Ninety-Sixth Critical Bibliography || Ninety-Sixth Critical Bibliography of the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences (to January 1971)

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  • Ninety-Sixth Critical Bibliography of the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences (toJanuary 1971)Author(s): John NeuSource: Isis, Vol. 62, No. 5, Ninety-Sixth Critical Bibliography (1971), pp. 5-11+13-173Published by: The University of Chicago Press on behalf of The History of Science SocietyStable URL: .Accessed: 09/05/2014 00:40

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  • Ninety-sixth Critical Bibliography of the History of Science and its Cultural Influences

    (to January 1971)

    The ninety-sixth Critical Bibliography* is the seven- teenth to be classified according to the system established in 1953. The main purpose of the classifi- cation has always been, in the words of its founder, George Sarton, "to satisfy the needs of historians of science in general rather than those of historians of particular sciences." While the classification is both chronological and by subject, preference is given to the former. The reader who wishes to find all referen- ces to a particular subject, therefore, must examine several sections of the bibliography.

    The present bibliography includes 2289 citations. The manuscript was completed on schedule and, subject to any delays that may occur in production, the Critical Bibliography is now back on schedule. Future issues can hopefully be published annually in May.

    CB 94 correction: By an error in production items 641-50 and 651-60 were transposed. This error occurred on pages 49 and 50.

    Contributing Scholars

    This bibliography was compiled with the aid of a number of scholars, among whom the following have undertaken systematic examination of particular jour- nals or subject areas, or have contributed in other ways:

    Leon Bloom, SUNY, Oswego

    Carl Boyer, Brooklyn College

    Stephen Brush, University of Maryland

    Carolyn Eisele, Hunter College

    Ralph Ehrenberg, National Archives

    June Fullmer, Ohio State University

    Mel Gorman, University of San Francisco

    Edward Grant, Indiana University

    Roger Hahn, University of California, Berkeley

    C. Doris Hellman, Queens College

    Sandra Herbert, University of Maryland

    *This Critical Bibliography is endorsed by the History of Sci- ence Division of the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science.

    David Joravsky, Northwestern University

    George B. Kauffman, Fresno State College

    Camille Limoges, University of Montreal

    Alexander M. Ospovat, Oklahoma State University

    M. Rechcigl, Jr., National Institutes of Health

    Nathan Sivin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Henry Small, American Institute of Physics

    William A. Smeaton, University College, London

    Jerry Stannard, University of Kansas

    Deborah J. Warner, Smithsonian Institution

    George W. White, University of Illinois

    Journal Abbreviations

    This bibliography contains citations from the following periodicals and serials, with abbreviations according to the World List of Scientific Periodicals or the Ameri- can National Standard for the Abbreviation of Titles of Periodicals. Those marked * are searched regularly each year by the staff of the CB and are included in the list whether or not a reference has been made to them in the present CB. Scholars publishing articles pertinent to the scope of this bibliography in journals not marked 0 are urged to notify the editor so the article can be entered in the CB. Academie Royale de Belgique, Bulletin de la Classe

    des Sciences (Acad. Roy. Belgique, BulL Cl. Sci)

    *ACLS Newsletter

    Acta Chirurgica Austriaca (Acta Chir. Austriaca)

    Acta Classica. Proceedings of the Classical Association of South Africa (Acta Classica)

    Acta Geographica (Acta Geogr.)

    *Acta Historiae Neerlandica (Acta Hist. Neerlandica)

    oActa Historiae Rerum Naturalium nec non Techni- corum (Acta Hist. Rerum Nat. Tech.)

    oActa Medicae Historiae Patavina (ActaMed. Hist. Pat.)

    oAdvancement of Science (Advmt Sci., (Lond.))

    oAge de la Science (Age Science (Paris))

    oAgricultural History (Agric. Hist.)

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  • 6 Bibliographical Sources

    oAgricultural History Review (Agric. Hist. Rev.)



    oAmerican Archivist (Am. Archivist)

    American Biology Teacher (Am. Biol Teacher)

    oAmerican Historical Review (Am Hist. Rev.)

    oAmencan Imago (Am. lmago)

    oAmerican Journal of Archaeology (Am J. Archaeol.)

    oAmerican Journal of Pharmaceutical Education (Am. J. Pharm. Educ.)

    .American Journal of Philology (Am. J. PhiloL)

    oAmerican Journal of Physics (Anm J. Phys.)

    *American Journal of Psychology (Am. J. Psychol)

    oAmerican Journal of Science (Am. J. Sci.)

    American Literature (Am Lit.)

    oAmerican Mathematical Monthly (Am Math Mon.)

    oAmerican Neptune (Am Neptune)

    oAmerican Notes and Queries (Am Notes Queries)

    oAmerican Psychologist (Am Psychoi)

    oAmerican Quarterly (Am. Q.) American-Scandinavian Review (Am.-Scand. Rev.)

    oAmerican Scholar (Ant Schol.)

    oAmerican Scientist (Am. Scient.)

    oAmerican Sociological Review (Aim Soc. Rev.)

