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  • MINUTES Publications Committee

    June 28, 2015 Atlanta Hilton

    Atlanta, Georgia


    MEMBERS PRESENT: Michael Brambley, chair Tim Dwyer, vice chair Don Beaty Kimball Ferguson Kevin Gebke Jin Jin Huang Carlos Mitroga Marija Todorovic Mark Fly, Board of Directors Ex-Officio Darryl Boyce, Coordinating Officer, Publishing and Education Council chair

    STAFF PRESENT: Steve Comstock, Publisher/Director of Publications and Education Mark Owen, staff liaison, Editor/Group Mgr., Handbook and Special Publications Jay Scott, Editor, ASHRAE Journal Sarah Boyle, Assistant Editor, Special Publications

    VISITORS: Chuck Gulledge, PEC vice chair Pradeep Bansal, incoming member 2015-16 Lindsey King, Leadership U Mitesh Kumar, Leadership U Frank Mills, Cold-Climate Design Guide MTG Svein Morner (DOAS Guide) Vikram Murthy Ashish Rakheja Richard Rooley Mark Tome, incoming member 2015-16

  • Publications Committee Minutes • June 28, 2015 • Atlanta, Georgia



    No. Motion

    2 To approve TC 5.3’s proposal for a new underfloor air distribution systems operations guide asdescribed in Attachment J.


    No. Responsibility Action Item

    1 Owen Check with the project committee liaison regarding the status of the Design Guide for Sustainable Refrigeration.

    2 Mills Talk to CIBSE about possible cooperation regarding a hot climate design guide.

    3 Owen Respond to Ms. Huang’s request for copies of the Energy Efficiency Guides.

    4 Mills Liaise with TC 1.7 regarding their publications.

    5 Beaty Liaise with TC 9.9 regarding their publications.

    6 Huang Liaise with TC 6.9 regarding their publications.

    7 Gebke Liaise with TC 5.2 regarding their publications.

    8 Todorovic Provide three to five bullet points for recommendations to address the issues identified in the Curricula Ad Hoc Subcommittee’s report.

    1. Call to Order

    Mr. Brambley called the meeting to order at 8:01 a.m. and noted that a quorum was present.

    2. Welcome/Introductions

    Members and guests introduced themselves.

    2.1 Introduction to the Publications Committee

    Mr. Owen gave a brief PowerPoint presentation (Attachment A) on the committee, its structure, and operations.

    Members discussed committee operations.

    Mr. Gebke asked how members can stay abreast of development in various publication areas. Mr. Comstock answered that the status of all publications is a complex picture; tracking documents give as good an overview as is available in one place.

  • Publications Committee Minutes • June 28, 2015 • Atlanta, Georgia


    Ms. Huang asked how to suggest topics for ASHRAE Journal. Mr. Comstock answered that the best way is to send to the Journal editor. He added that members’ expertise is needed regarding both the technology and the best publication platform for that technical information from a user’s perspective.

    Mr. Fly said that committee members can encourage TCs and other content development groups to speed content to the market.

    2.2 Onboarding practice improvement

    Members discussed ways to improve how new members are integrated into committee activities.

    Mr. Dwyer suggested that the committee’s Manual of Procedures (MOP) and Reference Manual should be revised to reflect the committee’s practices. He added that the committee also needs to consider how to ensure active involvement of international members.

    Ms. Huang said that a document with basic guidelines or a “roadmap” of expectations would be helpful; Mr. Beaty suggested an “at-a-glance one-pager” for that purpose.

    3. Minutes Approval, Annual Conference, January 2015

    It was moved and seconded

    (1) to approve the minutes of the January 2015 meeting.

    Members discussed the level of detail that the minutes should contain regarding committee discussions.

    Mr. Owen said his practice has been to pick key points from discussion to record in the minutes; however, this is subjective, and members’ feedback is important for ensuring accuracy. This is why, he added, the minutes are sent to all members for review, usually within 15 to 30 days after the meeting.

    Regarding audio recordings of meetings, Mr. Gulledge noted that ASHRAE policy prohibits such recordings, except for technical program seminars.

    Mr. Bansal said that the practice in Research Administration Committee (RAC) has been for members who want their comments to be noted in the minutes (or to not be noted in the minutes) to make an explicit request for that.

