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MI Pro Redistricting Tool. Flagler County Darlene Walker. New District Assignments. Getting Started Devise a plan or several plans reducing precincts increasing number of voters per original block table - save copy as. GeoElections. Voter’s attached to blocks Set-Up Block Prep - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • MI Pro Redistricting ToolFlagler CountyDarlene Walker

  • New District AssignmentsGetting Started Devise a plan or several plans reducing precincts increasing number of voters peroriginal block table - save copy as

  • GeoElections Voters attached to blocksSet-UpBlock PrepBlock Update

  • Check Digit GroupingControl PanelRegion and Language OptionsEnglish (United States) then CustomizeSelect first one (123456789)Apply then OK

  • RedistrictingAllows you to create new districts, realign existing, all the while doing calculations of the attached data on the fly for instant analysis and decision making.Two key concepts: District Browser Target District

  • District BrowserKey to process of creating and changing districtsTarget DistrictSelected record in the browser

  • Map Set-Up Open save copy as block tablePositioned lastOpen all districts (twice) Layer ControlDistricts will have no fillWeight of line will be set to 4 and whiteWeight of line will be set to 1 or 2 and be a colorDo this for all DistrictsMake all districts Unselect able

  • Open Blocks &Districts

  • Redistrict FeatureWindow New Redistrict WindowSource Table block table for current planDistrict Field PrecinctFields to Browse Fill, Count, Precinct and Sum(VOTER_POP)OK (this will color code your precincts)

  • You will need to keep your block table at the bottom and unselect all other districts

  • Change Fill ColorOriginalChange click on fill color & OK

  • To Order Precincts

  • Changing Districts

  • Selecting BlocksSelect blocks (1 or more at a time with shift key)Select precinct they are going to (in District Browser)Redistrict - Assign

  • Assigned To New District

    Precinct 11:Count 34 to 0Pop 596 to 0

    Precinct 2:Count 119 to 153Pop 1415 to 2011

    Precinct 11:To delete, select in browser go to redistrict, select Delete Target District

  • Creating A New PrecinctYour District Browser will***** have the firstDis11Select the boxRedistrict Add District

    Change name to what you want and proceed in building your new precinct

  • SavingTo save style changes, you must save the redistricting session as a workspace (style changes only apply to thematic layer, not the table)Save Table will only save the district assignment changes (district changes apply to table)Save Copy As to permanently as a Plan A etc.

  • MapInfo Professional Redistricting Tool*Rename block table to keep an original copy*During Block Prep is where you can rename the block table*This is done so your population in the browser will be correct*District Browser is where you add, increase and deleteOne row is selected at a time (cant shift-click to select multiple rows)Will always have 1 row selected. You cant cancel by Unselect AllOnce a row is selected, that row becomes the targetThe real power of the District Browser is that on-the-fly updates of district counts and data totals (voter pop). This allows the visual what if analysis to achieve district assignments, some refer to this as load balancing. Nothing is permanent until you select assign

    Target District can be selected in browser and then go to the Redistrict and set target or once selected right click black square and select set target.You can also select blocks, then select precinct and then go to Redistrict and click on assign*Districts that may influence the assigning of the blocks. If you have any districts that applies to the whole county, you dont need to open those ie Flagler County has 1 Congressional so I really dont need to have that district open.

    All districts are visible but unselectable

    *All are opened and ready to get the New Redistrict Window**You can see the red and white of the SB and also CDD blue and white.By putting the larger weight line behind the color it shows up a little better

    *Set it up to your preference**We are going to combine precinct 11 into precinct 2As you select the blocks, you can see the on-the-fly (visual what if) your block count and population will decrease in the precinct that you are getting rid of and increase in the precinct that is gaining those blocks**


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