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<ul><li><p>,^^</p><p>WACKERBARTH &amp; JOSEPH, Tobacconists, ^tin 4S WAGAZtW F STREFT. Wrfw Orlj^MatJjk.</p><p>ADAM'S</p><p>^OF</p><p>Points and Landi^sSOUTH AND 'SoTTTHWiSST-</p><p>For Index lo AdveriiS. ..* .". x*?^?^.?^*:</p><p>^flfid for GIrcaiafs.noInT)^^-</p><p>&amp;b</p><p>PD Commons</p><p></p></li><li><p>i&gt;-</p><p>fl</p><p>37</p><p>p</p><p>Asse</p><p>CORNELLUNIVERSITYLIBRARY</p><p>IS--]</p><p>^f^.</p><p>kOERS'</p><p>- - S7</p><p>,000.</p><p>13,908 66.</p><p>Jriisks at</p><p>LOWEST TARIFF HATES.</p><p>ED. A. PALFREY, President.</p><p>JFO CHAFFE. Vice-President,</p><p>THOS. F. WALKER, Secretary.JNO. I. NOBLE,JNO. OHAFFB,'lilOHARD MILLIKEN,J. I. WAREEN,E. T. BtOKNEE, SAM'L FRIEDLANDER,A. A. YATES,JOHN I. ABAMS,ISAAC SCHEECK,E. M. WALMSLEY,A. H. MAY,S. H. SNOWDEN,</p><p>M.</p><p>T. LYTT. Li ON,SAMUEL H. BOYD,JOSEPH McELEOY,WM. J. BEHAN,B. F. ESHLEMAN,WM. C. BLACK,GHAS. CHAFFE,L. C. JUEEY,WM. HAETWELL,G. J. LEEDS, A. T. JANIN,.JOS. BOWLING,</p><p>BICKHAM.</p><p>PD Books</p><p></p></li><li><p>4?</p><p>^^^ti^^</p><p>II</p><p>h</p></li><li><p>OFF-IOE:</p><p>Cor. Camp St. &amp; Commercial Place</p><p>Assets, April 30, 1877, $581,423.72.</p><p>IMs Company continues to take Insurance on</p><p>THOS. A. ADAMS, President.S. B. NEWMAN, Vice-President. BENRY V. OGDEN, Secretary.</p><p>TKU8TEES.THOS A. ADAMS,SAM'L B. NEWMAN,SAM'LH KENNEDY,JOHN PHELPS,ADAM THOMPSON,HENRY ABRAHAM,VICTOR MEYER,JOSEPH BOWLING,EDW'D J. GAY,SIMON HERNSHEIM,SIMON FOECHEIMER,JOS. B. WOPLE,R. B. POST,EDWARD PILSBURY,JNO. E. KING,</p><p>FRED'K CAMERDEN,J. L. HARRIS,JOSEPH W. STONE,GEORGE MARTIN,ALFRED MOULTON,L. C. JUEEY,EDWARD NALLE,GEO. W. SENTELL,A.LEVI,PAUL E. MORTIMER,JNO. V. MOORE,W. B. CONGER,HENRY M. PBESTON,J. J. IRBY,REUBEN G. BUSH.</p><p>PD Books</p><p></p></li><li><p>UTUAL Insurance^ C&gt; 3VX I&gt; A. ]Nr</p><p>OF</p><p>HE77 OHLEAITS.IVo. 52 0A.31:JP STFtEET.</p><p>JAS. I. DAY, President. H. CARPENTER, Secretary.</p><p>Board of Directors.</p><p>JNO. G. GAINES,E. J. HART,HENRY RENSHAW,HUGH WILSON,JESSE S. FLOWER,J. WEIS,B. W. TAYLOR,J. C. MORRIS,J. L. HARRIS,L. ALCUS,SCOTT McGEHEE,GEO. JONAS,</p><p>B. BISCOE,A. BALDWIN,CHARLES MACREADY,W, E. SEYMOUR,JAMES I. DAY,LIONEL C. LEVY,EMORY CLAPP,D. A. CHAFFitAIX,D. FATJO,T. L. AIREY,R, E. CRAIG,SAM'L L. BOYD.</p><p>PD Commons</p><p></p></li><li><p>ESTABLISHED A. D. 1852-</p><p>CO.</p><p>OoE. NATCHEZ &amp; CAMP STS.</p><p>XTSTT 0B.LI31.XrS.</p><p>^.</p><p>INSURES</p><p>Fire, Marine &amp; River Risks,At Lowest Rates.</p><p>-M-</p><p>J, B, ^VOODS, Pres't. THOS. SEFTOM, Vice-Pres't.CHAS. l.eSASSIEB, Secretary.</p><p>-tot-</p><p>DIRECTOKSS:J. B. WOODS,JNO. BARKLEY,WM. T. HaRDIE,B. S. HOWARD,C. L. CHASE,.S, J. KEITH,.</p><p>TUOS. SEFTON,J. J. GIDIERE,JNO. J. BARR,E. B. BRIGGS,E. K. CONVERSE,A. LEVI.