    Mr. Beaty mentioned a study showing that meeting participants forget 80% of events within 24 hours, but if notes are rewritten within those 24 hours, memory retention increases to 80%, for a 4:1 return on investment (ROI) in meeting time.

    MOTION (1) PASSED, voice vote.

    4. Agenda Review/Updates

    The following addition was made to the agenda:

    12.1 UFAD Operations Guide proposal (TC 5.3)

    5. Remarks by BOD ExO and CO

    Mr. Fly, Board of Directors Ex-Officio member (BOD ExO), thanked committee members for their attendance and efforts during the year. He said that the committee’s oversight and stewardship of publications is important, because such dissemination of technical information is key to reaching ASHRAE’s goals.

    Mr. Boyce, chair of Publishing and Education Council (PEC) and Coordinating Officer (CO) for the committee, thanked the committee for their work. He said that publications is one of the economic engines for Society, providing needed income to support many activities. He also briefed the committee on the Building Performance

  • Publications Committee Minutes • June 28, 2015 • Atlanta, Georgia


    Alliance, a Presidential Ad Hoc committee formed two years ago to create a commissioning “roadmap,” to give building operators tools for more effective operations.

    6. Action Items (from January 2015 Winter Conference)

    Mr. Owen reviewed the following list:

    No. Responsibility Action Item Status

    1 Dwyer Liaise with the Research Journal Subcommittee of PEC on issue of open access.

    Incomplete. Mr. Dwyer: will attend PEC Fiscal Planning Subcommittee for discussion.

    2 Subcom chairs Reach out to TCs on how to meet 2014-15MBOs. (See 8. Subcommittee Reports.)

    3 Todorovic Liaise with Research Administration Committee (RAC). Incomplete. Ms. Todorovic: will be completed at this conference.

    4 Owen

    Send 10% draft/outline of proposed Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) Operations Guide (TC 5.3) to committee members for consideration and a possible vote at the next meeting.


    5 Owen

    Ask TC 5.3 to get someone from the General Services Administration (GSA) to review the proposed Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) Operations Guide draft/outline.


    6 Staff Implement distribution of complete ASHRAE Terminology e-file. Incomplete. Mr. Owen will address after this conference.

    7 Weems Submit the 2015 Paper of the Year winning article’s information to the Honors and Awards Committee for announcement in June.


    7. Special Publications

    7.1 Special Publications Editor’s Report

    Mr. Owen highlighted items published since January 2015 (Attachment B), reviewed the Special Publications Projects spreadsheet (Attachment C), and reported the status of publications needing review (Attachment D).

    Regarding Attachment C, Mr. Dwyer asked about the status of the Design Guide for Sustainable Refrigeration. Mr. Owen reported that there had been a delay or question about funding participation by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Mr. Owen said he will check with the project committee liaison regarding the status (ACTION ITEM #1).

    Mr. Mills said that the new Cold-Climate Buildings Design Guide is expected to be published in time for the Cold Climate Conference in China this October. The book will be formally launched at the 2016 ASHRAE Winter Conference in Orlando. The book’s cognizant development group, the Cold Climate Design Guide

  • Publications Committee Minutes • June 28, 2015 • Atlanta, Georgia


    multidisciplinary task group (CCDG.MTG) has targeted January 2018 to publish the next revision of the book, in conjunction with the 2018 ASHRAE Winter Conference in Chicago.

    Mr. Mills reported that work on the Hot Climate Design Guide (under HCDG.MTG) is under way but running behind schedule. They are working with members from Region-at-Large, and participants are more widely scattered around the world, making coordination more of a challenge. Mr. Dwyer suggested that the MTG look at CIBSE’s publication on the topic, to evaluate the possibility of cooperation on the book. Mr. Mills said he would talk to CIBSE (ACTION ITEM #2).

    Ms. Huang requested copies of the Energy Efficiency Guides. Mr. Owen will respond (ACTION ITEM #3).

    Mr. Brambley requested that members who can help with TC contacts look at the list and volunteer:

    • Mr. Mills: TC 1.7 (ACTION ITEM #4) • Mr. Beaty: TC 9.9 (ACTION ITEM #5) • Ms. Huang: TC 6.9 (ACTION ITEM #6) • Mr. Gebke: TC 5.2 (ACTION ITEM #7)

    Mr. Dwyer and Mr. Fly suggested that the new Thermal Comfort Tool (TC 2.1) could be investigated for conversion to an app (


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