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    D E S I G NgraphicD E S I G N

  • Dear Hiring Manager

    let’s see

    It’s a pleasure to present my portfolio. According to statistics, you will spend about 1 min scanning the portfolio and maybe 5 minutes reading. Thus I aim to spend your 6 min wisely.

    I picked the two most relevant cases because I had to translate them. The first, a CRM case, has an extensive research phase where I was the team lead. The second case, Oil Pipeline monitor platform, was an app with mas-sive information exchange, intended for unsavvy users. Please make yourself comfortable and grab a cup of coffee to compliment the reading. Coffee works well for meeting new people, doesn’t it?

    I believe in technology. It makes people rethink how they can work more effectively which always leads to “why” question. In asking that ques-tion, the design process turns into an adventure that unites people and leads them to dis-covering new opportunities.

    Let me introduce myself

    UX design portfolio | Nadia Erokhin | [email protected] 619.354.8812

  • UX design portfolio | Nadia Erokhin | [email protected] 619.354.8812

    Experience =

    =+ )Design UI UX



    My UI design experience started in assisting developers in implementing their solu-tions. Eventually it evolved into advocating for users to make the software simple, clear and aesthetically pleasing.

    It was the significant shift from the focus on technolo-gies to the user’s needs and habits where my passion for psychology background was most helpful. Any new tech-nology solution should offer people excitement.

    Working in several start-ups, I had responsibilities, ranging from secretarial to planning the import and instal-lation of manufacturing equip-ment. I was fortunate to have a great mentor to supervise me in my progress to a self-man-aging design professional.

    I learned that the critical factor to success at any job is clear and constructive com-munication paired with hard work and smart thinking.

    I started as a graphic designer where I learned to think visually and apply graphics to focus an audi-ence’s attention. I realized that making topics visible helps people communicate better. From 2005 to 2017 I was promoted from a design intern to UI/UX Designer, growing together with my employer, the Resource Group.

  • The client is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the semi-ready

    meat foods market (52% of the market of the Siberian region). It is vital for

    the company to expand on new markets (4 cities at that time).Intro

    CRM reinvented Stakeholders – people who want to have an on-demand report on sales and profits. Management – people who are accountable for making other stakeholders feel comfortable. Bad sales – employees who are not helping management in making stakeholders happy. Good sales – employees who are ready to help us to redefine the CRM. Resource team (with me) – the team tasked with redesigning the CRM to solve the task and make everybody a bit happier.


    n C




    The company is successfully making sales yet the stakeholders want more from the business. They challenge the management team to increase sales. Management analyzes sales from reports from the CRM and recognizes it’s not used enough by the sales team. They suspect that their existing CRM doesn't work well and start looking for solutions. The resource team gets the chance to propose a solution. They sign a contract to develop a CRM to solve the task.





    Changethe way people work?

    UX design portfolio | Nadia Erokhin | [email protected] 619.354.8812

  • UX design portfolio | Nadia Erokhin | [email protected] 619.354.8812

    We presented the final design and made high-fidelity mock-ups.

    We ensured that our designs complied with guidelines stated in the corporate stylebook.









    Our team organized meetings with employees:

    8 sales full-time:

    - 4 with >2 years

    - 4 with < 2 months experience

    8 sales part-time

    - 4 with >2 years

    - 4 with < 2 months experience

    2 managers

    2 accountants

    2 secretaries

    1. We wanted to measure the time required for the work routine to see how we could most effectively design a solution and prove its viability.

    2. The sales staff was paid for sales they made and not for any other work, so the time required to keep the database up-to-date was not directly beneficial to their salary.

    To establish good relationships, the sales team visited clients. Their com-muting and meeting time took a signifi-cant part of their work day and was not very productive.






    Featured EpisodesCRM reinvented

    We recruited end users to test the usability of the design. To make it more fun and capture more relevant feedback we ran contests to get the fastest input of some instances but recorded all users to check their quality.

  • UX design portfolio | Nadia Erokhin | [email protected] 619.354.8812

    The main red route is "data input"

    Activity and collaboration trigger


    Main lost time action - “case review”



    B e f o r e :

    A f t e rCommunica-tion reporting improved: 78% of all interactions documented in CRM.

    Data input optimization created 20% more time for the team to do other work.

    Teammates actively collaborate outside of the office through the mobile work chat.

    A lot of the communica-

    tion details were lost.

    Most in-office time is spent

    performing data input.

    Employees felt discon-


    Management felt like they were losing


    Featured �ndingsCRM reinvented

  • UX design portfolio | Nadia Erokhin | [email protected] 619.354.8812

    Some details

    Ideation for CRM features

    Precedent analysis

    CRM reinvented

    Before developing the CRM information architecture, we ran the analysis and evaluation of open source CRM systems. We defined the common factors that made the systems not effective for our client’s staff: unclear grouping, long screens, many required fields to create a record etc. We measured the average time to go through red routes and set up the target time for each use case.

    While sketching the screens, we aimed to make - screens more informative to avoid excessive scrolling - key information easy accessible - required fields presented first - data entry more simple and straightforward - most of the screen elements linked to a deeper layer of

    information and actions.

