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  • 8/6/2019 New Spells


    The Ties that Bind( Death )Knowing a ghosts anchors can

    mean the difference betweennegotiating and commanding.

    Practice: KnowingAction: InstantDuration: Concentration

    Aspect: CovertCost: None

    The caster may discernall Anchors that happen to bepresent within sensory range.

    Alternately, if cast with the optionalSpace 2 component, this allows thecaster to locate the anchors of aghost that is present (one per turn),or the current location of a ghost

    who's Anchor is present (if theGhost is currently at a different


    Silver Ladder Rote: AnchorsAnyway

    Dice Pool: Wits + Investigation+ Death

    Silver ladder mages use this roteto gain the upper hand when

    working with the dead. Because ofits usefulness mages of all ordersuse this rote.

    Deaden Emotions( Death )By slightly disconnecting his soul

    from his mind, a Death disciple canreduce the influence of his emotionson his demeanor. Emotionalmanipulation tend to fail, peoplehave hard time to read their mood.The mage become somewhat coldand seems distant of this world, andmay have a surprise when emotionreach back.

    Practice: VeilingAction: InstantDuration: Prolonged (one scene)

    Aspect: CovertCost: None

    The caster become resistant toemotional manipulation. Mundane(seduction) or Supernaturalinfluence (such as Emotional Urging

    or Majesty) must overcome thisspell potency to effect the caster. Ifthe caster has this spell active formore than 1 week any manipulationthat overcome this protection isconsidered as an exceptionalsuccess. The spells potency also actsagainst reading emotion, eachsuccess imposing a -1 penalty onempathy roll and aura reading (theaura is clearly visible, but theemotions not clearly readable).Lacking emotions, the caster havehard time understanding others,imposing himself a -1 penalty persuccess on empathy roll. However,

    when interacting with emotionlessentities, such as some ghosts orspirits, or other emotionless mages,the potency of this spell replacesEmpathy for rolls that would requireit.

    Mysterium Rote: Stone Face

    Dice Pool: Composure + Occult+ Death

    Whether in their library or on thefield, Mystagogues cherish theobjectivity this spell grant, avoidingmany traps that forbiddenknowledge may bring. Also, some ofthem really need the assistance ofthis spell to understand theperspective of ancient entities to

    which emotions have no bearing.

    Grasping Sticks ( Death )The mage may reach out with his

    will and rule over the discardedlimbs of dead plants as he will soon

    be able to control human corpses,bringing them some of theanimation they never knew in life.Under the influence of this spell,sticks, dead vines and other lifelessplants move to the mages desire.

    Practice: RulingAction: Instant

    Duration: ConcentrationAspect: VulgarCost: None

    Success rolled for this spell effectits radius. At this level, the brambleshould be considered to have nostrength or dexterity for the sake ofgrasping or attacking foes.

    Silver Ladder Rote: Sweepthe Porch

    Dice Pool: Wits + Survival +Death

    Not all sanctums can be inmanicured gated mansions. Thisrote allows rural Silver Ladders aquick chance to tidy up beforeaccepting callers.

    Halt the Reaper( Death )With this spell a Mage may stop

    imminent Death in its tracks,hopefully long enough for help toarrive, or at least long enough totake someone else with him.

    Practice: ShieldingAction: Instant (Reflexive with

    an expenditure of willpower)Duration: Prolonged (one scen

    Aspect: CovertCost: none

    When the mages health levels arfilled with lethal damage and isdying, each success on the spellcasting roll adds one minute to thetime before they receive another

    wound. At Death 3 the mage maycast this spell on others with atouch, at level 4 he can cast thisspell at range. Also this spell may bcast ahead of time, with an

    expenditure of mana

    Adama ntine Arrow Rote:From Death's Grasp

    Dice Pool: Stamina +Intimidation + Death

    Many a foe have been killed whilmonologueing over what theythought was a fallen enemy as aresult of this spell.

    Slay Plant ( Death )Plants are a lesser form of life th

    even insects; they possess no life, nego, no vim. The same powers thatcause an inanimate object to decaymay be turned against a living planimmediately snuffing its life forcecausing it to slowly wither. Thisspell is generally used inpreparation for other deadwoodspells.

    v.o7All spells compiled from & I take no personal credit for the creation of these spells. I have only compiled and edite

    these spells for personal use. I share this as a resource from my game.

