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2011 Winter - Copyright 2011 Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri


Volume 57 No. 1


Official Publication of the Grand Lodge of Missouri A.F. & A.M.

The 190th Annual Grand Lodge Communication was held at the Holiday Inn Select in Columbia, Missouri on September 26 and 27 with Most Worshipful Brother Gail S. Turner presiding as Grand Master. Grand Master Turners theme throughout the year was to Connect with our Member. It was an honor and a privilege to have served with MWB Turner during two terms on the Board of Directors of the Masonic Home, a term as a Director of the Childrens Foundation and eight years in the advancing line. During the time that we worked together, we saw the Childrens Foundation develop the MoCHIP program, the Masonic Home focus its work to a total Outreach program with the sale of the Kansas City Residential Care Facility and the L13odge of Research develop a Truman Lecture series that is second to none in the Masonic world. The past Grand Lodge session addressed giving permission to the Grand Master to allow a Lodge to have stated communications on Sunday afternoon, to allow Lodges to remit dues for active military men serving in combat and approved the work of the By-Laws committee to bring our By-Laws up to date. The Grand Lodge did not approve a dues increase to support Youth Groups nor an elimination of the Mileage and per diem expense for members to attend the annual communication of the Grand Lodge. This year we introduced at the Area Meeting a forum for the membership to provide feedback to the OfficersCommittee on Masonic Publications John W. Hess, Grand Master David L. Ramsey, Senior Grand Warden Ronald D. Miller, Grand Secretary Zelwin B. Eaton, Past Editor E. Otha Wingo, Assistant Editor Steven L. Harrison, Editor, Chairman Editor Steven L. Harrison P.O. Box 1120 Kearney, MO 64060-1120 816-558-0436 / Call for Fax editor@momason.org

of the Grand Lodge to develop a Strategic Plan as the Grand Lodge of Missouri moves to its 200th anniversary in a few short years. Your District Deputy Grand Masters have been provided with materials from the Education Committee to hold Schools of Education in each Masonic District this year. We hope that the Schools will be informational and beneficial to the growth of Masonic knowledge for our membership. The Grand Lodge has entered into a contract with Harris Connect to publish a directory for the membership of our Fraternity. In the past, through another organization, I have seen the benefit of such directories and encourage your participation in the development of the book. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Endowment Fund of the Grand Lodge. Your Grand Lodge Officers are committed to improve our Fraternity through its Crown Jewels, the Masonic Home, The Childrens Foundation, The Lodge of Research and the Scholarship program. We look forward to meeting with you as we travel the great State of Missouri this year. Fraternally,

John W. Hess Grand Masterwithout charge. Domestic subscriptions elsewhere are $12.00 annually. PerMiSSion To rePrinT: All recognized Masonic publications have permission to reprint original articles from The Missouri Freemason with credit to the author and the publication. chanGe oF aDDreSS (important): Whenever a member changes his mailing address without notifying his Lodge Secretary and a mailing of the Freemason magazine occurs, the Post Office charges the Grand Lodge 75 per undeliverable Freemason. PleaSe, contact your Lodge Secretary with your address change so that the Grand Lodge can then be notified. GranD loDGe oF MiSSouri GranD loDGe oF MiSSouri inTerneT aDDreSSeS E-Mail to the Grand Lodge Office grlodge@momason.org The Grand Lodge web page www.momason.orgPhone: 573-474-8561

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editor@momason.orgThe Missouri Freemason (USPS 573-920) is the official publication of the Grand Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri, and is published four times yearly. Articles to be considered for publication should be e-mailed to editor@momason.org, not later than the first day of

the month preceding publication in February, May, August, and November. Unless otherwise indicated, the views expressed in this magazine are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policy of the Grand Lodge A.F.&A.M. of Missouri. The Editor reserves the right to accept, reject, subedit and rearrange material submitted for publication. Pictures submitted for publication will not be returned. The Missouri Freemason does not accept forms or clippings for publication. Please do not submit materials in PDF format. oFFice oF PublicaTionS: Grand Lodge of Missouri, 6033 Masonic Drive, Suite B, Columbia, MO 65202-6535. Printed by Tribune Publishing Co., Columbia, Missouri. Periodicals Postage paid at Columbia, Missouri. PoSTMaSTer: Please send address Forms 3579 to Grand Secretary, 6033 Masonic Drive, Suite b, columbia, Mo 65202-6535. SubScriPTionS: The Missouri Freemason is mailed to every member of this Masonic Jurisdiction

