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  • Mixed Media Natural Form Piece

  • Lesson OneChoose an interesting angle to draw your natural form object.

    Today you will be focusing on two key areas of your drawing

    Proportions (drawing the outline of your object)Observing and filling in the darkest sections you can seeYou will needBrown parcel paperConteA Natural Form

  • Lesson Two

    Today you will be focusing on the mid-tones of your object. Use coffee to show these areas. Add texture to your drawing by adding whole granules of coffee

    You will needYour drawing on parcel paperCoffeeYour Natural Form

  • Lesson Three

    Today you will be focusing on the highlights of your object. Use white tissue and PVA glue to show these areas. This will also add texture to your drawingYou will needYour drawing on parcel paperPVA GlueTissue PaperYour Natural Form

  • Lesson FourUse white paint, white chalk, conte and indian ink to add the finishing touches to your drawing.

    Think about adding a shadow or creating a darker background.


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