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  1. 1. MR-Office
  2. 2. Setup Area Setup area is where we put all the information in specific tabs.
  3. 3. Designation setup As name describes it, we can set designation in required departments.
  4. 4. Department setup For the induction of new department.
  5. 5. Employee setup For the induction of New employee or can change department, and designation
  6. 6. Head of Department setup Here we set the head of department + master or child custodian.
  7. 7. Control Document Area Control Document contains two more tab: 1: Control document setup. 2: Departments own documents
  8. 8. Control Document Setup Here you can set the create date, document type, doc. Name, revision status, retention period, upload the PDF of documents, Durf code and also can view the doc selected
  9. 9. Departments Own Document This tab contains the list of documents under a department.
  10. 10. Personal Area Personal contains one tab of job description.
  11. 11. Job Description In Job description you can setup position category ,shift, No. of staff, grade, overtime, position status, job summary, authorities assigned, key responsibilities ,job specification.
  12. 12. Meeting Area Meeting Area contains 3 tabs: 1:MR committee meeting 2:MRM Acknowledgment 3:MR meeting minutes
  13. 13. MR Committee Meeting It contains the MRM date, venue,agenda and list of participants.
  14. 14. MRM Acknowledgement Acknowledgment form gives the conformation of participants attending the meeting.
  15. 15. MRM Meeting Mintues This tab contains the attached PDF of meeting minutes.
  16. 16. Document Management Area The management of document is done under the following 3 tabs; 1:Document update request 2:Document update Approval 3:Document update reviewed
  17. 17. Document update Request Its a online DURF form.
  18. 18. Document update Reviewed The officer who review the DURF, update the form status as per reviewed date and comments if any.
  19. 19. Document update Approval DURFs approval area is filled by the person who is authorized (MR).
  20. 20. Quality Management System Area This tabs contains 3 more tabs to keep the track of Quality related objectives. 1:objectives setup 2:objective status 3:Quality objectives
  21. 21. Quality Objectives setup Setup area includes; creation date, department name,year for,details of objective.
  22. 22. Quality Objectives status Departments can update the status of there respective objectives here.
  23. 23. Quality Objectives Departments can check there objectives report from this tab.
  24. 24. Audit Area It consist of 3 tabs also; 1:Auditee setup 2:Internal auditor list 3:Internal audit Plan
  25. 25. Auditee setup Employee name, department ,type of auditee and the list of the same can be made in it.
  26. 26. Internal Auditor list Updated List of auditors can be viewed here.
  27. 27. Audit Plan Audit plan with respect to date, department, rescheduling, schedule status and history can be update also.
  28. 28. Corrective Action Area Corrective action form is divided into 3 parts namely; 1:CAR 2:CAR root cause 3:CAR Follow-up
  29. 29. CAR First Part contains; CAR number,date,basis,previous car number, Department,Dept. Head, auditor,area audited,NC and its clauses.
  30. 30. CAR Root Cause Secound part contains; CAR root cause number,date,Root cause preventive action proposed and proposed by name field . Below is the freeze status of the same CAR.
  31. 31. CAR Follow-up Third part relates to the follow-up done for any CAR with respect to its essentials to be filled.
  32. 32. Record Room Management Area Record Room management has 3 steps to cater which are described with snap shot of the same.
  33. 33. Record Request First part is of request form for record submission and list of them.
  34. 34. Record Approval Record is then approved by concern department under this tab.
  35. 35. Record Disposal After the retention period said records are dispose from this part of the form.
  36. 36. Notice Board Notice Board is setup requires ; notice date, raised by, and description.
  37. 37. Notice Board Notice Board can also be used as memo.


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