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This classic edition MCO covers an important turning point in the era of chess - the introduction of the popular use of the internet, the use of databases, and their effects on chess openings and use by GM's.This rendition is best suited to large screens or book readers with landscape/panorama views, as the scans cover two pages at once in order to reduce total file size. Any inconvenience is apologized for.----------Excerpt from the "Introduction"----------"Modern Chess Openings" (MCO) has been the standard English language work on chess openings for almost a century, each new edition presenting the latest strategies. The book seeks to give the reader a clear and concise presentation of whichever chess opening he (she) chooses, using the simple algebraic chess notation. The book is divided into five sections of major openings groups, each section containing chapters of the specific openings (or major variations of the openings). The chapter introductions give an overview of the strategic concepts and some historical information. The major content of the book is the tables and notes of chess variations. The best play (as in currently known) is usually the main variation, and sidelines are either clever traps and tricks that are good to know, interesting but little tested plans or enticing mistaken strategies along with their refutation. Some pages are dense material, reflecting the current focus on these openings, while others are less dense and more suitable for beginners.


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