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<p> 1. Joris De MY APP ISNT SELLING ! HOW COME ?!? Lets try to find out @SmartphoneHelpJORIS DE SUTTER ? INDEPENDANT market approach NOT a developer Helping out smartphone users since 2006 Author Ontdek de Android Phone Developing a business in Mobile Device Policies for enterprises@SmartphoneHelp 2. WHOS YOUR CUSTOMER ? Google, Apple, Microsoft? Handset manufacturers? Businesses? End consumers! consumers!WHICH PLATFORM IS THE MOST POPULAR?Eric Schmidt:LeWeb, Paris, 6 Dec. 2011 Android apps will beat iOS apps to the market in six months time Obviously a wrong prediction! Recently they even released the Google+ app on iOS BEFORE Android !! 3. WHAT PLATFORM TO DEVELOP FOR (IN EUROPE) ?? June 2012, NOW November 2012 ?? The graph does NOT show popularity of any given platform. It DOES show that iOS is still the platform of reference to develop for today, and that Android is hot on their tail. It also shows that it is today still more relevant to develop for Symbian than for WP, because of the much larger userbase. I believe that by November, the green line will be reached and WP finally catches on. WHATS A CONSUMER LOOKING FOR ? The pyramid of needs in smartphoneland for professional organisations. organisations.Inspired by and adapted from CrackBerry Kevin 4. WHATS A CONSUMER LOOKING FOR ?Joe or Jane AverageIMPORTANT: This isonly valid for theand their pyramid ofaverage customer, life.needs in real life.NOT businesses!WHATS A CONSUMER LOOKING FOR ? and whoprovides it ?Third party developers Mix of OS and manufacturers own software OSOSOperator &amp;Manufacturer 5. WHATS A CONSUMER LOOKING FOR ? and where App stores or alternative does he get it ? i.e. from YOUOn the phone On the phone On the phoneShopWHERE ARE CONSUMERS POSITIONED ?How many ofthem are looking 20 %for your app ? 40 %60 % 80 %100 %Numbers are very rough estimates, without scientifical source. 6. BELGIUM AND HOLLAND AS EXAMPLES Whats a customer looking for in a smartphone? We can try to deduct from market statistics. Belgium has (almost) no subsidised market. Trends in telecom sales worldwide are in par with results from the Belgian market. Holland is way ahead in smartphone adoption, because of the subsidised market.SMARTPHONE FEATUREPHONE BELGIUMDuring 2011, a total of3.148.700 phones were soldOf these, 30 % or 948.000were smartphones 7. OPERATING SYSTEMS During 2011, an average market share of 45 % by Android 18 % by iOS 2 % by Windows Phone So out of 948.000 smartphones, 426.600 were Android phones, 170.600 iPhones and 20.000 Windows Phones (&amp; Mobile)MANUFACTURERS SHARE Samsung is by far the largest Android manufacturer. 8. THE CUSTOMERS BUDGETOver half of the customersdont spend more than 200 Euroon a smartphone !!(NON-subsidised market!)About a quarter of thecustomers spend more than 500Euro on a smartphoneTHE CUSTOMERS BUDGETOver half of the customersdont spend more than 200 Euroon a smartphone !!(NON-subsidised market!) 9. HOW ABOUT SUPPORT ? Only these three are partially app related.Qelp is a Dutchcompany ,offering customerselfcare picturebased and devicespecific supporton the operatorswebsite.BELGIUM, BY USE CASES Statistics taken from 1 month time between 8 May till 7 June 2011 10. HOLLAND, BY USE CASES Statistics taken from 1 month time between 8 May till 7 June 2011BELGIUM, BY MANUFACTURERSlight difference between Samsung and Apple.The Nokia percentageis mostly Symbianand S40, hardly anyWP7Statistics taken from 1 month timebetween 8 May till 7 June 2011 11. HOLLAND, BY MANUFACTURERBigger difference between Samsung and Apple, because of much higher Android adoption in Holland.As in Belgium, the Nokia percentage is mostly Symbian and S40, hardly any WP7 Statistics taken from 1 month time between 8 May till 7 June 2011 BE, DEVICESIn Belgium, of all people seeking support, the percentage of iOS users outweighs the percentage of Android users.At the present date, few WP7 users seek support. Statistics taken from 1 month time between 8 May till 7 June 2011 12. NL, DEVICESIn Holland, of all people seeking support, the percentage of Android users is slightly larger than iOS users.At the present date, almost no WP7 users seek support.Statistics taken from 1 month timebetween 8 May till 7 June 2011INTERPRETATION These stats show that the biggest problemcustomers face in using smartphones, isto get them connected to the mobileinternet. It shows that mainly the owners of high enddevices look for connection support. Thus, people who buy -250 Euro devices aremore likely to be NOT connected to themobile internet. 13. BE REALISTIC ! Over 300 Million Android activations. Lets suppose over 2/3 are still used. So about 250 Million Android devices are Reality out there, worldwide. 20% of this is about 50 Million, who are your potential customers. Sounds GREAT ! REALLY ?!?!?!?!BE REALISTIC !Unfortunately: NO !!Android users just arent as much connectedto the internet as iPhone users.Lots of Android users use their smartphonesas featurephonesThe media arent helping either (malware andvirus horror stories).But still More and more Android users doget connected to the internet, so why dontthey buy your app?? 14. USER FRIENDLYNESS OF SMARTPHONESUSER FRIENDLYNESS OF ANDROIDBalmer:Steve Balmer:You dont have to be a computer scientistto use a Windows Phone, but you do to usean Android phone. Grossly exaggerated (yeah, hes called Steve too) BUT, Android fragmentation sure doesnt help. 15. BRANDING &amp; CUSTOMISING BY OEMAll manufacturers add theirown goodies to the base OS.Examples are HTC Sense and e.g. inthis case: Facebook integration andmediaplayer infinite button on Sony FACT: This is only useful IF you are connected and even then, most people find such offerings enough for their needs, and do NOT look for more in the App Stores!EVEN WORSE: AN APP STORE? WHATS THAT? Only about 10% of apps get downloaded over 10.000 times. Only about 3,5 % over 50.000 16. EVEN WORSE: AN APP STORE? WHATS THAT?Most of thoseare FREE !IS IT REALLY ALL ABOUT APPS ?? For you as developers, sure! Thats how you make money, obviously For the customer? Doubtful ! The big majority of app purchasers are people carrying high end smartphones and have a budget to spend. Now THOSE are the people marketers target! THAT is why THEY want you and the general public to believe its all about apps! BUT the majority of the general public simply isnt looking for your app. 17. TO SUM IT ALL UP Unfortunately, most smartphone users are no geeks, like you and me, and content with cheap phones. Sadly, a lot of them struggle to get their phone connected to the internet! Surprisingly, a lot more never browse the app stores! Luckily, the numbers of smartphone users are still rising and your future doesnt have to be gloomy. Make sure you target your app AND create enough buzz around it, to get featured. Above all: Be Realistic !QUESTIONS ? Or try De</p>