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It's not every day you discover a whole new way to play video games. Yet over the past month, I've done just thatI've found a way to play games that makes me feel better, more alert, healthier, and more involved. How have I accomplished this? I've started playing video games while standing up.


<ul><li> 1. Visit o rs who re ad t his b lo g also re ad ... I like t his b lo g Search forok r4i-3dsWednesday 8 aug ust 2012Standing Up - A Whole New Way To Play Video Games Overview Its not every day you discover a whole new way to play video games. Yet over the past Blo g : R4, R4i, Nintendo 3DS News and Review month, Ive done just thatIve found a way to play games that makes me feel better, more alert, healthier, and more involved. How have I accomplished this? Ive started playing video games while standing up. "Oh, damn it," youre probably saying, vigorously tapping a fresh pack of cigarettes on your palm while gazing into the middle distance, "Another article about the perils of sitting."Categ o ry : R4 3DS Review R4i 3DS Cards And yeah, thats what this article is. But really, its just my storyI didnt anticipate how muchvideo g ames blog elektronichouse Nintendo Id like standing, so I thought Id share the story of how I came to start playing video games 3DS Games (and working) while standing up.Des c riptio n : Professional video g ames blogabout R4i 3DS Information, R4 R4i 3DS Tech R4i Nintendo DS Lite + 16g bTips by</li></ul> <p> 2. Share this blog Back to homepag e Contact Create a blog only 39,00Since I started working for Kotaku full-time a year ago, Ive found myself sitting a lot morethan I used to. I spent seven years as a music teacher, and I used to bike to school every dayand spend a few hours on my feet in front of a class, directing a band. My day-to-day didntfeature all that much sitting! I also had a more flexible schedule, and would run in the parkjust about every day. What sitting I did was broken up by long periods of standing, walking,running and bike-riding. Last articles Standing Up - A Whole New Way To PlayWhen I started writing full-time, that changed. I dont have time to run most daysI spend myVideo Gamesshift sitting in front of a computer, and when Im reviewing a game, my nights are spent Top 10 Video Game Coversplaying it. During the 2011 fall video game rush, I found myself sitting down for 12 hours orMass Effect 3 Getting Leviathan DLC, Hitsmore with minimal standing breaks, often for days on end.Nintendo Wii U at Launch FIFA 13 for Nintendo Wii U has touch screen passing O lympics Fever on Nintendo 3DS Systems Amaz ing Alex: Rovio Releases Ang ry Birds Baby Brother Nintendo 3DS XL g oes on sale now Top 10 g ames we would love to play rig ht now Top unlocked smartphone deals Asus Transformer tablets will update to Jelly Bean Complet list 3. Every day, it seemed I saw another article about the perils of too much sitting. Sitting is bad Calendarfor you. Sitting for more than 11 hours a day greatly increases your chances of dying in theAUGUST 20 12next three years. Exercise wont counteract it, eithersitting is, itself, a damaging thing to doMTWT F SSto your body. But really, I didnt need to read those studiesI only needed to listen to what12 3 45my body was telling me.678910 11 12My energy levels had plummeted. My digestion felt weird, and I was never hungry. My legs13 14 15 16 17 18 19would ache when Id stand; theyd feel swollen and "off" somehow, like they werent getting 20 21 22 23 24 25 26enough blood. My lower back became more prone to painful freakouts, especially when Id 27 28 29 30 31sneeze. Basically, everything from my ribcage down was asking me, repeatedly, "Dude, what are you doing?"My body did not like my new lifestyle.At the same time that Id seen all of these articles about the dangers of sitting, Id also seenNewslettermore and more people talking about the merits of standing desks. I began to read. Heres what Subscribe to newsletterI learned:E-mail address Its best to try converting your desk into a temporary standing situation before buying an expensive standing desk. Its not healthy to stand ALL the time; its good to take breaks and keep a balance. Still,Nintendo 3DS News standing for the majority of your day is better than sitting for the majority of your day.Nintendo R4i 3DS Your feet will get sore, and its good to get some sort of pad or wear comfy shoes.R4i 3ds for NINT ENDO 3dsOkay, I thought. I can give this a shot.R4iX360 ProI started homemade; I took a shelf off the bookshelf in my kitchen and placed it on twoNintendo R4 3DScoffee cans, upon which I placed my monitor. I put another piece of wood on top of twocardboard boxes, and put my keyboard on that. Before long, I had a desk at which I couldR4stand and work. Nintendo DS i XLAndroid TabletIt didnt take long for me to realize that, yes, this was something I was interested in. After aDual Sim Mobilecouple of days working while standing up (only working, mind you - playing video games 4. didnt come until later), I already felt better, stronger, and healthier. My legs were sore (in agood way), my posture was good all day, and I felt more focused as I worked. I decided toinvest in a standing desk.I did some research and found that thankfully, there are a ton of options for people interestedin standing desks. The problem with a lot of "office solutions"-type products is that theyrepriced at business prices, so if you work from home like me, youre going to pay a premiumfor a product thats mostly sold to million-dollar businesses. For example, the Geek Desk isone hell of a piece of hardware, but it starts at $800. Too much money, especially consideringthat I have a big, nice $500 desk that I really 5. I eventually settled on the Ergotron Workfit-S Single HD Workstation, which costs $379. Thenice thing about the Workfit is that it attaches to your existing desk and can easily convertbetween standing and sitting. You want to