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  • 1. Culinary vision Mark Rowsell-Turner

2. Let us train you The Executive chefs culinary role To develop a world class culture of food, Mark Rowsell-Turnerservice, training and vision through adiverse culture of inner development ofbrand, style and vision. To create a cost effective vehicle of whichprimary standards of food excellence areintegrated across all food and beverageoutlets. To development a culture of food safety,HACCP and public health of which themarket inspires to. To instill a training module of personaldevelopment of our team to help developstaff retention. To form a team of associates who will workfor each other with each other. To create a standard of food and serviceof which all industry peers aspire to. Our motto Visualize Materialize 3. Culinary vision Mission statement Mark Rowsell-Turner has established itself as a brand leader, through vision, leadership and passion amongst its directorand his team. The culinary vision is to take direction from this and establish a series of policies and procedures to enhance the Alreadysuccessful brand Cross alignment of recipe and menu engineering, the establishment of a production kitchen all key competencies tofuture development. Training policies are vital, we, as a brand must embrace youth as well as experience, using government funding forfinancial expansion such as training restaurants to avoid using vital capital which can be used for operational expansion. Future outlets like Function venues must be seen as visionary concepts to attract youth and talent to the operation, thiscombined with unique interview teqniques, marketing and personal development will allow us to magnetize the upperechelon of culinary talent. The current outstanding standards of the brand Mark Rowsell-Turner must continue to develop as the market continuesto raise the bar as the public becomes far more demanding. Food exploration in purchasing procedures to allow the Brand Mark Rowsell-Turner to seek unique suppliers, of whichmenu development can be seen as visionary in the marketplace. Cross alignment in purchasing must be developed to create a cost effective operation to allow the bottom line togrow, group purchasing, monthly tenders all tools of which allows pressure to be placed on suppliers to gain a consistentproduct. 4. Our food vision 5. Mission Statement Build great teams Select at interview stage team members who can grow through training and development forfuture promotion. Assign each team member a another team member to help develop in the company Improve team members engagement through interactive workshops and developing Care andPride mentality amongst our team members. Set up core leadership groups to focus on inner development. Develop leadership styles from within with Mark Rowsell-Turner brand as the core principles in foodand service of which all can grow within the company. Promote procedures of awards and recognition to team members to create self worth. Work alongside, listen and communicate to our team members. Develop a style of leadership which reflects in a proactive way to excite the demanding GEN Y Promote the local culture and develop the Fijian winning culture to enhance through reward andrecognition. Listen learn and develop the individuals 6. Mission statement Shareholders and stakeholders Leverage resources through software and procedures to create a cost effective vehicle of successto achieve financial goals. Achieve sales goals through promotional activities, food concepts, menu engineering and staffawareness for up sell strategies. Create a cost effective purchasing environment of which cost control can be obtained in anyenvironment Develop purchasing software like win check to enhance greater analytical profiterability to ourdirectors and other key financial staff. Achieve E-business growth through online food services like recipe and e-shopping Facilities of which the market is untapped. Develop wage structures to enhance staff retention which will help reduce the incredible financialresources needed for recruitment and hiring of key personnel. 7. Summation In summary, my presentation to enhance my knowledge of cross alignment and a true analysis ofwhat the term culinary vision can do for The Warwick THE BRAND We need to formulate a team with competent leadership, talented cooks whom we may train in notonly cookery and customer service but also understand the financial and analytical needs ofmodern day cafes, catering and kitchens. My policies and procedures are proven industry and career success and bring to Mark Rowsell-Turnera results driven, staff orientated team MANAGER whom can inspire and lead. The position of Executive chef instill a positive belief of what can be achieved through leadershipand training. must show the team we have a wealth of knowledge, ability and most importantly passion and forcustomer service, staff retention and growth within the catering market. With the direction of both my self and the directors we aim to create a cuisine of which thefoundation is already successful and navigate and drive the food operations to even greatersuccess.