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  • Descendant of Thieves is designed by the pseudonymous Dres Ladro. -Ladro - translated from Italian means thief. This is the inspiration for the name, Descendant of Thieves.

    Dres Ladro designs, constructs, and only wears his own clothing, so as to never be seen wearing the same thing as anyone else. True to this limited edition philosophy, no more than 500 units are cut per style (see care label for No).

    Dres Ladro

  • An illegitimate art exhibition: The location of Dres Ladro's art exhibition was on the 5th floor of an abandoned building in Berlin's Mitte neighborhood. Due to the absence of electricity, this event, which had undertones of an old-world secret society soire, was intensely lit by candles only. Upon entering the expansive 12-room Victorian suite, every individual was required to wear a suggestively seductive black harlequin eye mask. The obscure brilliance to his art was that it was directly painted on to the walls so that after the exhibition, it would be suitably abandoned just as the building was.

    Dres stood out with his unique attire. After a brief conversation about starting a business, he made it clear that he designs only for himself so that he never walks into a room with someone else wearing the same thing. He had no interest in selling his designs. He put exclusivity to the forefront and returned to the root of his passion: designing limited edition clothes for himself alone. Eventually, he agreed to embark on Descendant of Thieves, but only after setting strict conditions. One of them includes producing very limited runs per style so others can share in the distinct pleasure of feeling unique. The other condition was that he wanted to design under the name Dres Ladro. His Story

  • In the mind of Descendant of ThievesAnonymity (secretly famous), Insomnia, Blazing Yellow, Dads clothing, Engineered designs, Mystery, Inside-Out, zig-Zag, Film Noir, Relentless attention to details, Asymmetries, Abandon Buildings, Vintage obsession, Sex, Mod Style, Leave the copying for Picasso, Dark humor, Anti-conformist, white lies, sex (did I say that?), Personality:Artistic yet organizedDark yet playful Mysterious yet accessible Unique yet understandableDefiant yet not arrestedWit yet not obnoxious Sophisticated but with an edgeVintage yet next

  • Why cover the face of model- Sometimes it should just be about the clothes. It's really not that bizarre. When is the last time you saw a mannequin with eyes. - It's a point of reflection You can see yourself in the clothing. - Inspired by an unseen designer. And perhaps they are right, it does add a bit of mystery.