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Every organization has unrealized wealth because intangible capital has not been realized as tangible evidence of influence over wealth creation processes. The primary purpose of intangible capital is to enable human, strategic, structural and relationship capital to continuously create and improve value on behalf of stakeholders.


1. Know How ToMeasure, MonitorAnd ImproveIntangible Capital 2. What Is Intangible Capital? 3. What Is The Purpose Of Intangible Capital? The primary purpose of intangible capital is to enable human, strategic, structural and relationship capital to continuously create and improve value on behalf of 4. What Value Does Intangible Capital Create? Intangible capital creates human connectivity to an organizations strategic purpose and leverages structural capital to attract relational engagements with key stakeholders seeking the value 5. Why Intangible Capital Is Important To Your 6. Intangible Capital Drives Organizational 7. Value Creation 8. Organizational Map Of 9. Who Manages Intangible Capital? 10. How To Measure & Improve The Value Of Intangible 11. What Are ICounts? Its Not What You Say. Its The Value Of What You Do, Who You Do It For And How Well You Do 12. Step 1: How Important Are Intangibles To Your Business? Step 1 is to understand the importance of intangible capital. We start by creating an intangible index based on stakeholders views and industry influences that drive your business 13. Step 2: What Are The Intangibles In Your Business Step 2 is to create an inventory of your intangibles based on internal 14. Step 3: How Do Your Intangibles Compare With Your Peers? Step 3 is to measure your intangibles against your peers based on stakeholder 15. Step 4: Your ICounts Report Steps 1 3 provides the data from stakeholders input and from industry analysis. An ICountant then synthesizes the information into meaningful insights. The insights provide the foundation of the vital few areas that impact your intangible value compared to your peers with verbatim commentary from interviewed stakeholders. This knowledge contained in this report is the foundation of a plan for continuous improvement aimed at optimum creation for all stakeholders 16. Step 5: Create Improvement Plans Steps 5 is an action plan developed collaboratively between your company and a certified ICountant. The plan is customized based on your ICounts data and all the unique intangible capital held In custody by your organization. Smarter Companies understand that improved results comes from measuring, monitoring and improving intangible 17. What Are The Economics Of Intangible Capital? Intangible capital creates economic value by leveraging the knowledge of social science to enhance production and distribution of value for 18. Intangible Capital Used To Be Hidden Beneath The Surface It was always there but hidden due to a lack of management visibility because it wasnt something that previously could be 19. Now It Is Evident Everywhere 20. Learn How To Increase Your Capital To Create More Value Smarter Companies are enabled by the knowledge about intangible capital and the tools to measure, monitor and continuously improve intangible capital. Learning to create value is a process of discovery. Discovery is one of those intangible things that value. 21. Are You A Smarter Company? The only way you can tell if you are a Smarter Company is if you have intangible measures to prove it. Start measuring the things that


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