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<ul><li> 1. How to Build a HighPerformance TeamCulture</li></ul> <p> 2. Talent winsgames, butteamwork andintelligence winschampionships.Michael Jordan 3. What does it take to be a valued member of a team?Develop and display competence.Follow through on commitments.Deliver required results.Ensure your actions are consistent with your word.Stand behind the team and its people.Be enjoyable to work with.Be passionate about your work and those you serve.Communicate and keep everyone informed.Help the other members of the team.Help members of other teams.Share ideas, information and credit.Hold yourself 100% accountable. 4. HUGE data set 600,000 employees at 500 companies. 6,800 senior executives. 900 books and academic articles. 30 CEOs of Fortune 500.From: Beyond Performance by Keller and Price 5. Nine Elements of Organizational HealthDirection Leadership CultureAccountabilityCoordination&amp; ControlCapabilitiesMotivationCustomerFocusInnovationFrom: Beyond Performance by Keller and Price 6. Key attributes of winningcultures High aspirations and a desire to win Extreme customer focus A think like owners attitude Bias to action Individuals who team Passion and energyBain &amp; Company1 - 105 7. Core Principles ofWorkforce Productivity Respect Employees Clarify Objectives Increase Transparency Create Dialogue 8. Key Drivers of Customer Satisfaction and LoyaltyFinancialPerformanceQuality P&amp;S&amp;Customer RelationshipEmployeeSatisfactionEmpowerment High StandardsLong-termOrientationEnthusiasm,Commitment,RespectTraining &amp;DevelopmentFairCompensationCR= 104.12% increase in profitsCR= .404CR=.334CR=.277CR=.275CR=.249CR=.280CoachingCR=.285 CR=.371 CR=.365 CR=.191 CR=.247TolerateNothingLessFrom: Practice What You Preach by MaisterGlobal study:16 countries529 companies15,589 respondents 9. What do engagedemployees look like?1. They give more discretionary effort.2. They consistently exceed expectations.3. They take more responsibility and initiative.4. They receive better customer service ratings.5. They offer more ideas for improvement.6. They promote and model teamwork.7. They volunteer more for extra assignments.8. They anticipate and adapt better to change.9. They persist at difficult work over time.10. They speak well of the organization.1 - 10 10. EngagedEnabledEnergizedAttachment to thecompany andwillingness to giveextra effort.A work environmentthat supportsproductivity andperformance.Individual physical,social and emotionalwell-being at work.All In by Gostick and Elton 11. 1,300,000 interviews: Basic 4 + 1From: The Orange Revolution by Gostick and Elton1 - 10GoalSettingTrustAccountability CommunicationsRecognition 12. Business Side Integrity Innovation Accountability Execution Urgency Customer Focus Ownership Mentality 13. D M C C M Direction vivid, clear, inspiring --- sharedeasurements specific, observable, focusedompetence very good at what they doommunication open, honest, courageousutual Accountability all team membersiscipline do this every day 14. Accountability 100% Clarity + Authority 100% Agreement 15. 2,000 16. Accountability 100% Clarity + Authority 100% Agreement Tracking &amp; Post Coach / Mentor / Train Reward / Punish 17. To create a highlyaccountable culture Communicate clearly and relentlessly. Set agreed-upon and highly specific metrics. Focus on results not personalities. Force collaboration teamwork is mandatorynot optional. Question all activities that dont contribute tothe companys overall strategic goals. Make sure that everyone in the organization from top to bottom focuses on accountability. 18. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to send a note or call.My email address is: john@johnspence.comMy twitter address is: @awesomelysimplePlease connect with me on LinkedInAlso, you might find value in the ideas I share in my blog. You can sign up for it You</p>