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GovHack 2014 Data Jam - NLA Trove presentation


  • 1. Trove Yes, its bigger on the inside

2. A collection of collections 3. Libraries Archives Museums Galleries Universities Research organisations Government agencies Historical societies & more Trove harvests metadata from hundreds of 4. Library holdings from around the country Where can I borrow this book? 5. Millions of images and objects Im from the Museum of Victoria 6. The latest research from university repositories Probabilistic Human-Robot Information Fusion, PhD Sydney, 2008 7. More than 200,000 stories from Radio National All of AM, PM and The World Today from 1999 to now! 8. CSIRO publications Theatrical performances from AusStage Legal opinions from the Attorney-Generals Dept User-created lists & much more 9. Mostly metadata except for 10. More than 120 million newspaper articles! 11. 127 million newspaper articles 18 million books 8 million images 500,000 maps 3 million sound & video 35,000 lists 1 API } 12. Read the docs Play with data


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