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  • 1. Using the NextReads Wiki For CJRLC and InfoLink May 12, 2008 [email_address]

2. The NextReads Wiki is 3. This is the FrontPage for the Wiki.(Actually, it already looks a bit different, but this is mainly it.) 4. Use theEdit pagebutton to make changes, additions , deletions, or comments to the page. 5. After you click theEdit pagebutton, you must log in (if you arent already). 6. Log in with theWiki Password / Invite Keywhich iscjrlcfor this wiki (all lower case). You must put in a name and an email address. Please use your real information as this will Indicate your edits to the wiki. If you already have a PBwiki account, you can use that. You DO NOT have to have or create a PBwiki account. 7. You may choose to check theNotify me of changesbox. This means you will be sent an email whenever changes are made to the wiki. This is optional. Then click Log in. 8. Once you are logged in, you can see that the edit toolbar is now available for use. It functions very much like any other document editing toolbar.This toolbar onlyappears when you are logged in. 9. Rather than make edits, you can leave comments on any page.From the page, click on the Comments button. This is also only available when you are logged in. 10. Clicking on thecommentsbutton brings you to the comment box where you can enter your comments. This could be questions, statements or suggestions for the page, or, anything else.Anyone who logs in will be able to read the comments and see they who wrote them. Clickadd commentto finish. Type comments here. Shows who is logged in and leaving the comment 11. Once there are comments on a page, the number of comments shows up in parenthesison theCommentsbutton. No numbers = no comments for that page! 12. In addition to editing a page or leaving or reading comments, a common thing to do is to add pages to the wiki.Do this by using theeditlink on the Side Bar. 13. Clicking on theeditpage for the Side Bar brings you to the edit window for it. Here you can edit the Side Bar.To add a new page, type the name of the new page. 14. After you type the name of the new page you want to add, highlight it by clicking and dragging across it with your mouse. Then, click on theLinkbutton up in the toolbar. This is how you will make this new page a hyperlinked page from the Side Bar. 15. A new window will open for you to set up the new link for the new page you are making. In this case, it is a newwiki page , so we keep thatLink Type , and we wantto make a brand newwiki pagefor it.Keep the new page name that shows up in theNew page namebox as it is what youTyped on the sidebar edit page. Keep theLink textthe same too. CLICK OK 16. You will now see the NEW PAGE as hyperlinked text in the Side Bar. You can now edit that text to format it like the rest of the page. Just use the regular format part of the toolbar. When you are done formatting the hyperlinked text, click onSAVEat the bottom of the page. 17. You now see your new page, hyperlinked and formatted on the Side Bar page. It is underlined with a dashed red line as youhave not actually created that page yet. But you will! Just click on it. 18. Once you click on the new page link, you go to the create the new page box.The name of the new page should be there, if not, enter it. Do not choose any templates.Click CREATE NEW PAGE! 19. You now have your new page, hyperlinked from the Side Bar so people can find it. It is ready for editing. You can do what you like to the page, then click SAVE at the bottom. You dont have to put anything on this page yet if youre not ready,but the page has been created. 20. When you look at that new page, or any page of the wiki, you can see that your NEW PAGE is now showing up in the Side Bar for all to click on!Good job! 21. Thanks! Amy Kearns [email_address] 732-409-6484 x 204