    American Statistician (Am. Statist.)

    American West (Am West)

    oAnnales, Ltconomies, Societ6s, Civilisations (Annls. tcon. Soc. Civ.)

    Annales de G6ographie (Annls Geogr.)

    oAnnales de l'Universit6 de Paris (Annls Univ. Paris)

    Annals of the Association of American Geographers (Ann. Ass. Am Geogrs)

    oAnnals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (Ann. R. Coll. Surg.)

    oAnnals of Science (Ann. Sci.)

    Annual Review of Physical Chemistry (A. Rev. Phys. Chem.)

    eAntiquite Classique (Antiq. Class.)


    oAnzieger der Osterreichische Akademie der Wissen- schaften. Mathematische-Naturwissenschaftliche Klasse (Anz. Ost. Akad. Wiss. Math.-Naturwiss. Kl.)

    oApplied Optics (Appl. Opt.)



    oArchiv fir Begriffsgeschichte (Arch Begriffsgesch.)

    *Archiv fuir Geschichte der Philosophie (Arch. Gesch. Phil.)

    oArchiv fur Kreislaufforschung (Arch. Kreislaufforsch.)

    oArchiv fuir Kulturgeschichte (Arch. Kulturgesch.)

    oArchive for History of Exact Sciences (Arch. Hist. Exact Sci.)

    Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis (Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal)

    Archives Heraldiques Suisses (Archs Herald. Suiss) oArchives d'Histoire Doctrinale et Litteraire du Moyen

    Age (Archs Hist. Doct. Litt. Moyen Age) oArchives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences

    (Archs Int. Hist. Sci.) o Archives de Philosophie (Archs Phil.)

    Archives des Sciences (Archs Sci., Geneva) oArchivum Franciscanum Historicum (Archivum

    Francis. Hist.) oArchivum Fratrum Praedictorum

    (Archivum Frat. Praed.) oAsclepio

    Astronomie. Bulletin de la Societe Astronomique de France (Astronomie)

    Australian Journal of Science (Aust. J. Sci.)

    Australian Quarterly (Aust. Q.)

    oBeitrage zur Geschichte des Bergbaus und Hutten- wesens (Beitr. Gesch. Bergbaus Hiittenwes.)

    oBeitrage zur Geschichte der Pharmazie. Beilage der Deutschen Apotheker-Zeitung (Beitr. Gesch. Pharm.)

    *Beitrage zur Technikgeschichte Tirols (Beitr. Technikgesch. Tirols)

    oBibliotheque d'Humanisme et Renaissance, Travaux et Documents (Bibltque Hum. Renaiss.)

    Biologie Medicale (Biol Med.)

    Biologisch Jaarboek (Biol Jaarb.)


    o Blatter fiir Technik-Geschichte (Bi. Tech-Gesch)

    oBohemia. Jahrbuch des Collegium Carolinium (Bohemia)

    oBoston Studies in the Philosophy of Science (Boston Stud. Phil. Sci.)

    British Journal for the History of Science (Br. J. Hist. Sci.)

    oBritish Journal for the Philosophy of Science (Br. J. Phil. Sci.J

    British Journal of Sociology (Br. J. Sociol)

    oBritish Museum Quarterly (Br. Mus. Q.)

    oBulletin of the American Mathematical Society (Bull Am Math. Soc.)

    oBulletin of the Atomic Scientists (Bull.Atom. Scient.) oBulletin of the British Museum (Natural History)

    (Bull. Br. Mus. Nat. Hist.)

    oBulletin of the History of Medicine (Bull. Hist. Med.)

    oBulletin of the Menninger Clinic (Bull. Menninger Clin.)

    *Bulletin de Philosophie M6di6vale (Bull Phil Mediev. )

    Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (Bull. Seismol Soc. Am)

    oBulletin de la Societe Frangaise de Philosophie (Bull. Soc. Fran. Phil.)

    Bulletin of the Society of University Cartographers (Bull Soc. Univ. Cartogr.)

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  • Bibliographical Sources 7

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    DVT see Dejiny Ve'd a Techniky

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    *English Historical Review (Eng. Hist. Rev.)



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    *Graduate Journal (Univ. Texas) (Grad. J. (Univ. Texas))

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    Gutenberg Jahrbuch (Gutenberg Jahrb.)

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    eHispanic American Historical Review (Hisp. Am Hist. Rev.)

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    *Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences (Historical Stud. Phys. Sci.)

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    eHistory of Science (Hist. Sci.)

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    Huntington Library Quarterly (Huntington Libr. Q.)

    oldeen des Exakten Wissens (Ideen Exak. Wissens)

    IEEE Spectrum

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  • 8 Bibliographical Sources

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    (J. Hist. Behavl Sci.) eJournal of the History of...


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