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  • Artist Statement In the most traditional sense of the word, I would not be considered an artist by many peoples standards. I dont draw or paint, I dont scult or write poetry. However, as times change, new arts emerge. As time goes on, our society becomes more dependant on technology, especially the internet. I am a web designer and I am an artist.

    Web Design is my choice, as it is a blend of art and technology. In the eld of web design, there are two distinct sides - the actual design and aesthetic of the page, and the programming that runs it all. I lean more closely to the latter, and enjoy learning the languages used to give the internet life. As a programmer, I tend to be much more logical and mechanically inclined. I am an artist as well,

    As a freelance web designer, I would be in control of a project from start to nish, doing nearly everything myself. The operation would begin and end with me, working with a client to reach their goals.

    I hope to accomplish two goals, self-exploration and self-improvement. Life is still a mystery, and I hope to use my career to help me to learn and grow.


  • Technical Skills Adobe Suite 100 WPM Typist Web Design Layout Design Print Design Interactive Design Video Production CSS, HTML, Javascript

    Education Community College of Beaver County 2014 - Present A.A.S Web Design Interactive Design, Web Scripting Languages, Web Design Digital Imaging,

    Employment History Assistant Martial Arts Instructor for Lions Den Family Karate (2009-2011) Helped to train students in Tae-Kwon-Do and Hapkido by leading them in various training exercises Restaurant Attendant for Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe (Fall 2015) Did various cleaning duties such as dishes and cleaning cooking grills

    Volunteerism with Boy Scouts of America - Involved for 12 years Roadside Cleanup (1998-2006) Cleaned up litter along many roads and highways Scouting for food (1998-2006) Collected for the Pittsburgh Food Pantry Paws for a Cause (2005) Worked for a concession stand to raise money for service dogs Military Charity Drive (2009) Gathered contributions to buy sporting equipment to send to U.S. soldiers overseas

    Contact Information 785 Sebring Road Beaver PA, 15009 Home 724-601-5704 Cell 724-601-5704 Email Michael.Mann@ccbc.edu

    Michael Mann


  • 4As a web designer, most of my work is done through the use of website developmental tools such as Cloud 9. Cloud 9 is a sitethat allows users to have a free digital workspace where they can organize their work, and practice the fundamentals of HTML, CSS,and Javascript. Throughout my web design class I worked throughthe basics, including tables, menus, and styling.

    This is the basic interface of Cloud 9.Click for a larger picture.

    Web Design

  • 5These are examples of some work that I did using Cloud 9 for my Web Design class.

    These early pieces These early pieces show the basics of Web Design, HTML.For our purposes, we used HTML5.

    Click for larger pictures.

    Web Design

  • These are more examples of work using Cloud 9. They demonstrate the next step of Web Design, CSS.

    Click for larger pictures


    Web Design

  • Photoshop


    If theres one tool thats invaluable to all digital media artists, its Photoshop. Everyone has to start somewhere, and I rst tried my hand at Photoshop while learning the principles of design.

    An example of patterns, variety, and repetition, three of the basic principles of design.

    Click for larger images.

  • Interactive Design


    Throughout the interactive design class, I learned about the link between the user and media. These are two examples of interactive design, using prezi to create interactive presentations.

    Click to be taken to the prezi page.