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<p>Presentation [Made with]</p> <p>The reason why I love this photo is because I have visited this lake and have seen how beautiful it is in person.</p> <p>The combination of pink and purple makes this picture just amazing.</p> <p>This has been one of my favourite pictures because of the fact that I'm obsessed with roses.</p> <p>I love how the colours make the poptarts stand out.These photos have been a reminder mine to visit famous tourist spots and learn about different cultures.</p> <p>This has been one of my favourite desserts. It consists of layers of beans soaked in sugar, coconut preserves, gelatin cubes and evaporated and condensed milk poured over ice. It is then topped of with taro ice cream, flan and a sprinkling of beans and gelatin cubes.Dogs have been my favorite animal and I wish to have one eventually.</p> <p>I love how she portrays a true sense of happiness and you could feel that from this photo. </p> <p>The colours and the design on the butterfly are stunning.</p> <p>I think the idea of turning newspapers into pencil holders are so creative.</p>