  • UX design portfolio | Nadia Erokhin | [email protected] 619.354.8812

    NSO Pipeline Monitor platformTASK: MAKE MONITORING



    The operation personnel using the mobile app collects and delivers data while they inspect pipelines and send reports via node stations. Dispatchers work with the web-based interface to receive, assign and track tasks to be done. Managers have online reports. The company had an unsuccessful attempt to run simi-lar software for service workers. Implementation failed due to the staff’s resistance.


    Custom software to bring together data, alarms, reports, and personnel. 335 employees / 230 observers / 11 dispatchers 2920 km of oil pipeline infrastructure spread along vast and hard to reach terrain.

    MY ROLE:User researchUX/UI design

    Resultstime of reactiondecreased

    duration to solve decreased by

    by 17%

    by 35%





  • 12 actual future users and three managers were involved at the

    design stage.Nobody was

    harmed. :)

    25-35 80-90 150-200

    Representitives participation Estimated amount of work hours

    not needed recommendedneeded

    Week 1

    UX design roadmap

    Understanding that the success

    of the project depended on

    active collabora-tion, I created a

    roadmap to make the design pro-

    cess visual. I did this because it helps to share

    updates on ongo-ing tasks during

    the research and design phase

    NSO Pipeline Monitor platform

    UX design portfolio | Nadia Erokhin | [email protected] 619.354.8812


    Roles Duties Use Cases User Stories





    Mental models

    Interaction design concept


    Prototype Specificationto the contract



    Usability test




    Alignment and Gap Analysis

    Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

  • Worker


    Management team


    NegativeHow it feels Features

    Progress visibilityClear instructionsLes papers

    Work feelsmore importantand interesting

    Fewer callsMore detailsProgress visibilityLess papers

    Work feels more structuredand easy to

    Fewer callsFast reportsEasy tracking

    Decisions areeasier to makeand control

    Features to be highlighted in presentation and tutorials


    Positive feedback requirement

    Realistic timeframes

    information prioritizing and filtering

    ChangesHow it feels

    Less autonomyInstant reports

    queque of issuesto react

    Feel ofcontrol

    Time pressure

    Infomation overload

    more efforts to stay ahead


    We had to prove that our solution would not reproduce the mistakes of the previous implemen-tation. To accomplish this, I ran a discussion with involved end users and industry experts to highlight positive and negative scenarios. We achieved consensus and proved that the critical features were viable. We were able to turn a negative outlook to positive expectations.


    NSO Pipeline Monitor platform

    UX design portfolio | Nadia Erokhin | [email protected] 619.354.8812

  • NSO Pipeline Monitor platform

    It was an exciting experience to work with Nadia on this project where we changed the way that the sales staff felt about their work. Nadia was super excited about what we are doing and why and we had a perfect understand-ing of HOW it will be done. Looking forward to working with Nadia again!

    VITALY [email protected] MonitorTomsk, Russia

    UX design portfolio | Nadia Erokhin | [email protected] 619.354.8812

    Thank you for your time.

  • UX design portfolio | Nadia Erokhin | [email protected] 619.354.8812

    Sergei [email protected] Group

    Tomsk, Russia

    I’ve known Nadia for many years, during which we collaborated on a lot of projects. It was great to see how Nadia was growing in skills and efficiency while learning and continuously advo-cating for bold decisions. Her passion is to talk with the client and they tend to trust her. She raises the right questions to the right people, leads discussions and is able to deliver structure to the design stage of the project when every-thing seems to be in flux. She is passionate as an interface designer as well. Her ability to focus and make the interface simple has been appreciated by customers many times.

    Peter [email protected] BAC

    Boston, MA

    In regard to the actual artifacts Nadia creates, there can only be one word to describe them, passionate. The work stands out compared to her peers on account of the level of craft and detail which she works so hard to achieve. Additionally, and sometimes to my own concern, Nadia's passion for her work results in a perceived personal frustration with not yet being able to fully realize her designs. This is then quickly matched with her passion to figure things out and she quickly appears to overcome the mental blocks in order to keep working.

    I was fortunate to learn about photojournalism and storytelling from the world famous Sergey Maksimishin. He taught us not only about the structure of a good photostory, but how to find and organize resources, how to hunt for events and make friends with people of different cultures. Moreover, he revealed the value of active listening. Because of his influence, I started dreaming of a project on an interna-tional scale which will allow people to collaborate regardless of cultur-al barriers.

    Additionally, I was always interested in cognitive psychology. It start-ed in high school when I realized that my speaking style was too com-plicated and other students felt uncomfortable to talk to me. I started to consciously simplify my speaking and to learn about what makes communication engaging and attractive. In doing this, I learned that a familiar and a straightforward message is the strongest way to com-municate.

    My passion for reading not only allowed me to create a vast back-ground but helped me to boost creativity. It’s my favorite challenge to write an article or a speech. In my spare time, I created a workshop for videorecording short personal videos and received positive reactions from the participants. I’d love to continue video workshops because I saw an immediate increase in the participant’s self-confidence.

    I believe that to balance automated tools, we have to humanize and personalize the users' experiences


  • +communication

    ( creativity )

    [email protected]

    I would be happy to talk in person should you have any questions.

    Best regards,Nadia Erokhin


    Thank you for your time.