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Presentation seminar on Multicore Processsors


<ul><li>1.Submitted to: Submitted by: Er.Deepesh Namdev Name: Manisha Meena HOD cum Asso. Prof. Roll no.:10EGKEC038 (E&amp;C, EE Department) DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS &amp; COMMUNICATION ENGG. Gurukul Institute of Engineering &amp; Technology, Kota </li></ul> <p>2. Introduction Multi core Multi core architecture Comparison of Different Architectures Performance analysis Advantages &amp; Disadvantages Application CONTENTS 3. A Multi-core processor is a single computing component with two or more independent actual central processing units . They are several mostly independent cores which work together in parallel. Introduction 4. A Multi-core microprocessor is one which combines two or more independent processors into a single package, often a single integrated circuit. A Dual-core device contains only two independent microprocessors. Multi core 5. Types of Cores A Dual-core processor contains two cores. A Quad-core processor contains four cores. 6. Multi core architecture 7. Comparison of Different Architectures CPU State Cache Execution unit Fig:-Single Core Architecture CPU State Cache Execution unit Fig:- Multi-Core Architecture CPU State Cache Execution unit 8. CPU State CacheExecution unit CPU State Cache Execution unit Comparison of Different Architectures Fig:-Multiprocessor 9. Comparison of Different Architectures CPU State Execution unit fig:- Multi-Core Architecture with Shared Cache CPU State Cache Execution unit 10. Performance Analysis 11. Multi-tasking productivity. It will work faster for certain programs. PC security. The signals between different CPUs travel shorter distances. Advantages 12. They get only 60-80% more speed. The speed that the computer works at depends on what the user is doing with it. They cost more than single core processors. They are more difficult to manage thermally than lower- density single-core processors. Disadvantages 13. Applications Video editing. Encoding . 3D gaming. Powerful graphics solution. 14. THANK YOU </p>