</p><p>PD Books</p><p></p></li><li><p>m inA&amp;m (1i||M\ MjAiflbj1s</p><p>OFFICE</p><p>:</p><p>IVo. 37 0^^3IJF STREET,mm ^m</p><p>INSURES AGAINST</p><p>'IRE,IARINE AND KlYER KiSKS.</p><p>JOBN HENDERSON, President. P. IRWIN, Vice-President.THOS. F. BRAGG, Sec'ty. JAS. PREVOST, Ass't Sec'ty.</p><p>D3oarcl of Trtistees</p><p>:</p><p>p. IRWIN,JOHN HENDEKSON,THOS. KING,THOS. SMITH,THOS. GILMOEE,W. J. CASTELL,</p><p>JOHN T. GIBBONS,JAMES A. GIEDNEB,=WM. HART,EMILE GAUCHE,DAVID JACKSON,J. H. HANNA,</p><p>F. J. GASQUET.</p><p>PD Commons</p><p></p></li><li><p>3 1924 095 607 135</p><p>IHgHMA ii*^-i//ii( 1OF</p><p>INSURES</p><p>IRE, Marine and Kiyer Risks,</p><p>AT THE</p><p>LOWEST TARIFF RATES,</p><p>OFFICE :</p><p>NO. 35 GAMP STREET,</p><p>Capital^ $250,000.</p><p>WM. B. SCHMIDT, President. F. RICKERT, Vlce-PresidenlALBERT P. NOLL, Secretary.</p><p>J3oa</p></li><li><p>SMt</p><p>Mutual Insurance</p><p>OFFIOE:</p><p>1} Cajilal, - - 1,000,000 Mm.</p><p>INSURES</p><p>FIRE, RIVER AND MARINE</p><p>PAUL FOURCHY, President. GEO. W, NOTT, Secpetapy.</p><p>DIRECTORS.p. MASPEEO,S. Z; EEfiP,P. FOUKCHY,M. W. SMITH,J. J. FERNANDEZ,</p><p>D. FATJO.</p><p>D. A. CHAFPRAIX,J. M. ALLEN,Chas. LA.PITTE,H. BEEBE,E. TOBY,</p><p>.</p><p>PD Commons</p><p></p></li><li><p>People's Insurance Company,NO. W GARONDELET STREET.</p><p>IRE, ARINE AND -IYER JSKS.\</p><p>E. PRAGST, President. JIVIO, WILSON, Vice-President.</p><p>P. IM. SCHNEIDAU, Secretary.</p><p>JNO. WILSON,</p><p>PD Books</p><p></p></li><li><p>Liverpool &amp; London &amp; Globe</p><p>184 aRA-VIt^R STREET.</p><p>Invested Assets, $27,799,812 OO.General Reserveand Fire Re-in-surance Fund, 5,000,000 00</p><p>Surplusabove allFire Liabilities 5,122,024 84</p><p>Losses paid in Cash without delay or</p><p>discount.</p><p>Stockholders personally liable for all</p><p>claims against this Company.</p><p>Local Board of Directors^</p><p>DAVID UEQUHART, Chairman.I. F. SCHEODER, GEORGE WIGG,</p><p>NEWTON BUCKNER,ANDREW FOSTER ELLIOT, Resident Manager.</p><p>PD Commons</p><p></p></li><li><p>Cor. of CANAL and CAMP STS.,</p><p>Establislied_18O5</p><p>.</p><p>^ ^IRE, P^A^IilNE g IVEIi ^ISKS TAJKEN. AT ggARIFP</p><p>JULES TUTES. President. A. SCHREIBER, Vice-President.JOHN W. niNCKS, Secretary,DIRECTORS-</p><p>ERNEST MERILH, H. GALLY,CHAS. LAFITTE, JULES ALDIGECHAS. E. SCHMIDT, WM. A. BELL,CHAS. J. LEEDS, PIEHKE PONTZ,U. FATJO, JULES TUYES,</p><p>A. SCHREtBER.</p><p>THE FIREMEN'S INS. CO.,Of NSW OBXiSANe,</p><p>Office in Tulane Buildings, 33 CAMP ST.</p><p>Fire, Marine I EiverMs takes at Lowest Tariff/. N. MABKS,Fresident. T. PUUDHOMME, Vice-President.</p><p>R. H. BENN^EIIS, Secretary.