check how much your monitor weighs beforeordering the HD or the non-HD versionyoull need a heavier monitor to make the HDversion lower properly. On a bit of a whim, I went ahead and ordered one.It arrived a few days later, and I quickly set it up (it was, thankfully, really easy to puttogether). Id already been working standing up for a couple of weeks, so nothing muchchanged except that the fact that I was now able to sit down for periods of time during theday, and my whole setup was more ergonomic and adjustable than before. I had beenoperating under the assumption that Id want to use the sitting-down setting to play games, soI hadnt been playing many PC games. But then, I had a thought: Maybe itd be fun to playgames while standing up?The weekend after I got my standing desk set up, the Guild Wars 2 beta was happening. Ivebeen interested in this game for a number of reasons, mainly because it looks like a lot of funand like it might welcome non-MMO players like me to the fold. I got into the beta anddecided to do an experiment: Id play through the beta weekend while standing 6. Saturday morning, I got up, logged on, and started playing. Standing. And it was great. A lotof time MMO-style PC games can make me tune out a bit after a whileits probably due toyears of console controller usage, but I dont always feel as engaged at the mouse andkeyboard as I did when I was a kid. The moment I stood up, that went away entirely. I feltpresent and connected to the game in a way I hadnt in a while, alert and easily able tomanipulate the game to do my bidding.Anytime my feet felt tired, or I wanted to take a break, I simply slid the Ergotron down to asitting position and played while sitting. The standing mount brings my monitor much closer tomy face than it usually is, which connects me in the game while letting me keep a consistentangle for my head and shoulders. Anytime I need to rest my eyes, I just turn and walk awayfrom the computer, pace around a bit, make a phone call, whatever. Everything feels morefluid, faster, and easier than when I played while sitting down.It didnt stop at Guild Wars 2. My newfound love of standing has now gone beyondtraditional mouse and keyboard PC games. I play a lot of games on my PC with a controllerfrom cross-platform games like Bulletstorm and Far Cry 2 to platformerslike Limbo and Braid . It used to be Id move my PC over to my HDTV to play those on a bigscreen; these days, I leave it plugged in at my desk and play those games standing up. Mynew second playthrough of Knights of the Old Republic? Standing. This last weekendplaying Skyrim: Dawnguard ? Upright.Playing a first-person game while standing up is a heightened, highly enjoyable experience. Itsounds a bit silly, but when I play Far Cry 2 while standing, I feel more connected to mysilent avatarafter all, hes standing too, isnt he? I dont exactly role-play itI dont kneel inthe bushes and take a knee when slidingbut I do feel more physically involved in the game.In other words, standing has begun to move beyond health for meits started to 7. make the games better. And when you think about it, it makes sensemany of our first gamingexperiences involved standing at arcade machines, joystick in hand. Theres something to besaid for returning to that feelingI never felt listless or uncomfortable when I was at thearcade; I felt loose and free, engaged and awake. It wasnt entirely due to the fact that I wasstanding, but it certainly didnt hurt.R4i 1.4.3 NINT ENDO + 4 g bIm a convert at this pointIm not going back to sitting anytime soon. There are still a fewthings Im thinking about picking upsome sort mat like this sublime one will make it easier togo barefoot all day, and I might get a hoverbar stand for my iPad so I can put it next to mymonitor to use as an auxiliary screen (though damn, $80 is a lot to spend for that.) But by andlarge, my new setup allows for so much flexibility, from writing for work to producing musicto playing games, that I would feel really restricted going back to a regular desk.I realize that the idea of standing up while playinggames probably strikes a bunch of you as sheerlunacy, the antithesis of everything you think of whenJust asyou think "video games." Video games are supposed standingto be something relaxing, something we do at the endhelps meof a long day, or during the weekend! Theyre a wayfocus when Ito blow off steam, or to kick back and get lost inanother world!work, it helpsme focuswhen I 8. me focus I understand where youre coming from. Although when I think about it most games I play arentwhen I play. relaxing at all. They require focus and discipline, they challenge me and force me to be on the ball. Theyre a lot like workfun, exciting, rewarding work, but work nonetheless. And just as standing helps me focus when I work, it helps me focus when I play. And while you may think "I would get tired, eventually Id want to sit down"well, thats the great thing about an adjustable desk. You can play however you want, though you might find that standing is preferable. But I cant go back; Im hooked. And Im as surprised as anyone! What started as an experiment to improve my work day grew into something thats slowly reshaping the way I play games. So I can only recommend giving it a shotuse some boxes or loose boards and build up your desk. Try standing for a couple of days.It wont be easy, and itll take a little bit of discipline. But you may just come to the same realization I did: Theres a whole new world in the upright and locked position. 0 Twe e t0 Like1Share Mo re LikeSendOne like. Sign Up to see what your friends like.By R4i Ninte ndo DS Lite + 16gb Po ste d in: r4i 3dsEnte r co mme ntPrevious : HomeTop 10 Video Game Covers 9. r4i-3dsR4 i 3DS Tec h T ips and Nintendo 3DS News by elektro nic ho us e.c o m C REATE YO UR B LO G FO R FREE O N O VER-B LO G .C O M - C O NTAC T - TERMS O F S ERVIC E - EARN RO YALTIES - REPO RT AB US E - MO S T C O MMENTED ARTIC</p>