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Presentation shown at the 2010 NCTies Luncheon.


<ul><li>1.3/4/10W elcome!E llen MinterPreside nt, NCTIES </li></ul> <p>2. 3/4/10Scholarship Awards Sonya Terry 3. Maiden High SchoolCatawba County Schools Lee Ann is the consummate professional and works diligently to improve her craft and is most attentive to the needs of her students. She is constantly looking toincorporate both technologyand best practices withinthe scope of her teaching.- Kim Kaylor 4. Gaston County SchoolsChris is a team player. He has the respect of hiscolleagues both in our district and across the stateand continually exhibits moralfortitude, integrity, anddevotion. Chris hasdemonstrated talents and abilities that I know will servehim well in the future.- Cathy Maynard 5. March 4, 2010 Media Educator Award Donna Edringer 2009 Media Educator Award Recipient 6. Ranger Elementary SchoolCherokee County SchoolsMs. Vivian Johnson as the media coordinator ofthe year. Ms. Johnson is an exceptional media specialist. Shenot only dedicates herself to the learning of her students, but viewsit as a core responsibility to lead the integration of technology intotheir learning processes and intothe teaching strategies of theteachers she serves.- Jeana C. Hardin 7. March 4, 2010 Technology Educator AwardJulie LaChance2009 Technology Educator Award Recipient 8. Kimmel Farm Elementary Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools "Sam is a greatcandidate for the title ofTechnology Educator of the Year. His strong knowledge of social networking, ability to workwith others and intense passionfor his work are what set him at a high level in this field. He is constantly striving to find new and innovative ways of reaching kids and helpingthem learn." - Julie LaChance 9. March 4, 2010 G rant A wardsScott Smith 10. Pine Valley Elementary New Hanover County SchoolsanStudents complete ject to online literacy pro tify the analyze and idenn stories elements of fictio entsand novels. Studline,access several onidely interactive tools wavailable online toracycomplete the lite udentsproject. For this, stcomputersneed one-to-oneess. Thewith Internet accbuy 4 grant money willthat willlaptop computers f a mobile become a part o computer lab. 11. Haw River Elementary Alaman ce Burlington SchoolsThe goal of this project is to provide musiceducation through technology-basedlearning. The program would includepurchasing 25 midi keyboards for the computers in the lab that include software for composition and computer based music. With this and the Groovy Music Software, Iplan to teach each class basic musicconcepts, notes and notation, musical termstheory and basic keyboarding. Involvingthe "whole child" in the arts graduallyteaches many types of literacy, while developing intuition, sensitivity, reasoning, imagination, and dexterity. Music technologywill help enhance the curriculum anddifferentiate instruction. I will be bringing harmony into the technology lab through music education and technology. This will surely strike a chord with our students. 12. Carrboro Elementary Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools r funds, this In conjunction with othe ed to purchase a grant money will be us d an I-Touchclass set of I-Touches ans set will be split syncing case. The clas sets and will beinto 4 classroom center nts with content utilized to engage studeand periodically across the curriculum for full class brought back together gy will allow projects. The technoloher selectedstudents to access teaccorded lessonsinformational videos, rective stories and and read alouds, intera mes and various skill-building ga also publishactivities. Students willading and writing and share their own ren of other formsthrough the integratio ction with of technology in conjun the I-Touches. 13. 3/4/10 Service AwardDebbie Core 14. NC SCHOOL CO NNECTIVITY INITIATIVE 15. Peter AsmarJoe Freddoso George Bekolia Beverly Purdue Phil Emer 16. 3/4/10Keynote Introduction Barbara Moose Vice-President, NCTIE SRon Clark </p>