Mobile phones and libraries: experimenting with the technology

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Mobile phones and libraries: experimenting with the technology Kate Robinson: Head of Academic Services, University of Bath


<ul><li> 1. QR codes and their applications for libraries Kate Robinson University of Bath Library</li></ul> <p> 2. Will students do anything forchocolate?Will students do anything for chocolate? 3. Who is using QR codes? 4. Big in Japan but what about Bath? 12-15% are aware ofthem 2% have used them 92% have a cameraphone 5. It lets you jump between the physical &amp; the virtual 6. Art? 7. How to use QR codesQR Code Reader you may have a QR Code Readeralready installed or, you can install a free one bysearching online for QR CodeReader and the make/model ofyour phoneMake your own codes with aMobile Code Generator select the content type you need,i.e., a web site enter the information, i.e., click on Generate save the QR code as an image toyour machine 8. Playing (with technology) JISC bid/money Seeded conversations Generated ideas Created opportunities 9. Ideas for Library useLinking: floorplans to podcasts Subject Librarians offices/business cards to webpages information literacy events to timetable information/resources catalogue records/class numbers to your phone 10. The technical bitIts a doddle to add 11. Lessons learnt Motivating Supporting Evaluating 12. What Next? 13. More on QRCSI DntIQi2e8Educase Report/163616Andy Ramsdens &amp; creating your 14. No but thatmeans theressome left overfor the Librarians </p>