mj term survey course catalog 2016- term survey course catalog 2016-2017 . ... come to the aid of...

Download MJ Term Survey Course Catalog 2016- Term Survey Course Catalog 2016-2017 . ... come to the aid of Wellington as General Blucher with the Prussian Army. Or maybe you’d rather

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  • SCAPPOOSE HIGH SCHOOL 33700 SE High School Way Scappoose, Oregon 97056 www.scappoose.k12.or.us

    MJ Term Survey Course Catalog 2016-2017

  • Scappoose High School is excited to offer MJ Term during the month of May and

    June. The term will be 18 school days long and allow students to participate in 3

    classes per day. Each class will be approximately 105 minutes long.

    The purpose of The MJ Term Survey is to expose students and parents to all the

    courses SHS staff have proposed. The SHS counseling department will use the

    survey results to narrow the focus of classes that will actually be offered when

    students forecast for MJ Term classes on May 3, 2017.

    Please review the MJ Term Survey Course Catalog. The guide can be found on

    the SHS webpage (http://shs.scappoose.k12.or.us/index.html), the SHS Counsel-

    ing Website (www.scappoosehighschoolcounseling.weebly.com), and the SHS

    Facebook page. Students that do not have access to the electronic version of the

    course guide online will be provided with a paper copy.

    Please read all course descriptions carefully! There are over 70 amazing classes

    that have been proposed. Please note any course fees or prerequisites listed.

    The attached MJ Term Survey is an exact copy of the electronic survey students

    will take on Monday, March 6th. Please complete the attached survey, so the

    electronic survey will only take a few moments.

    The courses that students choose on the MJ Term Survey will NOT be used

    for placement into a class. This information is used solely by the SHS coun-

    seling department to determine which classes will be offered to students dur-

    ing forecasting in May.




    MUSICAL FILM (1955-Current)

    This class covers the late 1950's through the Obama

    era. Historic events and cultural trends covered via mu-

    sicals will include "Grease (late 50s),

    Hairspray (1962-63), Across the Universe (1963-

    69), Dreamgirls (1963-late 70s), Hair (1968-69),

    Company (early 1970s),The Wiz (African-

    Americans in the 1970s), clips from Cant Stop the

    Music, Xanadu (early 1980s), the rise of music vid-

    eos (Michael Jackson, Madonna, etc.) in the 1980s,

    Footloose (1984), clips from Breakin & Beat

    Street (1980's), Rent and "Singles" (1990's), and

    clips from American Idiot, Wicked & Glee (post



    Students will explore their family's past through Ances-

    try.com and develop a better understanding of the

    forces that shaped their present by exploring the past.

    Students will research historical events relevant to their

    family's history, and build a presentation of what they



    Why do birds migrate? How do bees find pollen? How

    do whales communicate? It is all part of their behav-

    ior. In this class, students will study the evolutionary

    causes of animal behavior, including communication,

    foraging, antipredator behavior, mating behavior, pa-

    rental care, and social behaviors.



    Get ready to be inspired! Audrey Hepburn's life starts

    and ends in style and grace. Let's get to know this

    amazing, brilliant, joyful person through her work in

    film, as a humanitarian and UNICEF ambassador, a

    fashion icon, and a writer. During this course we will

    watch several of her films, look at biographical ex-

    cerpts, and be inspired by her love of people and of life

    - a life that brought joy and hope to the entire world!


    Have you looked up recently? Wondered what patterns

    lie in the fire-flies that got stuck up there in that bluish

    -black thing? In this course you will learn to recognize

    25 constellations, how to use them to map the sky, use

    the moon to tell time, and prove that the Earth isnt the

    center of the universe. Course will meet 3 times during

    MJ Term outside of class after dark to learn to work the

    telescope, practice constellation finding, and view plan-

    ets and Messier objects.

    BIRDING 101/102 Students will learn the basics of bird identification in

    this hands-on course. Highlights will include identify-

    ing birds by common field marks, habitat and calls.

    This course will include one field trip to Sauvie Island.

    BOOK CLUB Bring your love for reading and the ability to share

    your thoughts and ideas about literature. In this class,

    you will read books of your choice, share in class dis-

    cussions, arts and crafts, and Lit Circles. Be prepared

    to share your insights, make recommendations, and

    analyze literature on a higher-level.


    Fee: $10, Hand wraps This class will introduce you to the fundamentals of

    boxing and MMA including defense and safe holds,

    footwork, punch boxing and MMA. Students will also

    utilize shadow-boxing, mitt work and heavy bag work

    to develop their skills and techniques. Conditioning

    work (jump roping, running, etc) will also be an inte-

    gral part of this class. This class will be worth .25 PE




    Fee: $10, Food Handlers Permit

    Prerequisite: Age 15+

    In this course, we will focus on the high price of eating

    cheap food, nutrition label analysis, building menus

    with our body and wallet in mind, smart comparison

    shopping skills, polite table etiquette, and general food

    service skills. We will earn our food handlers card, a

    must for any food industry job. The class final will

    involve planning, prepping and hosting an end of MJ

    Term dinner party, putting to use all of our new budget

    foodie skills and etiquette techniques! Enjoyed the

    course during January? Ill put you on an advanced

    culinary course now that you have some basic skills

    under your belt.


    Are you interested in exploring the topic of equality in

    America? Do you have questions or concerns about

    how issues of gender, race, and class have evolved

    throughout our history and the civil rights issues we are

    presented with today? In this class, we will examine the

    expansion of civil rights throughout US History, and

    evaluate limitations to equality still experienced by

    some Americans today. Bring an open mind as we ex-

    plore these issues through conversation, research, and



    Computer Programming

    HTML is the language of the internet, one of the most

    basic forms of computer programming that some call

    the internets skeleton. In addition to improving your

    high school transcript and resume, this class will help

    you learn the basics of HTML or build your existing

    programming skills with hour of code activities. If

    youre interested in learning HTML to explore a career

    in computers, liven up blogs, edit scripts, personalize

    webpage templates like Weebly or Wordpress, visually

    improve seller descriptions in sites like Amazon or

    Ebay or add pizzazz to sites like Evite, this class is for



    Your future is a big deal! Start preparing for life after

    high school in the College & Career Exploration

    course. Discover various careers based on your person-

    ality, interests, and skills. Understand your post-

    secondary options. Complete the SuperMatch college

    search to find colleges that are the best match for you.

    Bonus: the class includes a one day field trip to three

    local colleges!


    College is right around the corner and the time to pre-

    pare is now! Spend time daily preparing for ACT and

    SAT math. Learn an introduction to statistics and use

    this to analyze and compare college options. Compile

    and share key info, stats, and graphs for colleges and

    universities of your interest. Take stress out of college

    planning by doing research and preparation early!


    Why do people experience phantom limb? Why do

    some people see sounds or hear colors? Explore your

    senses and perception through experiments.


    In this course, students will read and write comic books

    while they explore how this genre impacts pop culture.

    They will also have the opportunity to grapple with

    recent claims that comic books may have more literary

    merit than previously suspected.


    Community Awareness is a class based on making our

    school and community a better place. Students will aide

    in and develop projects that will have a positive impact

    on our community. Projects will range from cleaning

    up around the school, painting, volunteering and more.




    What should you do in the event of a disaster like a life

    -threatening earthquake? This course will teach disaster

    response for the individual when there is no help. This

    class will include hands-on training that includes work-

    ing with local Police and Fire departments. Topics in-

    clude: emergency preparedness, fire suppression and


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