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MLM Prospecting Posture and how to build a thriving business. 1) Does Income Proof Matter? 2) Throw Up or Show Up 3) Leader or Mysterious Insider? 4) Targeted MLM Lead Tricks 5) Family a Must? 6) Sole Promoter vs. Multiple Promoter 7) Mindset vs. Traffic Myth


<p>Copy of 7 tips to maximize MLM_2</p> <p>7 Tips</p> <p>by Alecia Stringer </p> <p>! You have something you can use. ! Are you an expert? ! Grow your personal development and positive mindset everyday. </p> <p>! Read and listen to positive audios. ! Keep seeking solutions and continue building your mindset to handle all obstacles.</p> <p>! Leverage any positive promotion you can get to help reach solutions faster. </p> <p>BUT.. !Mindset is key. You have to be confident in the action you take. Take massive action. </p> <p>Throw Up Show Up</p> <p>! Dont get stuck depending on the throw up strategy. Simply throwing up what you are doing to everyone within 3 feet of you!</p> <p>Content is King, but Engagement is Queen, and she rules the house! -Mari Smith</p> <p>Its total okay to ask for the sale but you may have value </p> <p>! Nobody wants to follow content that is bland, or boring. </p> <p>! Schedule it out using Hootsuite! Even as often as every 5 minutes during a presentation! It is perfectly ok to repeat your tweets. Not back to back, but just add it again. </p> <p>! To improve your value, check out your score using Klout. This will give you some guidance on what kind of social media audience you have online.</p> <p>! Find a strategy online to dominate and use that marketing strategy consistently like you rule the house!</p> <p>! Remember it usually takes people at least 7 exposures before they say yes. !</p> <p>! People want to know that they matter - So Respond fast on social media for best results!</p> <p>! Bring out your personality to stand out in the market. </p> <p>! Brand to a color, animal or prop. ! What is your style? Funny hat? Or a voice that stands out when you make videos? </p> <p>! Experiment with different things and test the results. </p> <p>! Always be building your own circles and followers. ! Leverage other contacts whenever possible</p> <p>! Research the latest information 1. 2. ! Use social sites exclusively for these prospects. E.g. </p> <p>! Connect and message more in a personal way. Remember engagement! </p> <p>! Create online events such as generic training. </p> <p>! Use them for team and support ! Dont do their work - how can you grow a team of leaders, when you do everything for them? </p> <p>! Have goals. Find a way to get 10 people a day to opt in to your capture page. </p> <p>! Once you are aware that it is fear that stops you, the doors open up to finding the solutions. </p> <p>1. Done is better than perfect. Send the email, make the video - just do it! </p> <p>2. Notice where you stop. 3. Push yourself past that stopping point.Make </p> <p>a bet with someone - find someone who will hold you accountable. </p> <p>4. Own it and work with it. Dont sit there feeling guilty. </p> <p>By Jen Sincero</p> <p>! Be consistent in your message and you can build any business and sell anything you want. !</p> <p>! Once you are in that position then you can offer multiple products. Its all in the up-sell process. </p> <p>Open your mind to who you can reach and who you can impact. </p> <p>Then you can see what looks </p> <p>like hype or spam to them.</p> <p>! The decision to be committed. ! When you develop a strong mindset, you will find the exact audience you want. </p> <p>! Traffic does not do you any good if you do not have a way for people to take action on that site. Dont drive traffic to a companies website that is generic, has too much information and no systematic way to follow up with the visitors.</p> <p>! Know your competition and leverage it. !</p> <p>! One hamburger stand had people coming for miles around just to get the amazing hamburgers. There was so much demand that they run out of hamburgers! </p> <p>! Beside them was another booth. Their line was shorter, but it still got good business, especially when the first hamburger stand ran out of burgers!</p> <p>! Simply be you. People will find the unique qualities you bring into the market place and relate to what you have to offer. </p> <p>! Dont look at how many fans the competition has, or how many leads they can email. </p> <p>! Show the quality and value you bring to your market place to allow you to have the best MLM prospecting posture that shows the true you.</p> <p>1. Does Income Proof Matter? 2. Throw Up or Show Up 3. Leader or Mysterious Insider? 4. Targeted MLM Lead Tricks 5. Family a Must? 6. Sole Promoter vs. Multiple Promoter 7. Mindset vs. Traffic Myth </p> <p>! Alecia Stringer is an online lead generation expert who empowers entrepreneurs to create success dreams and guest blogs at blog. </p> <p>Connect and Read Full Article Here</p>