</p><p>DIRECTORS.JACOB ALEXANDER, I. N. MARKS,H. H. BIEEHOST, T. PRUDHOMMB,C. TAYLOR GAUCHE, C. SPORL,A, H. ISAACSON, GEO. WATERS,LEON SERTOLI, JOHN FITZPATRICK,L. B. CAIN, WASH MARKS,CHAS. HEMARD, BERRY RUSSELL,A. P.KIPP, OTTOTHOMAN,E. S. LEVY, L. A. WILTZ.</p><p>PD Books</p><p></p></li><li><p>ew iirleans Insurance</p><p>J^&amp;&amp;OGSLtOXl.n</p><p>No. 102 CANAL STREET.</p><p>Incorporated August 7tlc{, 1869.</p><p>Fire, River and Marine,</p><p>-tot-</p><p>Aimmwsmr&amp;My</p><p>-tot-</p><p>Q. LANAUX, Secretary. M. MUSSON, President.</p><p>DIRECTORS:A. J. GOMILA,HENKY ABRAHAM,J B. CAMOES,I. K. SMALL,J. PLAISENT,L. J.WEBSTER,</p><p>PIERRE LANAXJX,E. M. SCOTT,HKNEY NORMAN,WM. A. BELL,JOHN DYMOND,M. MUSSON.</p><p>PD Commons</p><p></p></li><li><p>88f 40, 42 &amp; 44 GRA VIER STREET,AND</p><p>25, 27. 20, 31 &amp; 88 PETERS STREET,</p><p>@'</p><p>Wholesale Dealers in</p><p>. Fancy and Staple</p><p>BOilBIEi!PROVISIOETS, ETC.</p><p>Agents for the sale of many of the favorite brands of</p><p>Flonr, TolDacco and Cigars !strangers visiting the city ^re invited to call and examine our stocks of</p><p>COFFEE, SUGAR, MOLASSES, and other Staple and Fancy Goods, whichwill be found at all times complete, with such articles as our own and othermarkets afford.</p><p>OUR MOTTOLarge Sales, Small Profits,and Quick Returns.</p><p>Having very greatly enlarged our fine, commodious Stores, and therebyincreased our facilities for properly meeting all demands upon our rapidlyincreasing business,we are prepared to respond to the demands of our old cus-tomers, and as many new ones as may favor us with orders, and respectfullyinvitethe attention of the entire trade of the South and West.</p><p>FLASH, LEWIS &amp; CO.</p><p>PD Books</p><p></p></li><li><p>ADAM'SI ill</p><p>El</p><p>-OF-</p><p>W ^</p><p>ON</p><p>RIYERS AND BAYOUSIN THE STATES OF</p><p>ALABAMA, ARKANSAS, FLORIDA, GEORGIAINDIANA, ILLINOIS, KENTUCKY, IOWA,LOUISIANA, MINNESOTA, MISSISSIPPI,</p><p>MISSOURI, NEBRASKA, OHIO,TENNESSEE, TEXAS AND</p><p>..</p><p>WISCONSIN,</p><p>By LOUIS A.^,ADAM,JIVER CLERK OF THE FACTORS' AND TRADERS' INSURANCE CO.</p><p>FIVE DOLLABS FEB COPT.</p><p>NEW ORLEANS.W. L. MURRAY., Publisher, Ho. 61 Carpp Street. . y +</p><p>1877., . ,</p><p>I ,</p><p>V</p><p>PD Commons</p><p></p></li><li><p>/\ t/y^^P[Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1877, by</p><p>LOUIS A. ADAM, in the ofiice of the Lihrarian of COngtess, atWashington, D. 0.]</p><p>PD Books</p><p></p></li><li><p>REVISED REGISTER</p><p>OF</p><p>Points and Landings.</p><p>AARON LANDING.Tallahatchie river, not above Cassidy's Bayon.ABBEVILLE, La.20 mileS from New Iberia.ABBEVILLE, Miss.Tallahatchie river, above Belmont.ABERDEEN, Miss.Tombigbee river, above ' Columbus, not above</p><p>Cotton Gia Port.</p><p>ABERDEEN, 0.Ohio river, 694 mileis above its mouth, aboveCincinnati.