Mechanisms promoting Harmony among the Aborigine

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Mechanisms promoting Harmony among the Aborigine. Use of land (open range vs.. estate) = use rights, based on their using Ethics of foraging Band exogamy ( matrilineal and matrilineal) mobile, promote exchange and reciprocity Moiety concept (groups divided in half) = complementary opposition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Mechanisms promoting Harmony among the AborigineUse of land (open range vs.. estate) = use rights, based on their usingEthics of foraging Band exogamy ( matrilineal and matrilineal) mobile, promote exchange and reciprocityMoiety concept (groups divided in half) = complementary oppositionmale/femaleall malesall femalesGenerationsA way of accommodating differences within the society</p></li><li><p>DreamingDreaming = time of creationExplanationCharter: how things are and should beUnites humans, animals, plants, and features of the landscape in single totalitySacred/secret knowledgemale/femalerevealed gradually through initiationsTotems sense of connection to Dreaming beings/spiritsAncestral totems: man and his descendants (patriline)Conception totems vary for each individualContinual performances in different genresunites past and present realitiesTriggers release of life-force from spirits</p></li><li><p>Dreamtime: W.E.H. Stanner"The Dreaming" is then a pluri-vocal term with a number of distinct though connected meanings. Three aspects to dreaming:First, it is a narrative mythical account of the foundation and shaping of the entire world by the ancestor heroes who are uncreated and eternal.</p></li><li><p>Dreamtime Second, "the Dreaming" refers to the embodiment of the spiritual power of the ancestor heroes in the land, in certain sites, and in species of fauna and flora, so that this power is available to people today. Land is a kind of religious icon, since it bothrepresentsthe power of the Dreamtime beings and also effects and transmits that power. </p></li><li><p>Dreamtime Third, "the Dreaming" denotes the general way of life or "Law" - moral and social precepts, ritual and ceremonial practices, etc. - based upon these mythical foundations. Fourth, "the Dreaming" may refer to the personal "way" or vocation that an individual Aboriginal might have by virtue of his membership of a clan, or by virtue of his spirit-conception relating him to particular sites.</p></li><li><p>Dreaming, cont.Myths: stories of journeys and activities Dreaming Path = life-planResponsibilities and obligations = The LawRitualsIndividual rituals deal with weather, local conditions, sustenanceIncrease rituals to insure fertility and reproduction of resourcesbig meetings major initiations, burialsbody painting, rock carving, bark painting, acrylic paintingOffering food to the old onesCommunity rituals- boys to menLifecycle rituals</p></li><li><p>Dreaming continuedSong linesRecount journeys mental Songs actually work like maps guiding through a sacred landscape, connecting them with the dreamtime and their distant ancestors. Sacred Objects:Art Body painting, animals, birds, clouds, water, earth, plants as ancestors</p></li><li><p>Mercia Eliade (1973: xvii) "Primitive mans creativity isreligiouspar excellence. His ethical, institutional, and artistic creations are dependent on, or inspired by, religious experience and thought. </p></li><li><p>Mercia EliadeOnly if we take seriously theseoeuvres- in the same way that we take seriously the Old Testament, the Greek tragedies, or the works of Dante, Shakespeare, and Goethe - will the primitive find their proper place in the unfolding of the universal history, in continuity with other creative peoples of past or present."</p><p>Different Aboriginal groups have varying creation stories with some general, common features.Ancestors emerged from land features (e.g. rock formations) which are considered Sacred sitesThese supernatural beings created the natural worldEach group has an ancestor and a natural species or totem (e.g. emu) Conception totem refers to an affinity between people and their environment. It developed out of and is determined by the native belief about spirit children.*Land, rock formations, parts of rivers or seas all are linked to Dreaming storiesBurial grounds, ceremonial meeting places and other significant places such as birthing cavesSome sites are women's Sacred sites, some are men's, and some are for the entire groupStories of the Dreaming help to explain the origins of things, but also to pass on knowledge among members of the social group</p><p>*Dreaming or Dreamtime translates as when the ancestor spirits shaped the physical world and laid down the Law or way of life to be followed by Aboriginal groups. Having originated out of ones own eternity, immortal, uncreated are essential to the concept of dreaming. *Art connected to the artist's identityDifferent areas produced different forms of artMany symbols used in Aboriginal artMany forms, including body art, painting, carved trees, rock art, bark painting and funerary polesArt was used in the teaching of others - knowledge of food types, sites, water, etcThey "painted their Dreaming" *</p></li></ul>