  • 8/6/2019 New Spells


    Practice: Ruling

    Action: InstantDuration: Lasting

    Aspect: CovertCost: None

    Plants killed by this spell do notimmediately change in appearance,

    but rather wither as would a normalplant with its life functions halted.

    Adama ntine Arrow Rote:Weed W hacker

    Dice Pool: Presence +Intimidation + Death

    The Arrows use this as training,and meditation; watching the plantslowly wither until the first petalfalls from the stem.

    The Reaper's Sense( Death )

    The mage open his senses to thesubtle flow and the unexpectedcrescendos of Death surround her,

    becoming able to predict wheneverthe reapers hand is at work oversomeone.

    Practice: UnveilingAction: InstantDuration: Concentration

    Aspect: covertCost: none

    The mage is able to sense thepresence of potentially harmfulcircumstances in the environmentaround him. He cannot preciselydiscern what this threat is but hehas a general notion about it'spotential danger and generallocation. A poisoned cup wouldpulse with vile energies, a toxic gas

    would be revealed as a dark miasmafloating on the room. A single threatcan be revealed per success themage acquires in the activation roll,

    the more dangerous or immediatethreats are identified first.

    Additionally, whenever an opponenttries to ambush the mage he addsthe successes from the activationroll to his roll to perceive theambush. At level 3 the mage can castthis spell with prolonged duration

    and at level 4 he can cast it withadvanced factors.

    Mysterium Rote: ParanoiaDice Pool: Wits + Occult + Death

    You never know what youre goingto face when you leave your frontdoor, as Mysterium mages wellknow. Many mages use this spell,

    just incase.

    Video Vortex ( Death +Forces )Ghosts are classically depicted

    manifesting in many ways, the leastof which not being throughelectronic equipment.

    Practice: RulingAction: InstantDuration: Prolonged (one scene)

    Aspect: Vulgar

    Cost: 1 Mana

    This spell grants a ghost theability to manifest itself through themedium of a television set or otherform of visual media, such as amovie projector. The ghostsappearance is altered to mimic oneof the characters on the tape and isgiven substance through thespontaneous manifestation ofectoplasm, as per the Ectoplasmspell (pg. 136). The Forces Practice

    of Compelling draws colors from thetelevision screen and imparts themto the ectoplasmic body; fivesuccesses means the formsappearance is exactly the same as onthe film, where as fewer mean thatthe image flickers and degradesunevenly, like an old tape. A similarForces 1 spell can be used to alterthe content of a video tape, where asMatter 1 can alter a DVD to contain

    whatever images the mage desires.

    Free Counsel Rote:

    Hollywood Horr or Dice Pool: Stamina + Science +


    Some terrifying Moros delight incompelling their spiritual servantsto manifest in the form of TV-landsfavorite baddies, scaring the Life outof nervous moviegoers.

    Unweave the DreadWorkings ( Death )Vampires and mages do not ofte

    mix well, much like blood and watone might say. This spell wasdesigned with Vampiric negotiatioin mind.

    Practice: UnravelingAction: InstantAspect: CovertDuration: InstantCost: 1 Mana

    By directly interacting with themythic threads that hold a

    Vampire's power to their undeadform, the mage can unmake thesupernatural abilities that they usein the pursuit of dominance and thhunt. If Potency exceeds the numbof successes gained on the

    Vampire's Discipline activation rolthe Discipline is canceled. Whendisrupting Disciplines that requireno roll, a single success is required

    When used to cancel permanentlyactive Disciplines, the effect isdisrupted for one scene, or until thoriginator spends a Willpower poinas a standard action to reactivate i

    A Vampire can innately sense theinterference with their abilities solong as they are still active, althougthey must resort to other methods

    discern the source. When breakina lasting effect, such as commandsimplanted with Dominate, theoriginator is only aware if withinline of sight.

    Silver Ladder R ote: Levelingthe Field

    Dice Pool: Presence + Occult +Death

    Silver Ladder mages often findthemselves interacting with all kinof unsavory entities, including

    Vampires. This spell allows themage to ensure that everyone isoperating without compulsions.

    Withering Aura( Death )The mage surrounds himself wit

    a halo of anti-life, killing plants an

    v.o7All spells compiled from & I take no personal credit for the creation of these spells. I have only compiled and edite

    these spells for personal use. I share this as a resource from my game.

  • 8/6/2019 New Spells


  • 8/6/2019 New Spells


    Practice: Ruling

    Action: InstantDuration: Prolonged (One

    scene)Aspect: CovertCost: None

    While this spell won't protectagainst those w