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<ul><li><p>Middleton Parish Church SchoolReading MeetingWelcome</p></li><li><p>Letters and Sounds Phonic based programme 6 phases (Reception usually covers phase 2 3)</p><p> - Phase 1 Develops the importance of developing reading and listening</p><p> Phase 2 Marks the beginning of systematic high quality phonic work - Phase 3 Continues and builds on skills and knowledge acquired in phase 2</p><p> 20 minute daily sessions</p></li><li><p>Letters and SoundsLetter namesLetter soundsBlend sounds to readSegment sounds to spellSound book sent home every day to support sounds taught in school</p><p>jolly phonics songs</p><p>how to pronounce sounds</p></li><li><p>Play Club BagsSupport phonic teaching in schoolAt home parent ledFun!Exciting!</p></li><li><p>Shared ReadingBook of the weekFormal pre-planned teaching objectivesWhole class reading togetherActivities based on bookFiction and non-fiction </p></li><li><p>Guided ReadingSmall groupsTwice a weekBanded booksPractice skills at a level appropriate to the groupFiction and non-fiction </p></li><li><p>Bug ClubComputer basedSupports guided readingBooks released each weekWork at your paceIndividual www.bugclub.co.uk</p></li><li><p>Individual ReadingChild reading to themselves or an adultBanded bookTake book homePractice skills at a level appropriate to individual childrenFiction and non-fiction</p></li><li><p>Other School Reading Activities Reading area Role play Writing area Lotto games Songs and rhymes Messages Story time Sound Games Alphabet songs Whiteboard Signs and labels</p></li><li><p>When will my child start reading?They already have!At home soon!Children will begin by bring picture books homeIndividual reading books will be rolled out over coming weeks as children are blending sounds</p></li><li><p>What will my child start reading?Oxford Reading TreeBanded book linked to national curriculum levelsMost will begin on pink</p><p>REMEMBER IT IS NOT A RACE!</p></li><li><p>Meet The Family!MumDadBiffFloppyChipKipper</p></li><li><p>Writing / Mark Making Stages:- ScribblePre writing-drawingLetter like forms Random letter strings Invented spellings Conventional spelling</p><p> Shared Writing</p><p> Guided Writing</p><p> Independent</p></li><li><p>NumiconMulti-sensory maths teaching programme</p><p>Direct teaching Available in areas of the classroomOn the whiteboard</p><p>www.numicom.com</p></li><li><p>How Can You Help at Home? Collection of books Library Signs and labels Story times Message board Computer Read to your child</p><p> Magnetic letters Sound Games Alphabet songs Family names Educational TV Adults behaving as readers</p></li><li><p>ExpectationsRead with your child EVERY night!Practice sounds EVERY night!Return the book bag and sound book to school EVERY day!Sign and / or comment in the reading record.</p></li><li><p>ExpectationsGuided reading twice a weekIndividual reading books will be changed once or twice a weekSound book updated daily</p></li><li><p>ExpectationsGovernment expect that at the END of the reception year children can:</p><p>read and understand simple sentences. They use phonic knowledge to decode regular words and read them aloud accurately. They also read some common irregular words. They demonstrate understanding when talking with others about what they have read.</p></li><li><p>Reading Reading is fun and one of the most exciting things that any of us can do Each child is an individual and develops at their own speed When teaching children to read we want them to read and be readers </p></li><li><p> If kids are entertained by two letters, imagine the fun they'll have with twenty-six. </p><p>TV</p></li><li><p>Open your child's imagination.</p><p>Open a book!</p><p>Welcome, thank you all for coming, introductions, purpose of tonight to make you as parents and carers more informed about the reading process at school, ways you can help, expectations of each other, see the books, answer any questions.*What do you do when you pick up a magazine??? Look at the pictures no different for our children! Read the story to the parents without showing the slide do they know what the story is about? No! Often pics unlock more of the story than the words do! Important that the children are given the opportunity to look at and discuss the pics in fact do this before you start reading! Walk through the book telling your own story and making predictions based on the illustration. Page from an ORT book. What do you see. Take a min to think what you would do with your child if they brought this book home? Very simple text same all the way through. Dont be fooled that this is an easy book. May be able to read the words but can they read the pics???What is happening? How do the characters feel? Why? What do you think might happen next? What you do if that happened to you? Why iS Floppy burying the bone? What could be on Dads sandwich? Lots of questions to be asked and answered. You child might have read the words, but have they read the story??? Some books dont have words can still read the story.*In addition to reading. Phonics is primarily about letter sounds e.g. a / ay b / bee etcWe are continuing phase 1 to enable children to tune into sounds more carefully but we have now started phase 2.some will progress to phase 4 or beyond again not a raceThis is the beginning of reading and writing. Reading and writing go hand in hand. Encourage child to say and read the sounds, but also write them.Activities should take 5-10 mins. Please dont feel you have spend a long time go with what your child will do, do more when they are in the mood, do what you can if it is a struggle. Make it part of your routine, but try to keep it light hearted and fun we dont want to turn the children off!</p><p>You tube jolly phonics songs match the teaching in school. Each sound has an action find this in your pack.