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    Key Points Chest up Shouldersback Lowerto90*@elbow Push up to straight arms

    Target Muscles Triceps Shoulders Chest

    With the winter months now onourdoorstep,Mayhascon-tinuedtokeeptheCLMHealth&Fitnessteambusy.Inthesecolddarkwintertimesitseasyto losemotivationand let thetrainingslackoff.Thisiswhenkeepingyourgoalsinthefrontofyourmindreallycomesintoplay.Focusingonkeepingthebenefitsofwhat youre tryingto achieve in your thoughtswillhelpkeepthatselfmotiva-tion up high! Now get going!!

    CLM Health & FitnessEwing Rd, Riverside DrWhangareiPh (09) 430-4072 #2Web: Edition 2012

    Trainers Tip - Dips

    Whangarei CLM Health & Fitness


    CLM H&F Instructor Steve Morris


  • Qualifications


    Zumba.)Cert Sport & Recreation


    Maria,itisgreattohaveyouasoneof theCLMHealth&Fitnessgroupexercise instructors here at the aquaticcentre.Whatisyourareaofspecialitywithingroupfitness?Rythmical movements to music forposture,corestrengthandflexibility.Inbriefcanyoutelluswhat isyourstyle when teaching your classesandwhatcanyourmembersexpectandlookforwardtowhendoingyourclasses?Dance type with a Polynesian fla-vour, adding fun and enjoymentwhilst keeping the focus on cardiofitness.Whathasbeenyourmostsatisfyingachievement to date in your groupfitnesscareer?All thepositive feedback I get frommy class members and bringing afunelementintoaclasssetting.Whatgivesyouthemostenjoymentandpleasurewhentakingyourgroup

    fitnessclasses?Happy faces,expressionsofenjoy-ment coupled with hard work gri-maces.WhatdoyoumostenjoyaboutCLMHealth&FitnessandbeinginvolvedhereattheWhangareiAquaticCen-tre?The number of participants that re-turn and provide me with somehealthbenefitsresultingfrommyfit-nessclassesandbeingarolemodelforolderfolk.

    Trainer Profile - Maria Lawton

    Nutrition - Easy Quiche Egg Mixture6 EggsDash of MilkKnob of Butter1 Tbsp Soy Sauce1 Tbsp Fish SauceVegetablesGarlic - DicedOnion - DicedChilli - Diced6 Stems Celery - sliced fine1 Med Carrot - grated6 leaves Spinach - sliced fine1 Med Courgette - gratedFlat Leaf ParsleySalsaThinly dice 1 tomato, 1 small red onion, 1 large clove garlic and combine with 1/2 tsp olive oil and the juice of 1 limeCook off the vegetables in a cast iron pan first then add egg mixture. Cook for 2-3mins in the pan then transfer to the oven to finish. Sprinkle Parme-san cheese over the top and garnish with Parsley.

  • Member of the Month - Leoni Eruera

    Whats on @ the WAC

    You would have noticed, or may have already even had a good old fashioned crack at, the new CLM Health & Fitness XTrain circuit that we have been running in our gym. (see Workout circuit and ladder boards posted on our gym windows). XTrain is a new program derived from Cross Fit training

    techniques but simplified for ALL our members from beginner to advance using basic movements with simple equipment. Each month we will look to have a new circuit set up and posted for all to have a go i.e. Staff/ Members and Veterans 50s + sections with the names and times posted on our ladders. Remember, its all about having a go and giving it a good old fashioned crack, hey who knows you may even surprise yourself!So grab one of our instructors, let them take you through it and letx tras get a time down next to your name!

    Our 6 week Bootcamp with Caroline Bon & Dave Mullins has just been completed by our 22 recruits. They worked hard and have reaped the benefits. Collectively as a team they lost 17.1kg and 30.6% body fat. They can now do another 72 tricep dips, 112 more press ups and can run another 7.2 levels on the beep test! WELL DONE RECRUITS! Join us on 30 July for the next BOOTCAMP. $99 for Members, $165


    Final Note

    Just a reminder to our current members, join up a 6 or 12 month new member and get 1 month added to your own membership. Finally from all of us, keep up the great work and remember at any stage, if you have any questions, need a new programme, want a reassessment or need advice in regards to your current exercise routine, please just come and talk to us as thats what we are here for. Keep up the great work, Keep those water bottles full or allow us to fill them up for you.

    Leoni joined us in Feburary in ourTerm 1 W8 Loss Challenge. Aftera visit to the doctor revealed highcholesterol and various other risksfactors Leoni decided enough wasenough,itwastimetoactonanewyears resolution that had been lan-guishing low down on her prioritylist.Soshe joined the8weekchal-lenge a week late and stormed toa 14kg weight loss over 7 weeks.Sheachievedthisamazingresultbydiligently following the system de-signedbyJasonRuddell(Challengedesigner and Personal Trainer) formaximizing weightloss by embrac-inghealthyeatinghabitsandregularworkoutsinthegym.Sincethechal-lengeendedLeonihasbeentrainingupastormwithCarolineBon&Dave

    Mullins in theCLMBootcamp andwithPTMoTaylor.Shehas contin-uedtousethetoolsandknowledgeshegained to furtherher journey tonot beanother health statistic.Oneof themost rewardingoutcomesforLeoni has been not only feeling somuchbetteraboutherselfbothmen-tallyandphysicallybutbeingan in-spiration to friends, familyandworkcolleagues and showing themwhatcan be achieved with abit of hardworkanddedication.Sincechangingherdiet for thechallengeLeonihasdiscovered a new appreciation forthesubtleflavoursvegetableshave.Sheusedtobaulkattheideaofeat-ingvegetablesletalonerawonesbutnow finds that she really looks for-wardtoeatingthem.WaytogoGirl!!!Leoni hard at work in the gym

    The W8 loss challenge is getting a makeover for the next start date of 30th July. Planning is still going on behind the scenes but what I can tell you is that the programme will now be free for members. Thats right, FREE for any 6 or 12mth member who would like to come on board and use a proven system that breeds success. Register your interest with your friendly gym trainer. Lifeguards Luke & Steve hitting the gym

    Big Jase showing the pads whos boss!