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Sheet1Monster Hunter Mod SpreadsheetUpdated 29-07-14The purpose of this spreadsheet is to keep skyrim mods organized in a logical fashion. This particular sheet is geared toward make skyrim as much like monster hunter as possible. However, this sheet is uses an adaptable rating system to show what mods work the best for what the user is gearing towards.Key: Each mod is categorized based on where it was found and how it pertains to a geared set. Ratings are marked 0-3, with 3 being a very high match to a set. As well as number, there are also corresponding colors. While colors may vary, the principle is darker colors gives a greater match to a set.Category: how a mod is classifiedName: the name may not be the actual name, but it should be searchableLink: Links are provided if applicableRatings: How well a mod applies to a collectionSet: If the mod is part of a collectionCurrently Using: If the user has the plugin enabled. Currently geared for monster hunterComments: When something requires explanationMH: Monster HunterEV: Expanded VanillaTS: Tropical SkyrimLOL: how funny it isNexus Mod Manager ModsCategoryNameLinkRating MHRating EVRating TSRating LOLSetCurrently UsingCommentsAbodesDarkwaters Pavilion0020yHunters Cabin Riverwood1200yNorthern Cardinal2101yAnimalsColorful Dragons Moths3111nLions behavior village's comprehensive enhancementscan't seem to find this one :(3331yyo dawg you gotta find this one. Its very important. Redoes combat, skill trees, etc.Animal CompanionsOther CompanionsDungeons NewDungeons VanillaENBEnvironmentalFollowersGameplayCoward Horses priest quest-1220ymercy vision-1211ycitizens no hero solstheim outfits onehanders0000nsweeping twohanders0000ntotal realism basic needs2220nused this one for food at first, found it annoyingmagic charges Sky Hair3122yImmersionfood customizableless clothes are strangers ItemsWorld ItemsLandscapeNew LocationsVanilla LocationsMagic ItemsMagic GameplayMagic SpellsMercantilesMiscGreen Water Fix0000yI use this with pure waters because before I couldn't see underwaterMod ResourcesModelsBetter shaped weapons0200nbook covers0310ytropical rocks Island0030yDeserts of elsweyr0030ydeserts of elsweyr0030ytropical islands0-130yBuildingsNPCOverhaulstropical skyrim GamesSkillsSouls to perks and learn0330yStealthUnassignedPersonalized Music3133yAllows you to put in whatever music. Super immersiveUISkyUI Weapons Overhaul0110yBetter daedric blades0110yinferno bloodskal blade1020yblue nightingaleblade1020yfiddys sword retex0110yhorker weapons era iron weapons1010ybow scimitar1-120ysetshunter crafting falmer0000yelven black and green1020nelven green and gold1020yWorkshop PluginsNameRating MHRating EVRating TSRating LOLSetCurrently UsingCommentsAnimations3110yHeavy's Omnom0-101nscorpion armor1-101nbetter hunting pricces1220ysmithing redesigned1220nthis one was cool, but ACE does it bettersurprise muthafucka sneak attack-2-2-23nstranger danger1221ytoo long since bandit raid1112ymoon majora-1-2-21loznreturn to tallon-1-1-11ncybertron-1-2-11nmudcrab vendelbo-1-2-11nfartfall0001nhodor0101ncustom sneak music2223nthis one works beautifully, you just plop your own music right insinging foxes0-2-12nhadoken0-2-12nattack of giant slaughterfish2121ydragon chew toy-1-2-11nmore hunting2221yzeldadeath sound0001loznstronger empire0101nthey just sorta stand around -_-improved reverb0101nwilhelm scream0333yp.e.w.-2-2-23nso goodbilly madison lockpicks-3-3-31nkenny loggins mod-2-3-13nI'll never tire of thisreal fus ro dah0321ytrololo bard0001nman of steel armors-3-3-31ncustomizable iron man-3-3-31ndeathstar masser-2-201starwarsn74-z speeder bike-3-301starwarsnstar wars blasters-3-301starwarsnzelda music swap0001loznclutterbash0111nuber realistic chicken1-3-12ndoughnut dollars-1-3-32nsonic follower-3-3-31npyro follower-3-3-31nflying spaghetti dragons-3-3-32nall trees are hands-3-3-33ngolden showers of tamriel-1-1-11nnot what it sounds likemewtwo follower-3-3-31pokemonngiant giants mammoth mammoths1101nexplosive chickens-2-3-23nspycrab-3-3-31nflyable broomstick-1-1-12nextra encounters basic2220yminecraft mod-3-2-21npikachu skeevers-3-3-33pokemonnmagicarp salmon-3-3-33pokemonnexplosive souls-3-3-32nussr combat music-1-2-11n40,000 chaos armor-3-3-33space marinesnironman's assistance-3-3-32nmisty montains0100ngravity hammer-3-3-31halonred vs blue-3-3-32halonmajoras mask-1-211loznconsole books1331yuseful when stuck40,000 weapons pack-3-3-32space marinesnbetter underwater sight clearer0110nstatic mesh improvement mod0330smiythese make a lot of things more seamless in gamestatic mesh improvement mod0330smiystatic mesh improvement mod0330smiystatic mesh improvement mod0330smiystatic mesh improvement mod0330smiyice mountain homestead03-10ncomplete skyforge1110yunread books glow-1220ybarenziah markers-1200ydetailed rugs1210nkill moves no blur1221yenhanced distant terrain1110yvibrant auroras0200nwolf and dog0101npure waters1320ynew and improved main menu0301nmoss rocks0100nlanterns bridges0200nlanterns cities0200nimmersive saturationboost0100nhd plants1110ygreener aspenforest02-10ncolored map markers0330ybirds and flocks1111ybetter embers1220ybetter dynamic snow0200ntowns and villages enhanced0300tvenworks great for vanillatowns and villages enhanced0300tventowns and villages enhanced0300tventowns and villages enhanced0300tventowns and villages enhanced0300tventowns and villages enhanced0300tventowns and villages enhanced0300tventowns and villages enhanced0300tventowns and villages enhanced0300tventowns and villages enhanced0300tventowns and villages enhanced0300tventowns and villages enhanced0300tvenbeastial followers0000ntowns and villages enhanced0300tventowns and villages enhanced0300tvenmods from other sourcesNameLinkRating MHRating EVRating TSRating LOLSetCurrently UsingCommentsData 19_4 contains the mosnters. Sorta dumb to play without itCoda's Monster Hunter Mod script extender won't be able to run many things without this. Installation and execution is a bit tricky, watch some youtube tutorials.

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