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  • My presentation !!By : Kaja Kietliska

  • Me !Name: Kaja KietliskaAge : 13 yearsSex : female

  • My typical dayI wake up at 7am. I take a shower and I eat breakfast, I go to school. At school I usualy have eight lessons.After school I have some extra classes : theatre group chemical group dance lessonsI eat dinner at 5 pm. After that I have tree time.I go to bed about 9.00 pm.

  • Sports & MusicMy favorite sports are : swimming, gym, shooting from the bow, ice skating, basketball.My favorite music is a mix of styles.

  • My hobbiesMy favorite hobbies are :dancingbow desingning internet pages

  • So..Person I would like to meet:an ideal manI would like to be an artist or psychologist (shrink).Menu

  • The truthThe average temperature of january is 2 deg.Its the coldest month in the year.

  • Mazovia galleryMenu

  • John III SobieskiJohn III Sobieski (1629-1696)polish king from 1674. In 1646-1647 he voyaged in france and Netherland where he learned war art..The patron of culture and art..


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