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Presentation from the Modern Councillor webinar which occurred on 21 April 2011.


  • 1.Low-cost online learning for Elected Members

2. Hello!
Dave Briggs
3. How this will workPollsQuestionsWhat happens next
4. Well cover:What Modern Councillor isWho its forHow much it costsWhat it looks like
5. What is Modern Councillor?
6. A learning community for local democracy!
7. What is provided
17 e-learning modules
A unique online community where councillors and member development officers can connect, share and learn
Guides and resources on local democracy
Blogs and stories sections keeping you informed of the latest democracy developments
8. The courses
Introduction to Local Government
Your role as councillor
Localism bill
Chairing meetings
Code of conduct
Working with the media
Community leadership
Getting started with social media

  • Public speaking

9. Licensing and regulation 10. Risk management 11. Best practice procurement 12. Technology and change 13. Data protection 14. Equality and diversity 15. Tranformationale-democracy 16. Writing for the web


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