</p><p>ABERDEEN, Arlc.White river, 125 miles from its raouth, belowthe junction of Black river,</p><p>ABERCROMBIE, ArTc.Mississippi river, above Greenville, not aboveMemphis.</p><p>ABEY'S (Dr.) LANDING.Ouachita river, not above Trenton.ABEYDOS.Yazoo river, not above Yazoo City.ABNEY'S LANDING, La.Red river, above Grand Ecore, not above</p><p>Shreveport.</p><p>ABNEY'S.Red river, above Shreveport and not above foot of Raft.AOHARD'S LANDING, ^rft.Arkansas river, 207 miles above Na-</p><p>poleon, above Pine Bluff, not above Little</p><p>Rock.</p><p>ACKER'S LANDING, Ala.Tombigbee river, not above Demopolis.ACKER'S WOODYARD, ^k.Alabama river, not above Selma.ACKLAND'S LANDING, ia.Black river, not above Harrisonburg-</p><p>PD Commons</p><p></p></li><li><p>REVISED REGISTER OF POINTS AND LANDINGS</p><p>ACKLEN'S (Col.) or ANGOLA LANDING, ia.Mississippi river,204 miles above New Orleans, above Bayou</p><p>Sara, not above Grand Gulf.</p><p>ADAMS' TERKY, Tea;.Trinity river, above Smithville, not above</p><p>Magnolia Lauding.</p><p>ADAMS' LANDING, 47a.Tombigbee river, not above Demopolis.ADAMS' BLUFF, Arh.Whhe river, 105 miles above its mouth,</p><p>bolow the junction of Black river.</p><p>ADAMS' LANDING, Ark.Arkansas river, 272 miles above Napo.leon, above Pine Bluff, not above Little Eock.</p><p>ADAM LANDING, Miss.Above Grand Gulf, not above GreenvilleADAMS.Yazoo river, not above Yazoo City.ADAMS.Red river, above Fulton, not above Lanesport.</p><p>^</p><p>ADDISON, Ohio.Ohio river, 742 miles above its mouth, aboveCincinnati.</p><p>ADDLE (Mrs. S.)Red river, above Grand Ecore, not above Shreve-port.</p><p>ADGER, J. E , or MOLTRIES.Red river, above Shreveport, notabove foot of Raft.</p><p>ADKINS, WIDOW (New Hope).Red river, above Grand EcoreDot above Shreveport.</p><p>ADKINSON LANDING.Mississippi river, above Greenville, notabove Memphis.</p><p>AFRICA, Miss.121 miles up Sunflower river.AGEE'S LANDING, Ala.Alabama river, not above Selma.AIKEN'S (Mrs.) LANDING, ArA.Little Red river, a tributary</p><p>to White river, below the junction of Whiteand Black rivers.</p><p>AITKIN'S, GRANNY, ArA;.Little Red river, 23 miles above itsmouth, below the junction of White andBlack rivers.</p><p>AIKENS, Col.Mouth of Pecan Bayou, Red River, above Lanes-port, not above Mound City.</p><p>AKERVILLE, ArTc^Arkstnsas river, above Fort Smith.ALABAMA LANDING.Ill miles up Boeuf river, above Thomas'</p><p>Landing.</p><p>ALABAMA, Tex.Trinity river, above Smithville, not above Magno-lia Landing.</p><p>PD Books</p><p></p></li><li><p>ON RIVERS AND BAYOUS.</p><p>ALABAMA LANDING, ia.Ouachita river, 340 miles from themouth of the old river, above Trenton.</p><p>ALBAN (Little Pass),Red river, above Shreveport, not above Caro-lina Bluff.</p><p>ALBAN'S GUT, or STANTON'S.Red river above foot of Raft, notabove Fulton.