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Have web skills and think they may be obsolete in the world of mobile? They are not, here how to use them to build great mobile apps.


  • 1.From Mobile Website to Mobile AppjQuery LA - 20 February 2013Thursday, February 21, 13

2. IntroductionThursday, February 21, 13 3. Who Am I? Troy Miles Senior Software Engineer w/ 30+ years ofexperience Mobile/Mobile Web iOS, Android, & Windows Phone 7Thursday, February 21, 13 4. Thursday, February 21, 13 5. Intermediate PhoneGap JS best practices, iScroll, Maps, Ajax + more Saturday, May 18th 9 AM to 6 PM $99 - lunch included CraveLab - Downtown Los AngelesThursday, February 21, 13 6. You May Get Mad AtMe Sorry, in advance if I insult your favorite:company, device, or personality I have nothing against any of thesecompanies I will gladly do a project for any of them,for the right priceThursday, February 21, 13 7. Others will hate you The cult of Java, Objective-C, and C#believe that only through pain can goodmobile apps be created I believe they are wrongThursday, February 21, 13 8. What You Know isValuable I am assuming that everyone here is a webdev of some sort You should understand: HTML, CSS, and abit of JavaScriptThursday, February 21, 13 9. Our Goals Explain Difference Between Mobile Web -Device Apps - Hybrid Apps Show How to Structure Websites to Move Introduce Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) Move a Website into PhoneGap Deploy App to a DeviceThursday, February 21, 13 10. Hybrid AppsThursday, February 21, 13 11. Web Apps Device AppsCan migrate web skills Longer learning curve One source baseMany source bases Deploy when you want Deployment needs approval You choose when to update User chooses when to update No device memory used Uses device memoryDifcult to monetizeMonetization is built-inRestricted device access Full access to device hardware Slower FasterThursday, February 21, 13 12. Hybrid AppsCan migrate web skills One source base Deployment needs approvalUser chooses when to update Uses device memory Monetization is possible Access to some device hardwareFaster than web, slower than deviceThursday, February 21, 13 13. Web to Mobile WebThursday, February 21, 13 14. Mobile Websites Smaller screen Slower speeds Touch enabled OrientationThursday, February 21, 13 15. Build to MoveThursday, February 21, 13 16. Build to Move Dont hardcode dimensions Modularize your code Use CSSThursday, February 21, 13 17. Apache CordovaThursday, February 21, 13 18. PronouncedPhoneGap Created by a Nitobi, acquired by Adobe Open sourced by Adobe PhoneGap is a trademark of Adobe Teleriks Icenium is also based on Cordova Creates Hybrid AppsThursday, February 21, 13 19. Featured PhoneGap Apps, February 21, 13 20. IceniumThursday, February 21, 13 21. Icenium Built by Telerik Current version is 1.2 PhoneGap code runs on it unmodied Deploy directly to device Free until May 1st Includes Kendo UI MobileThursday, February 21, 13 22. Window 8Thursday, February 21, 13 23. Windows 8 Can use HTML, CSS, & JavaScript Program JS is a rst class citizen on Windows RT UI Libraries dont work well under it JS Libraries should be neThursday, February 21, 13 24. SummaryThursday, February 21, 13 25. Next Steps Just Starting out? Try Icenium, it is free untilMay 1st. Try PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build Learn a JavaScript MVC Framework like:Backbone, Knockout, or EmberThursday, February 21, 13 26. Links, February 21, 13 27. Me @therockncoder, February 21, 13 28. Questions?Thursday, February 21, 13