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<ol><li> 1. Announces New Wall Word Decals for the HomeThe website now has new wall word decals for the home. Coming in a widevariety of quotations and sayings, these self-adhesive wall word decals can be appliedanywhere in your home to give words of inspiration, comfort, and just to bring a smile to yourface on a daily basis.The word wall decals are made from a matte vinyl film that adheres to most walls, includingwood, wallpaper, plaster, and even glass. Once applied, they look painted but can easily beremoved at a later time without leaving a sticky residue behind. The wall word decals for thehome are a great way to personalize your living space. You can display an inspirational quote orjust show off your personality with some humor.New wall art word decal examples include words of encouragement such as, Beauty is not inthe face it is a light in the heart. Some of the new decals present simple advice that can serveas an important reminder throughout the day such as, Enjoy the simple things, and, Think! Itsnot illegal yet. For those seeking something humorous, wall word decals for the home include,Save the planet: Its the only one with beer.The available wall word decals for the home vary in price based on the complexity of theirdesign. Simple phrases with few additional graphics begin as low at $9.90, while larger, morecomplex images are priced at $49.90 more. Decals are available for every room of the house.For more information, go to the is the online home of The Wall Decal Shop, which is a part of K&amp;L Wall Art, LLC. TheWall Decal Shop is a Massachusetts-based company that specializes in wall decal design. Their onlinelibrary includes over 900 decals. The website includes a comprehensive FAQ section as well as onlinemanuals and video guides instructing new customers on the proper way to install their wall decals in thehome.</li></ol>