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  • 1. MOWBI

2. Mobile Commerce Has ArrivedIs Your Company Ready? On any given day, 57.8 million American consumers access the web via mobile devices- Pew Research Center The value of mobile commerce transacted in 2009 will total $1.6billion-ABI ResearchGiven that more people are now willing to conduct commerce over their mobile phone, the market is expected to take off. Mobile commerce will grow to over $300 billion by 2013 Forbes Magazine M-commerce is likely to follow the history of exponential growth previously experienced by the e-commerce surge- Adam Boysen, Acquity Group MOWBI 3. MOWBI App PublishingsMobile Store Makeroffers a significantly richer mobile experience [than other tools], giving subscribers the ability to inexpensively create mobile stores for smartphones Internet Retailer Magazine 4. Mobile Store Maker

  • Easily builds a mobile store in minutes
  • Simple DIY interface (WYSIWYG)
  • Advanced features (HTML, CSS)
  • Patented product management system
  • Manage 1000 products with one .CSV file
  • Utilizes multiple checkout mechanisms
    • PayPal, Google Checkout
    • & PayTrace gateways
  • PCI Compliant - Industrys highest security
  • Complete turn key system
  • Ready to integrate
  • White label version available

5. Subscribers Can Build & Manage a Mobile Version of Existing Site or Turn a Brochure Site into a Commerce Site! 6. Mobile Invoicer

  • Turns phone into a handheld credit card terminal
  • Dual Functionality:
    • Accepts instant payments
    • Creates & sends branded invoices
  • Easy set-up & simple to use
  • Sends reminders until invoice is paid
  • Cross-Platform: Works on any phone with a browser
  • Utilizes PayPal, Google Checkout, & PayTrace gateways
  • PCI Compliant - Industrys highest security
  • Complete turn-key system
  • Ready to integrate
  • White label version available

7. Its as easy as 123 and youre ready to create invoices and accept credit card payments on your phone! 8. MOWBI MOWBI MOWBIis a Mobile Site MakerMOWBIcreates your own mobile site from your unique collection of social networks, blogs and websites MOWBIis perfect for personal sites MOWBIis perfect for social marketing a business 9. 10. YOUR MOBILE MOWBI SITE

  • Setting up a MOWBI site is quick and easy.
  • You can send your MOWBI URL to friends, associates,
  • and family so they can keep up with whats happening.
  • Its All About You!
  • MOWBI is a great way to promote your business and
  • yourself.
  • MOWBI creates one location for all the information
  • contained in your social networks, blogs and websites.
  • Its All About Your Business!

MOWBI 11. Heres how the numbers look if your subscribers choose to utilize one or more of these tools. Per 1000SubscribersX $20.00(application monthly subscription) = $20,000.00 monthly revenue** X 12 months= $240,000.00 annual revenue** **Subscription revenue only.Does not include additional revenue from merchant account fees, custom website design fees, etc. These cross-platform, web-based applications are developed and tested. A White Label version can be integrated into your system or network within 30 days. The Revenue Potential of These Tools is Enormous. MOWBI 12.

  • Bill Broadbent Co-Founder & CEO
  • Email:[email_address]
  • Link Stevens Co-Founder & President
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  • Steve Gent
  • Vice President, Business Development
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  • App Publishing Group
  • Website:http:// Blog:http://
  • Phone:(800) 985-9277 Mobile Store Maker http:// Mobile Invoicer

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