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National Press Club of Australia

Speakers List | 1980s

DEC 7 1989 Mr Bob HAWKE Prime Minister

NOV 22 1989 Hon John DAWKINS Minister for Employment, Education and Training

NOV 15 1989 Mr John PILGER Journalist and film producer

NOV 2 1989 Mr Seymour REICH Middle East Adviser to President Bush, United States

NOV 1 1989 Professor Donald HORNE Chairman, Australia Council and author

OCT 25 1989 Ms Agnes INNES Queensland Liberal Leader

OCT 18 1989 Senator Peter COOK Minister for Resources

OCT 12 1989 Ms Audrey HEPBURN Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF

OCT 11 1989 Mr Wayne GOSS Leader of the Opposition, Queensland

OCT 5 1989 Mr James STRONG Chief Executive Officer, Australian Airlines

OCT 4 1989 Mr Derryn HINCH Journalist and Broadcaster

SEP 27 1989 Senator Janine HAINES Leader of Australian Democrats

SEP 22 1989 Mr Charles ALLEN Managing Director, Woodside Petroleum Limited

SEP 20 1989 Dr Nabil SHA'ATH Chairman, Palestine National Council Political Committee and advisor on Foreign Affairs to President Arafat

SEP 13 1989 Senator Gareth EVANS Minister for Foreign Affairs

SEP 8 1989 HE Mr David TOTHILL Ambassador to Australia, South Africa

SEP 6 1989 Senator John STONE Shadow Minister for Finance

AUG 31 1989 Hon John HOWARD Shadow Minister for Industry, Technology and Commerce

AUG 30 1989 Senator Peter WALSH Minister for Finance

AUG 24 1989 Mr David HILL Managing Director, Australian Broadcasting Commission

AUG 23 1989 Dr John HEWSON Shadow Treasurer

AUG 18 1989 Mons Michel ROCARD Prime Minister, France

AUG 16 1989 Hon Paul KEATING Treasurer

AUG 3 1989 Ms Deirdre O'CONNOR Chairman, Australian Broadcasting Tribunal

AUG 3 1989 Mr Tony GREIG Cricketer

JUL 26 1989 Mr Phillip ADAMS Writer, journalist, iconoclast and Commissioner for the Future

JUL 25 1989 Senator Graham RICHARDSON Minister for the Arts, Sport, the Environment, Tourism and Territories

JUL 13 1989 Ms Maina GIELGUD Director, The Australian Ballet

JUL 12 1989 Senator Robert HILL Opposition Spokesman for Foreign Affairs and Trade

JUL 6 1989 Mr Bill KELTY Secretary, Australian Council Of Trade Unions

JUN 29 1989 Hon Nick GREINER Premier of New South Wales

JUN 28 1989 Mr Ian MCFADYEN Television personality, actor from "The Comedy Company"

JUN 20 1989 Ms Kay COTTEE Australian of the Year

JUN 15 1989 Dr Haing NGOR High Commissioner for Refugees and person on which the movie "The Killing Fields" was based

JUN 7 1989 Mrs Rosemary FOLLETT Chief Minister, Australian Capital Territory

MAY 24 1989 Mrs Sally Anne ATKINSON Lord Mayor of Brisbane

MAY 23 1989 Hon Dr Rudolf de KORTE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economic Affairs, the Netherlands

MAY 18 1989 Ms Penny COOK Actress

MAY 11 1989 The Hon Ian MACPHEE Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs

MAY 10 1989 Mr Phillip KNIGHTLEY Journalist and author of "Philby: KGB Masterspy"

MAY 3 1989 Dr Federico MAYOR Director General, United Nations Educational, Scientific And Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)

MAY 2 1989 Senator Michael TATE Minister for Justice

APR 27 1989 Mr Dan QUAYLE Vice President, United States

APR 20 1989 Hon Andrew PEACOCK Shadow Treasurer

APR 13 1989 Hon Paul KEATING Treasurer

APR 5 1989 HE Mr Bill LANE Jr Ambassador to Australia, United States

MAR 31 1989 Ms Ruth CRACKNELL Actress

MAR 23 1989 Justice Jim STAPLES Member, Industrial Relations Commission

MAR 16 1989 Professor Bob BAXT Chairman, Trade Practices Commission

MAR 9 1989 Dr Clovis MAKSOUD Delegate Observer to the United Nations, League of Arab States

MAR 2 1989 Mr Ali ALATAS Foreign Minister, Indonesia

FEB 22 1989 Professor Brian WILSON Chairman, Australian Vice-Chancellors Committee

FEB 16 1989 Ms Rosemary FOLLET Labor Party Leader

Mr Trevor KAINE Liberal Party Leader

FEB 7 1989 Mr Zuhdi TERZI Ambassador to The United Nations, Palestine

JAN 25 1989 Sir Ninian STEPHENS Governor General

NOV 29 1988 Dr Neil BLEWETT Minister for Health & Community Services

NOV 23 1988 Hon William S SESSIONS Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States

NOV 22 1988 Mr John PHELAN Chairman, New York Stock Exchange, United States

NOV 17 1988 Mr Li PENG Premier, State Council, Peoples Republic of China

OCT 19 1988 Mr Warren HORTON Director General, National Library

OCT 18 1988 Senator Christopher PUPLICK Liberal Senator for NSW

Mr John HOWARD Leader of the Opposition

OCT 14 1988 Mr Michael BUERK Journalist, British Broadcasting Commission producer and television presenter

