NOPCO® helps textile yarns run smoothly

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<ul><li><p>NOPCO CHEMICAL COMPANY 60 Park Place, Newark, N.J. </p><p>Harrison, N.J. Richmond, Calif. Cedartown, Ga. Boston, Mass. Chicago, III. London. Canada </p><p>At every stage of textile processing, Nopco prod-ucts perform an essential function. Nopco textile lubricants and antistatic agents are geared to modern high-speed tex-tile machinery. Scouring and finishing chemicals are available for the proc-essing of all fibers. And Nopco provides essential chemicals for other in-dustries, too . . . leather, paper, food, plastics, to mention only a few. For a skilled hand in practical chemistry, look to Nopco. </p><p>For complete information see Chemical Materials Catalog, pages 212-213. </p><p>A skilled hand in chemistry... at work for you </p><p>Lubricants Detergents Plasticizers Softeners Emulsifiers Dispersants Wetting Agents Defoamers Stabilizers Metallic Soaps Enzymes Thickeners Vitamins Foamed Plastics </p><p>helps textile yarns run smoothly </p><p>NOPCO </p><p>NOPCO </p><p>NOPCO helps textile yarns run smoothly</p></li></ul>


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