NICE U-turns on omalizumab for asthma

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  • PharmacoEconomics & Outcomes News 674 - 23 Mar 2013

    NICE U-turns on omalizumab forasthma

    In final draft guidance, the UK NICE has decided torecommend the use of omalizumab [Xolair] as add-ontherapy in adults with severe, persistent allergic asthma,reversing its decision in November 2012 not torecommend the treatment.*

    As a result of the manufacturer making omalizumabavailable via a patient access scheme, the AppraisalCommittee has now estimated that the most plausibleincremental cost-effectiveness ratio is 23 200 perQALY gained for the combined population of adults,adolescents and children with persistent allergicasthma. The Committee also acknowledged the health-related QOL benefits of reducing dependence on oralcorticosteroids and was persuaded that the inclusion ofthese additional benefits would be sufficient to makeomalizumab a cost-effective treatment.

    This appraisal of omalizumab is a review of NICEtechnology appraisal guidance 133 (omalizumab forsevere persistent allergic asthma in adults, 2007) andNICE technology appraisal guidance 201 (omalizumabfor the treatment of severe persistent allergic asthma inchildren aged 6 to 11 years, 2011) TA 133recommended omalizumab for adults, and TA 201 didnot recommend it for use in children.* see PharmacoEconomics & Outcomes News 667 p14; 801085622

    NICE. NICE says yes to treatment for asthma in final draft guidance. MediaRelease : 7 Mar 2013. Available from: URL: 809147156


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