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<p>Building Your Digital Presence</p> <p>Personal Branding and your digital footprint</p> <p>Personal Branding</p> <p>Personal BrandingTop 10 Personal Branding Tips for StudentsBe AuthenticLearn How to Introduce YourselfShow Your ConfidenceDevelop the Tools of the TradeShow Your CardsDress for SuccessBuild a Professional Online ImageTake a Writing ClassAsk for FeedbackReassess Your Personal Brand Regularly</p> <p>FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestInstagramSnapchatTumblrGoogle +BlogsYouTubeVine</p> <p>Taking your Digital Pulse</p> <p>employers who admit to checking out candidates on social media</p> <p>1 in 3Employers rejected candidates based on something they found about them online</p> <p>45% Why your digital footprint matters</p> <p>Content to be careful of: Political Posts, Religious Posts.</p> <p>5</p> <p>89% of recruiters check candidate social media profiles and dislike the following behavior: </p> <p>#TYPO</p> <p>78% References to illegal drugs66% Sexualcontent47% Alcoholconsumption54% Spelling and grammatical errors</p> <p>Why your digital footprint matters</p> <p>92% of companies use LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter for recruiting, which makes social networking essential when job hunting.6</p> <p>Why your digital footprint matters</p> <p>4 STEPS TO CLEANING UP YOUR DIGITAL PRESENCEFirst ImpressionsScrubbing Your ProfileThe Profile PolishPlaying the Professional</p> <p>How to Brand your digital footprint</p> <p>10 LINKEDIN TIPS FOR STUDENTSUpload an appropriate photoWrite an informative but punchy profile headlineDont cut corners on theSummary statementBe smart about yourexperienceComplete additional profile sectionstailored to career startersBuild a strong networkso its there when you need itClaim yourunique LinkedIn URLShow, dont just tell:Share your workUse keywordsin addingskillsyou can be endorsed for and get a fewrecommendationsCheck out thecontenton LinkedIn. Its awesome!</p> <p>By Omar Garriott Director of Product Marketing @ Salesforce.com Foundation</p> <p>How to Brand your digital footprint</p> <p>THE SOCIAL JOB SEARCH AND YOUR PERSONAL BRANDSHOWCASE WHAT YOU KNOWSHARE YOUR INSIGHTSGET NOTICED</p> <p>How to Brand your digital footprint</p> <p>Questions?</p>


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