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  • University of Washington

    Massachusetts Historical Society ProceedingsThe Washington Historical Quarterly, Vol. 13, No. 4 (Oct., 1922), pp. 305-306Published by: University of WashingtonStable URL: .Accessed: 13/05/2014 19:24

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  • Alaska - Richardson Road - Valdez to Fairbanks 305

    Queen City Yacht Club Annual. (Seattle: The Club, 1922. Pp.32.) The pamphlet contains matter of interest to boatmen and to

    the members of the club in particular. Pages 13 and 14 are devoted to a brief chronology called "A Few Dates in Seattle's History."

    Alaska - The Richardson Road - Valdez to Fairbanks. (Photo- graphs by Guy F. Cameron, of Valdez ; Printing by the Valdez Miner, of Valdez, 1922. Pp. 40.) As an attraction for tourists, this pamphlet has been issued

    with a map and numerous illustrations. It is one of those fugitive items revealing the progress and the hopes of Alaska, which are well worth saving for future reference.

    History of the Southern Pacific. By Stuart Daggett. (New York: The Donald Press Company, 1922. Pp. 470. $5.00.) The author is professor of Railway Economics and Dean of

    the College of Commerce, University of California and, in addi- tion to the advantage of his academic position, he confesses that eight years have been needed to search the original sources on which the book is based. The volume is a substantial addition to the his- torical literature of the Pacific Coast. Its scope does not include the Pacific Northwest but it should be intensely interesting to Cali- fornians. The Ronald Press Company specializes on publications on business. It is appropriate that Dean Daggett's book should be in such lists.

    Railroads and Government - Their Relations in the United States, 1910-1921. By Frank Haigh Dixon. (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1922. Pp. 384. $2.75.) The last ten years have seen more of experiment in railroad

    history than was the case for nearly a century of years before. Pro- fessor Dixon of the Department of Economics, Princeton Univer- sity, has divided his book into three parts - "Federal Regulation, 1910 to 1916," "The War Period/' and "The Return to Private Operation." The last chapter is headed "The Future," and an ap- pendix deals with a "Tentative Plan for Railroad Consolidation."

    Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings. (Boston: The So- ciety, 1922. Pp. 378.)

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  • 306 Book Reviews

    The Massachusetts Historical Society is an American institu- tion. It was founded in 1791. It has been a friend and a model for many other organizations. The present book, Volume LIV., is, like its predecessors, packed with useful information. Samuel Eliot Morison has a paper on "Boston Traders in the Hawaiian Islands, 1789-1823," covering pages 9 to 47. Mr. Morison has been a contributor to this Quarterly in that same field.

    The Transition of a Typical Frontier. By Wilson Porter Short- ridge. (Louisville, Kentucky: The Author, 1922. Pp. 186.) The extended sub-title of the book gives an idea of its scope

    and field - "With illustrations from the Life of Henry Hastings Sibley, Fur Trader, First Delegate in Congress from Minnesota Territory, and First Governor of the State of Minnesota." The author is Professor of History at the University of Louisville.

    Propaganda as a Source of History. By F. H. Hodder. (Law- rence, Kansas: The Author, 1922. Pp. 18.) In this reprint from the Mississippi Valley Historical Review,

    Professor Hodder, of the Department of History, University of Kansas, has given his numerous friends a chance to read the scholar- ly address he gave at the annual dinner of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association, held in connection with the meeting of the American Historical Association in St. Louis, December 27, 1921. He concludes that every age rewrites the history of the past from new points of view and says : "And I venture the prediction that when, after the mist of controversy has lifted and the poison gas of propaganda has rolled away, the history of the last decade is written, Woodrow Wilson will rank with Washington and Lincoln as a national hero and in world history will occupy a place not open even to them."

    Early History of the Creek Indians and Their Neighbors. By John R. Swanton. (Washington: Bureau of American Enthnol- ogy, 1922. Pp. 492.)

    Northern Ute Music. By Frances Densmore. (Washington: Bureau of American Enthnology, 1922. Pp. 206.) These two books constitute Bulletins 73 and 75 in the well

    known and dependable series of monographs issued by the United States Government. They do not fall within the field of the Wash- ington Historical Quarterly.

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    Article Contentsp. 305p. 306

    Issue Table of ContentsThe Washington Historical Quarterly, Vol. 13, No. 4 (Oct., 1922), pp. 243-319Volume InformationFront MatterEarly Development of Railroads in the Pacific Northwest [pp. 243-250]Newspapers of Washington Territory (Continued) [pp. 251-268]Van Ogle's Memory of Pioneer Days [pp. 269-281]OreganRiver of the Slaves or River of the West [pp. 282-283]Origin of Washington Geographic Names (Continued) [pp. 284-292]DocumentsThe Nisquaully Journal (Continued) [pp. 293-299]

    Book ReviewsReview: untitled [pp. 300-301]Review: untitled [pp. 301-302]Review: untitled [pp. 302-303]Review: untitled [pp. 303-304]Review: untitled [pp. 304-304]Review: untitled [pp. 304-305]Review: untitled [pp. 305-305]Review: untitled [pp. 305-305]Review: untitled [pp. 305-306]Review: untitled [pp. 306-307]Other Books Received [pp. 307-307]

    Pacific Northwest Americana [pp. 308-310]News Department [pp. 311-314]Back Matter


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