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Teachers and Teachers’ Aides Working Together is a professional development resource for schools. It has nine modules that teachers and teachers’ aides complete together.


  • 1. MODULE 8 PRESENTATION Fostering peer relationships

2. Why this module? Research says teachers aide support can sometimes hinder friendships developing between students There are challenges to supporting a student while fostering their connections to peers. 2MODULE 8: Fostering peer relationships 3. Belonging Caring and supportive relationships are critical to students learning and wellbeing at school When we are connected, we feel like we belong Its important to foster students connections with each other. 3MODULE 8: Fostering peer relationships 4. Belonging Relationships, environment and school programmes need to: recognise students respect students include students identity, languages and cultures. MODULE 8: Fostering peer relationships 4 5. Belonging Staff model behaviour and teach students to take responsibility for each other Staff with high expectations believe all students can learn and succeed. MODULE 8: Fostering peer relationships 5 If students are identified as belonging, they are expected to participate 6. Peer-to-peer learning Students learn through peer-to-peer interactions Teachers can foster this through shared activities, with students working: as partners in teams/groups with the whole class. 6MODULE 8: Fostering peer relationships 7. Peer-to-peer learning If teachers aides provide one-to-one support, this may make the student dependent on them Teachers aides need to read a situation and be flexible; is it best to step in or observe? Observing provides space for interaction. 7MODULE 8: Fostering peer relationships 8. Fostering friendships Teachers aides can: look for ways to identify common interests between students offer help to students who need support to join in gauge their proximity to the student; are they helping the student to make friends or hindering? 8MODULE 8: Fostering peer relationships 9. Working together Teachers and teachers aides plan how to ensure students can develop relationships, connect with and learn from their peers. MODULE 8: Fostering peer relationships 9 10. Next step? Download the workbook for this module at: Our-work-together/Module-8 To find out more about Teachers and Teachers Aides Working Together and to access the other modules go to: 10MODULE 8: Fostering peer relationships


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