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    NEW RELEASES footprint

    books Celebrating 15 years

    Allied Health and Medical

    Analyzing and Conceptualizing the Theoretical Foundations of Nursing JANICE MORSE • Teaches the significance of and foundations

    of Perspective, Concepts, Qualitatively- Derived Theory, Quantitative Frameworks, Quantitative Theoretical Development, Knowledge Development from Research, Application, and Evidence.

    • Focuses on current nursing research and how it is used in practice today.

    • Demonstrates the significant relationship between theory, research, knowledge development, evidence and practice.

    • Promotes excellence in scholarship and research.

    Janice Morse has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

    Hbk | 976pp | 9780826161017 | 2016.07 Springer Publishing Company A$196 | NZ$226 USA

    Sitting Together: Essential Skills for Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy (New in Paperback) SUSAN POLLAK, THOMAS PEDULLA AND RONALD SIEGEL • Excellent potential: practical clinician’s

    guide to a hot topic in psychotherapy with strong sales.

    • Pulls together research findings plus how- to-do-it recommendations from leading practitioners with decades of combined experience.

    • Presents specific, useful skills; clear instructions for teaching mindfulness techniques to patients; and examples of how to weave the practices into therapy.

    • Includes suggestions for working with a variety of clinical populations and problems.

    • Coauthor Siegel has authored and edited bestselling trade and professional titles on the topic.

    Pbk | 240pp | 9781462527731 | 2016.07 The Guilford Press | A$49.95 | NZ$57.95 229x152mm | USA

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques and Strategies AMY WENZEL, KEITH DOBSON AND PAMELA HAYS • (CBT) is a complex and evolving model of

    treatment that has been developed for and applied to a wide range of mental and physical problems and disorders.

    • CBT’s flexibility as a model can also make it a difficult technique to master.

    • To be an effective cognitive behavioral therapist, the practitioner must be able to learn the broad principles related to CBT, and understand how to adapt those principles to his or her varied clients.

    • In engaging language, this slim and approachable volume follows the typical sequence of delivering CBT to a client, with chapters focusing on assessment, case conceptualizations, core beliefs, behavioral strategies, problem- solving strategies, cultural responsiveness, and techniques to address distorted thinking.

    Hbk | 240pp | 9781433822377 | 2016.05 American Psychological Assoc A$129 | NZ$147 USA

    Short-Term Play Therapy for Children 3ed (New in Paperback) HEIDI KADUSON AND CHARLES SCHAEFER • Major revision of a successful title: 70% new

    material includes 11 new chapters. • Features illustrative cases and step-by-step

    guides to techniques. • Effective short-term approaches are

    essential in managed care. • Editors and contributors are top names in

    the field. • Covers individual, family, and group


    Pbk | 384pp | 9781462527847 | 2016.06 The Guilford Press | A$62 | NZ$72 229x152mm | USA

    Kogan Page business books – new editions of the Creating Success series available from July

    July 2016

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    ADDICTION Pocket Guide to Addiction Assessment and Treatment PETROS LEVOUNIS, ERIN ZERBO AND RASHI AGGARWAL Ambivalence, poor adherence to treatment, serious psychiatric and medical comorbidities -- the difficulties posed by patients of substance use disorders are among the most challenging for practitioners to face. Given that only 10% of patients with these disorders actually receive specialized addiction treatment, it’s clear that physicians in all medical and surgical specialties need to become comfortable assessing and treating substance use disorders. The Pocket Guide to Addiction Assessment and Treatment is designed specifically to aid a wide range of clinicians, regardless of their training in addiction, to more confidently assess and treat this patient population.

