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Metropolitan Homelessness Commission. Goal To increase access to permanent supportive housing for people experiencing long-term homelessness in Davidson County To end chronic homelessness in Nashville. Metropolitan Homelessness Commission. Purpose and Values - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Metropolitan Homelessness CommissionGoal

To increase access to permanent supportive housing for people experiencing long-term homelessness in Davidson County

To end chronic homelessness in Nashville

Metropolitan Homelessness CommissionPurpose and Values

Planning and coordination: fostering collaboration among stakeholders to improve our local system (increase housing placement rate and helping people stay in housing)

Homelessness is lethal; if we dont change our practices, people will continue to die on the streets

Homelessness can be solved if we:work togethertarget the resources we already havemonitor our progress and become more data-drivensearch for more resources using data

If you are honest, truthful, and transparent, people trust you. If people trust you, you have no grounds for fear, suspicion, or jealousy.- The Dalai Lama (@DalaiLama)

Talk about protective gear

Physical and emotional health constantly influencing one another.

3100,000 Homes Model in NashvilleBuild Nashville campaign teamClarify demandLine up supplyMove people into housing Help people stay housed

1. Build Nashville campaign teamIn early stages of building Nashville team and approach

Collaborating to end homelessness in Davidson CountyPriority: chronic homelessness (defined by HUD) individuals and familiesPriority: vulnerable (as defined by Vulnerability Index and a second-level assessment) individuals and families

March 5-6th: initial leadership team attending 100k Homes Registry Week boot camp in San AntonioDiscover innovations and tools to replicate in NashvilleLearn how to conduct Registry Week (to be held in May 2013)Line up housing and service resources for vulnerable people identified during registry week

Initial Leadership Team(traveling to San Antonio) Ingrid McIntyre, Open Table NashvilleKirby Davis, First Management Services, Inc.Suzie Tolmie, MDHAMadge Johnson, The Living Room, Open Table NashvilleAshley Blum, Park CenterJudith Tackett, Metro Homelessness CommissionWill Connelly, Metro Homelessness Commission

Private funds raised for majority of travel to boot camp in San AntonioGroup will expand leadership team after trip to organize registry, prioritize, and line up housing/services

2. Clarify Demand for HousingConduct registry week to know homeless by face and nameHold public briefing to summarize findings and call for housing and service commitments Use data to direct street outreach, case management, and housing placementSet goal to secure housing and support services for # of most vulnerable - get on track to house 2.5% each month3. Line Up ResourcesCampaign team to secure housing and service resources for chronic and most vulnerable

Supportive services to begin simultaneously with housing

New housing committee (via Metro Homelessness Commission)Target existing housing/service resources to most vulnerable (housing vouchers, project-based subsidized housing, private rental stock)Identify resources to create new housing stock (CoC, HOME, Federal Home Loan Bank, THDA Housing Trust Fund, banks, etc.)Problem-solving to remove housing barriers (income, justice involvement, drug screens, complex medical and emotional needs, etc.)Improve existing support services and homelessness prevention efforts

3. Line Up Resources (continued)Supportive services: New RFP from Homelessness Commission to introduce evidence-based case management model

Support services: use of existing Metro- and TennCare-funded adult case management services

Housing: Kirby Davis and Commission to engage private rental market; Commission in discussion with housing authorities and subsidized housing providers4. Move People Into HousingAfter registry week, team of service providers will meet weekly to prioritize most vulnerable

Create an intentional process for people moving from the streets to housing match people to housing, services, and funds for move-in costs

Weekly meetings nurture collaboration among provider agencies; reduce time from street to lease

Track progress each month4. Move People Into Housing (cont.)Baseline Estimate = 1094 people (chronic and vulnerable)2.5% Goal = 27 people each month 5. Help People Stay HousedMatch people to available supportive services if needed map out various pathways to services

Improve how we help people reconnect to the community; Support Circles (Matt Preston)

Metro-funded and TennCare-funded case management services

Commission RFP: housing specialist staff to engage landlords and problem-solve; ensure rent is paid and any issues are addressed100,000 Homes Model in NashvilleBuild Nashville campaign teamClarify demandLine up supplyMove people into housing Help people stay housed

Next Steps: 4-month planMarch 2013April 2013May 2013June 2013Boot Camp (San Antonio)Plan registry week (ongoing)

Conduct registry weekService provider team meets weeklyPlan registry week (ongoing, Mar-May)

Convene service provider team housing placement

Hold registry briefing to announce results all hands on deckLine up housing and service resources

Convene Housing Comte (Comm Assessment Tool)

Train service provider team - Vulnerability Assessment (VAT)

Service provider team begins matching most vulnerable to housing/servicesReport on progress and barriers to housing 2.5%

Begin lining up housing/service resourcesLine up housing/service resources (ongoing)

Convene Housing & Advisory Committees

Convene Advisory Committee MHCSupport service RFPReport on housing placement progress and barriersFor More InformationContact:Will ConnellyDirectorMetropolitan Homelessness CommissionWill.Connelly@nashville.gov615-862-6401


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