Missouri Dental Association celebrates 100th anniversary

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Missouri Dental Association celebrates 100th anniversary This year-1965-marks the 100th anniversary of the Missouri Dental Association. Various activities are planned during the year, foremost of which will be a joint meeting of the Xtl- Continent Dental Congress and the Missouri Dental Association. This meeting will be held at the Chase-Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, Oct. 17 to 20, 1965. Special programming is planned. All members of the dental profession, auxiliary personnel, and members of the dental trades are cordially invited to attend the 100th anniversary celebration of the Missouri Dental Association in conjunction with the twenty-fourth annual Mid-Continent Dental Congress. First Dental Student Conference on Research A group of the nations top dental students will gather in Washington, D. C., April 72 to 24, 1965, for the first Dental Student Conference on Research. According to Dr. Robert L. Kreiner, chairman of the American Dental Association Council on Dental Research, the purpose of the conference is to stimulate student interest in rcsrarch careers. Each dental school in the United States and Canada has been invited to send one freshman or sophomore student. Participating schools will pay half of the students maintenance and transportation expenses, with all other conference costs being assumed by the Procter & Gamble Co. The program will include visits to laboratories at the Kational Bureau of Standards and the Sational Institute of Dental Research, lectures on current research activities in educa- tion, government, and industry, and a discussion of career opportunities in dental education. Each dental school will be responsible for the method of selecting its student representa- tive. Criteria for selection include a demonstrated aptitude in the basic sciences, an actual or potential interest in science and research, and some aptitude for effective communication with other persons. The school must also agree to provide some means by which the student can report on the conference to the entire student body. American Dental Association ADA PRESIDENT URGES CONGRESS TO STUDY KERR-MILLS ESIANSION PROPOSAI,S Dr. Fritz A. Pierson, A. D. A. president, has urged Congress to explore proposals which would strengthen and expand health care for the elderly under the existing federal-state Kerr- Mills program. At the same time he reiterated the Associations continued adamant opposition to any legislation which would provide health care to the elderly under the Social Security system. Speaking at the centennial dinner held in connection with the Midwinter Centennial Meeting of the Chicago Dental Society, the A. I). A. leader pointed out that the current version of the King-Anderson bill, H.R. 1, now before the House Ways and Means Committee, would provide health benefits for a segment of the population without regard to the needs of individual beneficiaries. The Association does not believe that government, should assume the additional responsi- bility of providing health care to persons who can easily afford it simply because such persons happen to be in one age group or another. Extension of the concept that health care should be provided by the government without regard to need will lead ultimately to a regimentation of Excerpts from the A. D. A. Newsletter, March 1, 1965.