</p><p>ALBANY, ZaLake Caddo.AIjBANY, ia.^Red river, 17 miles above Shreveport, not above</p><p>mouth of Black Bayou.</p><p>ALBANY, Creo.Flint river, above Newtown.ALBEMARLE.Mississippi river, above Grand Gulf, not above Green-</p><p>ville.</p><p>ALBINO INNO.Yazoo river, above Yazoo City, not above Leflore.ALBION CITY.Red rivr, above Rowland and Mound City.ALBION, G. N.Red river, 487 miles above Shreveport, above</p><p>Mound City.ALDERBROOK, Ark.White river, not above Batenville.ALLEN'S FERRY.St. Francis river, above Philips' Bayou.ALLEN'S LANDING, ^i!.Warrior river, not above Tuscaloosa.ALLEN, J. D. (Palmetto Plantation.)Red river, above Alexandria,</p><p>not above Cane river.</p><p>ALEXANDRIA, ia.Red river, 360 miles fron) New Orleans.ALEXANDRIA, 0.Ohio river, 644 miles above its month, above</p><p>Cincinnati.</p><p>ALEXANDRIA, Mo.Mississippi river, 210 miles above St. Louis,above Alton, not above first Rapids.</p><p>ALEXANDRIA (Mrs.)Red river, not above Alexandria.ALEXANDER (Dr.)136 miles up B(^uf river, above Thomas'</p><p>Landing,</p><p>ALEXANDER'S.Bayou Bartholomew, above Point Pleasant, notabove Arkansas line.</p><p>ALEXANDER LANDING.Big Deer Creek, not above Yazoo City.ALFRED WILLIAMS.Big Deer Creek.ALL RIGHT LANDING, ia.Mississippi river, above Grand Gulf,</p><p>not above Greenville.</p><p>ALL NUT'S LANDING, ia.Bayou Macon, 110 miles from itsmouth, not above Monticello.</p><p>ALLIGATOR.rThompson's, Yazoo river, not above Yazoo City.</p><p>PD Commons</p><p></p></li><li><p>4 REVISED REGISTER OP POINTS AND LANDINGS</p><p>ALLIGATOR BLUFF.Bayou Bartholomew, above Arkansas line,not above Portland.</p><p>ALLIGATOR BAYOU.Red river, not above Alexandria.ALLIGATOR.Ouachita river, above Harrisonburg, not ab. Trenton.ALPHIA, Ky.Ohio river, above Paduoah, not above Cincinnati.</p><p>'</p><p>ALTERA.Yazoo river, above Yazoo City, not above Leflore.ALTO.BcEuf river, 128 miles up, above Thomas Landing.ALTO, La.Mississippi river, not above Bayou Sara.ALTON'S LANDING, iaBlack river. La.ALTON, lUs.Mississippi river, 20 miles above St. Louis.ALTON, Ini.Ohio river, 305 miles above its mouth, above Paducah,</p><p>not above Cincinnati.</p><p>ALTON, Tenn.Tennessee river, not above Eastport.AMAZONIA, Tnd.Missouri river, above Xatan.AMERICUS, Ind.Wabash river, above the Rapids, not above Terre</p><p>Haute.</p><p>AMERICA, -JZte.Ohio river, 9 miles from its mouth, notab. Paducah,AMITE, La.Jackson railroad, 68 miles from New Orleans.AMSTERDAM, Ifws.Big Black river.AMSTERDAM, 0.Ohio river, 326 miles above its mouth, above</p><p>Paducah, not above Cincinnati.AMSTERDAM, JwdWabash river, above the Rapids, not above</p><p>Terre Haute'.</p><p>ANCHOR WOODYARD. -Red river, above Grand Gulf, not aboveSbreveport.</p><p>ANCHORAGE, or CAPT. CARTER'SRed river, above Shreve-port, not above foot of Raft.