    Pbk | 395pp | 9781585625123 | 2016.05 American Psychiatric Publishing A$136 | NZ$158 206x114mm | USA

    ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Face to Face with the Face: Working with the Face and the Cranial Nerves through Cranio-Sacral Integration THOMAS ATTLEE Practical and clear, this comprehensive guide to cranio-sacral treatment of the face explains treatment approaches that can make a significant difference to persistent and intractable conditions, enabling profound transformation in quality of life through whole person integration. The book explores the eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, mouth, teeth and jaw, and provides a practical means of resolving the multitude of conditions affecting these crucial areas in a gentle, non-invasive manner, utilising the body’s inherent healing potential. With case studies and over 200 colour images, this practical guide clearly explains and illustrates treatment techniques.

    Pbk | 368pp | 9781848192799 | 2016.07 Singing Dragon | A$76 | NZ$87 254x191mm | UK

    Aromatherapy in Midwifery Practice DENISE TIRAN A compendium of up-to-date and evidence- based information on implementing aromatherapy safely and effectively in pregnancy and childbirth. Aromatherapy is increasingly incorporated into midwifery practice, particularly in midwife-led units. It is the most commonly used therapy by midwives and birthing practitioners but access to up- to-date safety information is limited. Almost 90% of women may be using complementary therapies during pregnancy and birth and so it is very important that midwives are aware of safe and appropriate use based on contemporary evidence. This book covers safety, effectiveness, evidence, benefits and risks, and legal, ethical and professional issues related to incorporating aromatherapy into maternity care.

    Pbk | 224pp | 9781848192881 | 2016.07 Singing Dragon | A$56.95 | NZ$64 229x152mm | UK

    Psycho-Emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels YVONNE FARRELL This book is unique in that it discusses the nature of human suffering and how patients can be helped to overcome psycho-emotional pain through work with the Eight Extraordinary Vessels. Emotional suffering and resistance to change can be an impediment to the healing process, with many physical conditions being resistant to treatment due to their psycho-emotional element. Understanding this suffering and providing a therapeutic environment which allows the patient to believe that things can be different improves the effectiveness of an Eight Extras treatment. Approaching the topic from the perspective of suffering means that the theory can be applied to both physical and emotional illness, including addiction, chronic pain, auto-immune conditions and hormonal disorders.

    Pbk | 232pp | 9781848192928 | 2016.07 Singing Dragon | A$61 | NZ$70 229x152mm | UK

    CBT/DBT Supervision Essentials for Cognitive– Behavioral Therapy CORY NEWMAN AND DANIELLE KAPLAN Cognitive–behavioral therapies are the most popular form of mental health services offered today. But with this popularity comes an urgent need for standardized training and education for emerging cognitive–behavioral therapy (CBT) clinicians. This handy guide offers an evidence- based approach to supervision of emerging CBT practitioners. The authors’ approach is based on two key concepts: feedback that is geared toward strengths as well as weaknesses, and stimulates problem-solving and growth; and demonstration, by which a supervisor takes part in role-playing exercises and even shows videos of his or her own work with clients, in order to model the experiential knowledge trainees need to succeed.

    Pbk | 181pp | 9781433822797 | 2016.05 American Psychological Assoc A$56.95 | NZ$66 USA

    Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Perfectionism (New in Paperback) SARAH EGAN, TRACEY WADE, ROZ SHAFRAN AND MARTIN ANTONY This practical resource provides an evidence- based framework for treating clients struggling with perfectionism, whether as the main presenting problem or in conjunction with depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Using a case formulation approach, the authors draw on their extensive cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) experience to present specific techniques and interventions. Coverage spans treatment planning, the therapeutic alliance, key obstacles that may arise, relapse prevention, and emerging research. Reproducible assessment scales and 36 patient handouts are included.

    Pbk | 402pp | 9781462527649 | 2016.06 The Guilford Press | A$58.95 | NZ$68 229x152mm | USA




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    DBT® Principles in Action: Acceptance, Change, and Dialectics CHARLES SWENSON The key to flexible, skillful decision making in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) lies in understanding the connections between moment-to-moment clinical strategies and core principles. This lucid guide from leading DBT authority Charles R. Swenson offers clinicians a compass for navigating challenging clinical situations and moving therapy forward - even when change seems impossible. Numerous vivid case examples illustrate DBT in acti