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Invitation to Celebration


  • 1. An Invitation to a Celebration!

2. Its time to celebrate; we can not deny
The years have somehow flown by.
Kids and grandkids, from near and far,
Are coming by train, plane and car.

And for what? you ask and we will reply,
Ruth is eighty five! Thats the reason why!
So get out your walking shoes and cream for the sun,
And be prepared for a weekend of fun!

Whos 85?
The Orlando Hilton Vacation Clubs the spot
We will all gather there, like it or not!
Located at 8122 Arrezzo Way
Check in is at four, but dont delay.

On December 24th the fun begins.
Everyone will show up with big grins.
The first arrivals will be Josh, Mom and Pop;
Next is Bonnie, but there it does not stop.
Later, from Colorado, Dan and Carolyn
Arrive in the afternoon and then
Judy and Dave, Alli, Em and Ad;
The crowd will keep growing; thats not bad.
3. What???
A bar-b-queon Thursday night
Something fun, something light.
Baked beans and burgers galore
And dont forget to make asmore!
An evening of games and conversation;
We will all enjoy some relaxation.

Friday morning when we all arise
Therell be a big kosher deli surprise:
Bagels and cream cheese and much more.
This eating thing may become a chore!

The amusement parks are open and waiting
For those whose spirits need some elating.
Poolside or movie, on the weather it depends.
Or perhaps just go visit with some old friends.

And later that night, the party will grow:
Brad and Michelle and Rachel will show.
More people, more fun, and things to do,
Epcot and Downtown Disney to name a few.

The comings and goings could get you exhausted.
So just hanging out is also suggested!
4. MOM
Saturday is wide open for this happy clan.
Adam, Dave and Judy already have a plan.
Go to the parks, try eating or shopping.
So much to do, no time for stopping!

Dinner tonight (dressy casuals the style)
In honor of Ruth who is sure to smile!
Maggianosat Five sharp well all meet
joined by more family; its going to be a treat.

Sunday the bitter farewells begin,
With memories and stories to share again.
The highlight and reason for all this fuss
Is because we all love Ruth so much.

So to Mom/Nana we say, This is all for you
Because we love you, you know we do!
5. December 24-27, 2009Orlando,Florida