</p><p>ANCHORAGE PLACE.[Mississippi river, not above Bayou SaraANCHOR PLANTATION, ia.-Tensas river, 41 miles from- Trinity,</p><p>not above the moulh of Bayou Macon.ANDALUSIA, I??s. Mississippi river, 1508 miles above New Orleans</p><p>above the foot of First Rapids, not above thefoot of Second "Rapids.</p><p>ANDERSON, iffiss.Mississippi river, above Greenville, not aboveMemphis.</p><p>ANDERSON'S BLUFF, ^r^.-White river, 85 miles from its mouth,below the junction of Black river</p><p>ANDERSON'S LANDING, Miss.119 miles up Big Deer Creek.</p><p>PD Books</p><p></p></li><li><p>ON RIVERS AND BAYOUS.</p><p>ANDERSON, A. L.Bayou Bartholomew, not above Pt. Pleasant.ANDERSON, J. M.Bayou Bartholomew, above Pt. Pleasant, not</p><p>above Arkansas Line.</p><p>ANDERSON RIVER, Jm?. Ohio river, 255 miles above its mouth,above Paducafa, not above Cincinnati.</p><p>ANDREWS, or IXUDIN, Miss.Y&amp;zoo river, above Yazoo City, notabove Leflore.</p><p>ANGELINA RIVER.Above Bevilport.ANGOLA LANDING, Miss:Mississippi river, above Bayoa Sara, not</p><p>above Grand Gulf.</p><p>ANGUILLA, Miss.122 miles up Big Deer Creek.ANNADALE, Miss.Yazoo river, not above Yazoo City.ANSILL, J. J. (Boutlet's Bluff).Red river, above Grand Ecore, not</p><p>above Shreveport.</p><p>ANTONEY'S.Red river, above foot of Raft, not above Fulton.ANTIOCH, Ind.Wabash river, not above the Rapids.ANTOINE RAPIDS.Missouri river, 2967 miles from St. Louis,</p><p>above latan.</p><p>APPANOOSE, Ills.Mississippi river, 1400 miles above New Orleans,above Alton, not above foot of First Rapids.</p><p>APPLE CREEK, lUs.Illinois river, not above Beardstown.APPLE CREEK, Mo.Mississippi river, above the mouth of the</p><p>Ohio, not above Alton.</p><p>ARAGO.Missouri river, 647 miies from St. Louis, above latan.ARCOLA, Ala.Warrior river, not above Tuscaloosa.ARCOLA, Miss.165 miles up Big Deer Creek.ARCHULA.Tallahatchie river, not above Cassidy Bayou.ARCHERLETTA.Yazoo river, above Yazoo City, not above Leflore.ARGYLE.Mississippi river, above Greenville, not above Memphis.ARKADELPHIA, ^rA;.Ouachita river, 607 miles from the mouth of</p><p>^ Old river, above Ross's Landing, not above</p><p>Arkadelphia.</p><p>ARKAPOLA, Ark.White river, 172 miles from its mouth, below thejunction of Black river.</p><p>ARKANSAS, Ark.White river, below the junction of Black river.ARKANSAS LINE, Ark.Mississippi river, above Memphis, not</p><p>above the mouth of the Ohio.</p><p>ARKANSAS POST, Ark.Arkansas river, 58 miles above Napoleon.</p><p>PD Commons</p><p></p></li><li><p>6, REVISED REGISTER OF POINTS AND LANDINGS</p><p>ARKANSAS CITY.Mississippi river, above Greenville, and notabove Memphis.</p><p>ARKAPOLIS.Same place as Arkansas City (see above.)ARKANSAS LINE.Bayou Bartiiolomew, above Pt. Pleas...</p></li></ul>