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<ul><li> 1. MN319 : E-MarketingAdam Byrne @adamabyss PERSONAL BRANDING PLAN 9th March 2012 Personal Logo 2012 Caribbean Creative </li> <li> 2. Adam Byrne @adamabyss - PERSONAL BRANDLife begins at 40! BusinessRelishing my Man Father Studentmature studies,building upon myglobe-trottingliving andworkingexperiences! Pirate InspirationWatching mydaughter growis myfavourite hobby! Friend World Footballer Traveller </li> <li> 3. linked to wordpress blog 100% profile completeness 3 recommendations 189+ connectionslinked to Twitter account Set up module group &amp; added 58 members </li> <li> 4. 839 TWEETS 107 FOLLOWING 89 FOLLOWERS LinkedIn URL Hashtag #mn319tweets update automatically to Retweet Facebook &amp; LinkedIn HootSuite TweetDeck </li> <li> 5. personalised URL digital video promoting former business 467+ Friends photos &amp; comments </li> <li> 6. 2 business-basedposts with pictures, links (including &amp; tags </li> <li> 7. Thank you for your attention! Please contact me at: Email: Phone: 086 177 0640 Twitter: @adamabyssSocial Media:!/adamabyss </li> </ul>