</p><p>If unsure how to pronounce a sound you tube or ask us!!*As well as the sound book, children will begin to bring home play club bags Friday to Wednesday.These support the phonic teaching done at school and are designed to be fun and exciting activities for you and your child to do together. Work at your childs pace!(Talk through the contents of a bag)At the moment we only have 8 bags! However, I have written a very nice letter to FOP requesting more so fingers crossed!! It could be a while before you get a play bag bear with us!!Expensive so please look after them! Any lost items will have to be replaced.Examples for you to look through.*How do we read at schoolSHARED READINGDaily in school. Important for children to listen to stories and have opportunities to share their opinions and listen to the opinions of others.Lots of oral story telling. Explore a text in more detail through focus activities based on text e.g. this week the children are writing their own page for the story Handas Surprise a book we have been reading together for two weeks.*Teaching opportunity where children will learn skills that will help them to read</p><p>Practise / use their phonic knowledge</p><p>We can hear every child read but also gives them chance to talk about books / how books work / features of texts</p><p>We will record in the reading record when we have done this so you know that they have read at school.*Electronic books that match the books we use in guided reading.</p><p>A new book will be released each week for you and your child to read.</p><p>Work at your own pace! Individual log in.Practice skills taught in gr and developed in sr. Mainly done by parents and carers!! We will hear children read individually as often as possible dont forget they are being heard twice a week in gr.Children need to see you being an individual reader.*As well as formal reading children constantly involved in reading activities which they will probably be unaware of.</p><p>Encourage children to look for sounds in their environment e.g. when in Tesco! Labels of food.*SR, GR L&amp;S plus other activities!</p><p>Picture books opportunity to talk about stories, read together, reading part of routine without pressure on the child to read, spot sounds, have good reading modelled to them by you!</p><p>We want to feel confident that the children are using the sounds they have learnt </p><p>*Get to know the text style and characters really well! Each book has a different colour doesnt matter what colour they are reading as long as they are reading regularly, enjoying reading and making progress.Individual children will progress at different rates. STRESS NOT A RACE!!Dont worry about what their friends are reading, focus on the bigger picture how is your child dong???*You will get to know these characters really well!!! Children have met them already.As the names feature heavily in some of the texts, children will be begin to bring home pics of each character and their names please look at them and talk about them with your child e.g. give them a personality what do they like for their tea, games they like etc etc. ( you have a copy in your pack)Will meet other characters e.g. Anneena but these are the main ones. Will read other books not just ORT but this is the main scheme we use and will be the ones you see most*As they become a more confident reader they will become a more confident writer and vice versa. Involved in different types of writing and have lots of opportunities for independent child initiated writing.Please encourage this at home sound book. Value all of the marks your child makes ask them what they sayModel writing to your child invlove them in writing a shopping list for e.g.*Maths, added so you are aware of what numicon is!!! Each shape represents a number. Like reading - using symbols. Visual and tactile in all areas e.g. sand , water even painting! Large numicon for use outside.I am big champion of numicon so will use it a lot!!*Lots of ways. Store books in a special place e.g. nice basket / shelf show that you value booksPlease join the library! It is free!Hand out with some tips / suggestions. You will be doing these things already so keep doing them. Involve the whole family! Siblings, grandparents etc.*Not asking you to spend hours each night. 10 15 mins. In the car, while you make tea or iron shouldnt be a chore it should be enjoyable but it has to be done regularly!!! Will forgive you if you a miss a night but try not to miss consecutive nights make it part of your routine. Books will be changed according to the reading record. If it is not signed to say the book has been read, the book wont be changed!! Can just sign and / or make a comment. SHOW A READING RECORDIf you have the same book for a week it doesnt matter!! Dip in and out, read other books, read to your child remember they will be reading daily in school so to spend a few minutes on the same book at night wont affect their progress not looking at the book at all will.Support us to support your child!*Read regularly with teacher and TA. Changing books - we are human things happen and it might only be once but it will be once. (according to your comment!)New sounds will come daily. We will inform you if we are concerned about progress as we would with any concern. Reading in school every day in some form.*This is what we are working towards.Most will achieve this, some wont quite get there, some will progress beyond this. It isnt a race individual progress!All of the reading activities your child will take part in will enable them to achieve this along with your support at home.*3 things to remember when reading. We as adults enjoy reading books, magazines, newspapers. Surrounded by print. Life skill. We need to be readers if our children are to become readers!*Questions now, in private, at a later date please ask.*</p></li></ul>


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