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  • 1. coverstoryWake-up! Y our seven-year-old daughters teachers at school are complaining about her. The child has some difficulty following the lessonsYour taught; her classwork is often incomplete. But she draws beautiful diagrams; her project work is imaginative. At home, you know that she likes science. She brings you an illustrated encyclopaedia with pictures of fiery volcanoes, surging seas and interesting pot-bellied antschild is and asks you to read aloud to her. She cannot bear to see a mosquito squashed. She cannot tolerate the fact that dirty water is going untreated into the sea.KNOWING YOURAn intelligence You feel that she has an is the ability tointelligence innate in herCHILDS MULTIPLE solve problems, or that makes her appreciatethe world outside. WhatINTELLIGENCESto create products,is this intelligence and is it that are valuedenough for her to get byBY RANGASHREE SRINIVAS within one or more in academics? How should cultural settings. this intelligence be tapped?Are schools (and parents Howard Gardner,too) progressive enough Frames of Mind (1983)to treat each child as aunique individual, and adapt themselves accordingly tosatisfy her needs? It is thereforeimportant that both you as a parent and her teachers understand the multiple intelligences (MI)present in every child, learn to identify the dominant ones and tap them appropriately. Howard Gardner, thefather of the Multiple Intelligence theory, visited India recentlyrenewing an interestin MI and how it

2. WordNumberSmart Smartwill impact the world in the years toThe MI theory suggests that an In contrast, the MI theory recognizes atcome. In the 30 years since he first individual possesses intelligences inleast eight different intelligences thatpropounded the theory of MI, further several areas as against the traditional have to be considered while creating anresearch has been done, not just byidea of a single intelligence. Anintelligence profile of a person.him, but by several other scholars and intelligent person has been recognizedpractitioners around the far only by her linguistic (language) MI theory strives to provide educators abilities or logical (mathematical)and parents with a tool to recognizeWHAt IS MI?abilities as these are consideredand nurture the different abilities of theGardner developed this theory basedto be important for academic child. It redefines the word intelligenton his observations of hundreds of advancement. Thus, only the studentor smart. It brings in new thinkingpeople from different walks of life, who achieves high scores in class is towards nurturing excellence, creativityunder everyday circumstances. His studyconsidered intelligent. Another childand genius. It emphasises that allalso included stroke victims, prodigies, may just be talented in the area ofchildren can learn and that it is theautistic individuals, and the so-calledher achievement She is a good adults who need to know how toidiot savants. According to Gardner, dancer; let us send her for the inter- teach them. school dance competition. He is aAll human beings possess all eight good cricket player; but he needs to THE 8 INtELLIGENCES IN tHE MIintelligences in varying amounts,concentrate now on improving his FRAmEwORKwith some, more dominant thangrades and so on. Chitra Ravi (Founder and CEO, EZothers. Vidya), who has worked under GardnerEach person has a differentWorse still, in some schools only theon Project Zero at Harvard University,intellectual composition.academically well-performing studentsgives some pointers to parents to spotWe can improve education byare given the opportunity to participate intelligences in their children.addressing the multiple intelligencesin co-curricular activities when thereof our students. could be others more suited for this.1.Linguistic intelligence is theThese intelligences are located in For instance, it is the class topper who capacity to use languages, to expressdifferent areas of the brain and can gets to deliver the schools morning oneself, and to understand othereither work independentlyassembly speech. It is the girl whopeople. Poets specialise in linguisticor together. scores a 100% in math who gets tointelligence. But any kind of writer,These intelligences may define the automatically represent her school inorator, speaker, lawyer, or a person forhuman species. the inter-school quiz competition. whom language is an important 8 13 3. Naturalist Intelligence Best suited to be an animalhealthtechnician,anthropologist, astronomer,Intrapersonal botanist, environmental Intelligence Best suited lawyer, farmer, forestto be a career counsellor,ranger, gardener, consultant, criminologist, geologist, landscaper,healer, futuristortrend meteorologist, nature predictor, personal photographer,counsellor, philosopher,veterinarian,Verbal-programme planner, water conservationist, Linguisticentrepreneur,wetlands ecologist, Intelligence Best psychologist, researcher,wildlife expertsuited to be a writer,smallbusiness, owner,poet, journalist, teacher,spiritual counsellor,lawyer, librarian, theologian, therapist,marketing consultant,writer, wellness newscaster, counsellorpolitician Show themInterpersonal the moon andMathematical- Logical Intelligence IntelligenceBest suitedthey will Best suited to be an accountant, mathematician,to be an administrator,reach for statistician, economist, detective,computer analyst,communicationsmanager, customer service representative, the stars!computer technician, computerhumanresourcesmanager, programmer,marketing specialist,Best suited careersdatabase designer,engineer, network nurse, politician,for an intelligenceanalyst, physicist, psychologist, religiousscientistleader, social worker, The MI profile of your child canteacher, trainer guide him in choosing a suitablecareer path.Bodily-KinestheticIntelligence Best suited MusicalVisual-Intelligence to be an actor, athlete, Spatial Intelligence carpenter, computer games Best suited toBest suited to be abe an audiologist,designer, crafts person, dancer,3Dmodelling&simulation, sportscomposer, architect, artist, film animator,conductor, therapist, graphic artist, interior decorator, forest ranger,disc jockey, photographer, mechanic, navigator,music critic,jeweller, pilot, sculptor, strategic planner, mechanic, sound editor, surveyor, urban planner, music teacher, music personal webmastertrainer, therapist, musician,surgeonrecording engineer,singer, songwriter,speech pathologist 17