Music Appreciation Music I Expectations, Policies and Procedures.

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Music Appreciation

Music AppreciationMusic I

Expectations, Policies and ProceduresWhat is Music Appreciation?Music appreciation is a general music class where students will learn some of the basics of music as well as gain a greater understanding of where music comes from and how it affects our lives today. We will cover topics to include, but not limited to: Instruments, Classical Music, History of Western Music, Music of Today, and Broadway, and Movie Music. Students are expected to complete several projects (some of which will require work at home in order to complete).

Students will occasionally be asked to provide their own music devices (ipod/mp3 player/CD/etc.). Students will only be allowed to use these devices during the unit/project that is being studied. At all other times, students must follow the code of conduct and school rules concerning the use of such devices.Grades How will I be graded?Quantity of WorkCredit is awarded for PASSING work accomplished in class. Participation in class activities is required to earn daily credit.Quality of WorkMost daily assignments are graded on a straight points basis.Daily assignments are averaged and test scores are averaged.Behavior How should I behave in class?Behavior ExpectationsTardies are noted and referrals given based upon the schools policies. One-fourth of the days credit is lost when a student is tardy. Swearing will NOT be tolerated. Referrals will be given for swearing. Respect for all persons and property is expected. (Including MINE!) All activities in class are graded and students are expected to complete them for credit and grade. In accordance with the schools policies, gum, food and drink are NOT permitted. Water is permitted.Cheating will not be tolerated. Students caught cheating will receive a zero for the assignment or test.

ConsequencesDiscipline Policy:Disruption or any kind of misbehavior may result in one or more of the following consequences:1. Verbal warning to student and loss of participation points2. Student/teacher conference3. Teacher/parent phone or e-mail communication4. Student detention with teacher during lunch5. Office referral6. Removal from class

Communication What do I do if I have a question?CommunicationE-mail is checked and answered daily: mgaylord@psusd.usThe phone number at the school is 760-202-6455.My extension is x4042406I am usually around daily during lunch and after school

Supplies Things you will need DAILYSUPPLIES NEEDED:Students should have these items in class every day: 2 pocket paper folder 3 ring binder PaperPencil or Pen

Extra Credit Will there be Extra Credit?EXTRA CREDIT:Students may earn extra credit in music appreciation by attending a chorus, band, or dance concert or other musical production at an elementary, middle or high school, or professional production. Proof of attendance is required by either submitting a program signed by the director or other school official also in attendance. Along with proof of attendance, a 1-page (full), double spaced, 12 point font, review of the event will need to be submitted.ReallyWhat do I need to do to pass?Act safelyBe on time and prepared for classBe respectful of others and propertyMake an effort!


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