High St, BarnstapleTemporary Shop at the top of Holland WalkMon-Sat 10.00-4.00

Braunton3 Heanton StreetMon-Sat 9.30-4.00

Page 10: North Devon Hospice newsletter - Spring 2012

...knowing that we have got such support available gives us real peace of mind.

Did you know… the majority of our care is provided in people’s own homes?

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters throughout North Devon, people like Nobby Stoneham can benefit from the expertise of our specialist community nursing team. Nobby, who lives in Combe Martin with his wife Jan, was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. He has been visited at home by our nurses Keely and Tracey, and Nobby says that this support has been life-changing for him.

“I have had back pain for the last 20 years, and have never managed to get on top of it. But since Keely and Tracey have been sorting out my medication, they’ve found a combination that has allowed me to be pain free for the first time in a long while” said Nobby. “It’s ironic that being diagnosed with cancer has actually led me to getting relief from my back pain, but the hospice nurses have been able to look at things with a fresh eye, which has been just wonderful.”

Alongside the specialist nursing care provided, the nursing team are also there for emotional support too with Nobby adding, “It isn’t just the physical support that they give, but they also make sure that me and Jan are coping with the emotional side of my illness. It is easy to get overwhelmed, but knowing that

we have got such support available gives us real peace of mind. It is often overlooked, but how you are feeling in your head is just as important as how your body feels.

So both Jan and I have benefitted from having someone to talk to. That’s

the thing with the hospice, they look after the whole family because something like cancer touches everybody. We are extremely grateful to all those local people whose generosity helps keep the hospice going. It’s only when you have first-hand experience of their care that you realise just how important they are to our community.”

Every donation that the hospice receives, whether large or small, helps us to care for people like Nobby and Jan, as well as countless other families in every town and village in North Devon. T hank you.

“ “

Page 11: North Devon Hospice newsletter - Spring 2012

Devon Coast to CoastThis Community supported event has won the Highly Commended Award at the North Devon Journal Sports Awards. This is definitely well deserved recognition for a team of cycling enthusiasts who, year on year bring a fantastic event to the community and raise valued money in support of the hospice. Congratulations to Simon Paddon, Ian Moon, Mark Henderson, Andy Unstead, Sean Ross and Emma Lowe!

For a number of years, Margaret Hunt has raised money in memory of her daughter Amy Elizabeth. Of recent months Margaret has organised another well received coffee morning, raising over £300. . being there for all the family

Amazing! Thanks to the support of over 2,000 North Devonians, we won a national competition run by Energyshare to win free solar panels for the hospice. Over 2,000 of you cast your online vote and your support means we’ll save nearly £4,000 every year on electricity!

Congratulations and thank you to Ilfracombe Rotary and the Star Trek volunteers for another fantastic year star trekking across Exmoor!

The Riverside Support Group continues to organise excellent fundraisers and we’d like to thank you for everything you do.

Happy 40th Birthday Lisa Boustead! And thank you so much for raising over £500 from your birthday celebrations; we all hope you had a fantastic evening.

Riverside Support Group

Thank you & Congratulations!!




Page 12: North Devon Hospice newsletter - Spring 2012

North Devon Hospice in the last 6 months

Contact us North Devon Hospice Deer Park, Barnstaple North Devon, EX32 0HU Tel: 01271 344248 [email protected]

North Devon AONB Marathon launched Free Solar Panels installed Pilton Art Group donate their art

Knit-in supported by Banburys Devon Dangle 2011 Ali Hunt’s Birthday

The Husband family - Santa Fun Run ‘In the making’ craft sessions for patients

Riverside Support Group at workTarka Springs supporting the hospice

Christmas Carol Singing

Hospice Big Breakfast event

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