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Small Business @ Home Start Up to Success Management


  • 1.

2. MANAGEMENT Coordination of Basics Management coordinates all business functions. Basics need to be managed individually and collectively. Efforts dedicated to a common cause require less time and effort.

  • Plan
  • Report
  • Evaluate
  • Develop

3. Plan Steps Required for Objectives Thinking is not planning. Planning requires writing down the steps you must complete to reach objectives.

  • Decide on a management style
  • Identify management requirements for each Basic.
  • Assign the responsibilities for each Basic.

4. Are we there yet? is the question most asked when traveling. Reports answer the same question for business.

  • Identify key numbers for tracking.
  • Establish a regular reporting procedure.
  • Review numbers on a scheduled basis.

ReportFeedback Needed for Evaluation 5. Efficiency comes from using the best methods. Comparing results to plans increases effectiveness.

  • Set a standard for time for evaluation.
  • Include recognition, scheduled and open items.
  • Set goals and follow-up deadlines.

EvaluateProcess of Comparing Results 6. Do not ignore weaknesses. Relying on strengths keeps you from being the best you can be.

  • Assess your strengths.
  • Improve on your weaknesses.
  • Choose opportunities which build on proven potential.

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