OCT 13 1988 Mr Laurie LAWRENCE Australian Swimming Coach

OCT 12 1988 Mr Jeffrey ARCHER Novelist and former Deputy Chairman, Conservative Party

OCT 7 1988 Mr David WILLIAMSON Play and screen writer

SEP 21 1988 Mrs Lynda CHALKER Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Britain

SEP 14 1988 Mr Geoffrey ROBERTSON QC Barrister, presenter of Geoffrey Robertsons Hypotheticals

SEP 1 1988 Hon Andrew PEACOCK Shadow Treasurer

AUG 26 1988 Mr Kevan GOSPER President, Australian Olympic Federation

AUG 24 1988 Mr Paul KEATING Treasurer

AUG 23 1988 Sir Zelman COWAN Chairman, British Press Council

AUG 19 1988 Mr David LANGE Prime Minister, New Zealand

AUG 3 1988 Mrs Margaret THATCHER Prime Minister, Great Britain

JUL 27 1988 Sir Colin MARSHALL Managing Director, British Airways

JUL 26 1988 Mr Bernardo SEPULVEDA Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mexico

JUL 20 1988 Mr Bob SIMPSON Manager, Australian Cricket Team

JUL 13 1988 Mr Charles HAUGHEY Prime Minister, Ireland

JUN 23 1988 Hon John HOWARD Leader of the Opposition

JUN 8 1988 Ms Jane SINGLETON Television and Radio Broadcaster

JUN 2 1988 Mr Derek FOWLDS Actor, star of Yes Prime Minister (Bernard)

JUN 1 1988 Hon Andrew PEACOCK Shadow Treasurer

MAY 26 1988 Hon Paul KEATING Treasurer

MAY 19 1988 Professor Alexander LERNER Soviet Jewish Refusenick

MAY 17 1988 Admiral Ronald Jackson HAYS Commander-in-Chief, United States Pacific Command

MAY 11 1988 Hon John BANNON Premier, South Australia and National President, Australian Labor Party

MAY 5 1988 Mr Willie DE CLERCQ EC Commissioner, External Affairs & Trade

APR 27 1988 Mr Jim LESLIE Chairman, Qantas Airways Ltd

APR 20 1988 Dr Hans BLIX Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency

MAR 24 1988 Mr Richard WOOLCOTT Australian Ambassador to the United Nations

MAR 16 1988 Mr Neville WRAN Chairman, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

MAR 11 1988 Ms Joan CLAYBROOK US President of "Public Citizen" and World Consumer Rights Day Speaker

MAR 10 1988 Mr Mungo MacCALLUM Journalist

MAR 8 1988 Dr Peter VARKONYI Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hungary

MAR 3 1988 Mr David HILL Managing Director, Australian Broadcasting Commission

MAR 1 1988 Mr Bob McCOMAS Retiring Chairman, Trade Practices Commission

FEB 24 1988 Mr Russell BRADDON Author & Presenter of Australian Broadcasting Commission Bicentenary Series

JAN 22 1988 Hon Bob HAWKE Prime Minister

NOV 11 1987 Mr Rupert LOCKWOOD Author, journalist & raconteur

OCT 28 1987 Mr Roger DOUGLAS Minister of Finance, New Zealand

OCT 14 1987 Professor Donald HORNE Author of The Lucky Country Revisited

OCT 8 1987 Senator Gareth EVANS Minister for Transport and Communications

SEP 23 1987 Hon Andrew PEACOCK Shadow Treasurer

SEP 16 1987 Hon Paul KEATING Treasurer

SEP 9 1987 Mr Tim BOWDEN Australian Broadcasting Commission Broadcaster and author of a Biography of war cameraman Neil Davis

AUG 28 1987 Sir Shridath RAMPHAL Commonwealth Secretary General

AUG 21 1987 Professor Manning CLARK Australian Historian

JUL 30 1987 Dr Joseph BRAYSICH Communications Consultant

JUL 14 1987 Ms Ruth CRACKNELL Actress

JUL 9 1987 Mr John STONE National Party candidate for the House of Representatives and former Secretary of Treasury

JUL 8 1987 Hon Bob HAWKE Prime Minister

JUL 7 1987 Hon John HOWARD Leader of the Opposition

JUL 2 1987 Hon Ian SINCLAIR Leader of the National Party

JUN 30 1987 Senator Janine HAINES Leader of the Australian Democrats

JUN 24 1987 Justice Michael KIRBY Governor, International Council on Computer Communications and Former Federal Court Judge

JUN 18 1987 Sir Roderick CARNEGIE President, Business Council of Australia

JUN 3 1987 Mr David CONNOLLY Shadow Minister for Social Security and Retirement Incomes

MAY 27 1987 Mr Clyde HOLDING Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

MAY 20 1987 Hon Andrew PEACOCK Shadow Treasurer

MAY 14 1987 Hon Paul KEATING Treasurer

MAY 12 1987 Mr Gerry CONNOLLY Political impersonator

MAY 8 1987 Hon Ian SINCLAIR Leader of the National Party

APR 28 1987 Justice Xavier CONNER QC President, Australian Law Reform Commission

APR 24 1987 Sir Geoffrey HOWE Foreign Minister, Britain

APR 23 1987 Dr Manfred WOERNER Minister for Defence, Federal Republic of Germany

APR 2 1987 Mr Oliver TAMBO Head, African National Congress

APR 1 1987 Mr Jose CONCEPCION Minister for Trade and Industry, Philippines

MAR 27 1987 Ms Patricia CARNEY Minister for International Trade, Canada



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