2 Winter 2011


thevol. 57 no. 1

missouri freemasonofficial Publication of the Grand lodge of missouriPublished and copyrighted under the direction of the Committee on Masonic Publications

Winter 2011

contents4 John W. Hess Grand Master 4 Senior Grand Marshall Stanton T. Brown II 5 Robert Floyd Appointed Grand Lecturer 6 Most Excellent King Solomon 8 You Can't Get There From Here 9 The Whole Man 10 Missouri Lodge of Research Hosts Annual Breakfast Featuring 9/11 Survivor Steven Vitale 11 Independence Lodge Honors a MWB Donald E. Scott at Installation 12 Did You Know 12 Statement of Ownership and Circulation 13 Cooper Lodge #36 Masons Encourage Kids To Read 13 Rainbow Girls 14 Missouri DeMolay 15 Job's Daughters 16 Masonic Home of Missouri Sixth Annual Truman Club Dinner 17 Donor Profiles: Dan Blanke and Douglas J. Roberts 18 Masonic Home of Missouri Representative Luncheon 18 Fore Kids! 18 Creating-A-Partnership 18 Outreach Services Program 19 Children's Outreach Program 19 Masonic Family Cares 20 The Work of Our Craft 25 Masonic Service Awardsthe missouri freemason

from the editors KeyboardI'm part of that "lost generation" the one that pretty much skipped joining the Fraternity. Until later in life I was no exception to that generalization and it's hard to figure why. I almost couldn't have been more active as a DeMolay, loved it and by all logic I should have jumped right into Masonry when I was old enough, but didn't. College, marriage, a job life just got in the way, I guess. It's a shame and I'm sure I missed a lot but, you know, no crying over spilled milk. Still, I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to have been a member back in Masonry's "heyday," whatever that means. It amazes me, for example that my dad's Scottish Rite class had nearly 300 members. Over the course of a month, they saw all the Scottish Rite degrees, published a 120-page hardbound class book, had class projects and elected class officers... with no less than 12 vice-presidents! Yep. Things were sure different back then. Or were they? Looking through my dad's things a while back I found that old hardbound class book. Along with it, I ran across his copy of an Indiana Freemason magazine from November, 1966. I read the magazine cover to cover. It was interesting, fun and very, very familiar. Among other things, I found these tidbits: In his column Grand Master Joseph L. Birdwell admonished Brothers to remember the true meaning of the upcoming Thanksgiving. "It should be," he said, "a day of sincere thankfulness, not feasting and revelry." Members had recently dedicated a stone monument at the site of an old inn where Brothers held the first Masonic meetings in the area. There were strong parallels to our dedication in Missouri marking the site of the first Masonic meeting here. Fifty-year members were honored with their service awards. The issue is full of reports on activities of individual Brothers and Lodges. It talks about their donations, a Masonic Home pilgrimage, service projects, construction projects and, of course, many gatherings, meals and the same kind of Brotherhood and fellowship we know today. In other words, the work of the craft nearly a half-century ago is the same as the work of the craft today. Most of the articles in that old magazine wouldn't look out of place in this issue. They may have had more members back then, but there is a great bond of familiarity between the Brothers then and today. What's more, the Brothers back then felt that bond, too. As Brother Richard LaGrange, my dad's Scottish Rite Class Orator (yes, they had one) put it, "The mantle has been cast upon our shoulders, so to speak, to carry on and perpetuate the good work that has gone on before us." Our tenets: Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth are unchanging and we are indeed Brothers across the span of time. Steve Harrison, EditorWinter 2011 3

Grand master John W. hessMost Worshipful Brother John William Hess was born in Albia, Iowa on March 1, 1951. He is the oldest of three children of John Francis and Patt Hess. John attended St Marys elementary school, Albia Community High School, the University of Iowa and Creighton University where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1975. Johns stepfather, John Edmond Slack was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in Aster Lodge in Albia, Iowa at the age of 89. While attending Creighton University, John was a member of the Delta Chi Fraternity and served as a member of the Athletic Department as a Lecturer in Physical Education. After graduating from Creighton University John was employed by Roberts Dairy of Omaha, Nebraska and worked out of its Grand Island facility as a Regional Sales Manager. John moved to Kansas City in 1982 and was employed by International Distributing as the Kansas City Sales Manger. In 1985, Joh